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Air quality is more important than ever. Norman S. Wright Climatec is proud to represent brands committed to improving indoor air quality and creating healthier environments. From air cleaning equipment to needle point bipolar ionization to ventilation systems fighting indoor air pollutants, we have a solution for every need.
Exciting News Regarding Global Plasma Solutions!
A very recently completed independent, third-party scientific study reviewed the efficacy of Global Plasma Solutions Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization technology (NPBI) at reducing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This first and only HVAC-IAQ technology to have undergone independent testing, which   resulted in confirmation that it can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 viral particles by 99.4% within 30 minutes  .

Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is a needle point bipolar ionization (NPBI) system that is installed in the supply air stream. NPBI uses electronic charges to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions. As these ions travel with the air stream, they attach themselves to particles, pathogens and gases (odor). The ions help to agglomerate fine sub-micron particles into large particles, allowing them to be filtered. The ions travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel. GPS has proven and tested that they can help remove particles, reduce pathogen concentrations, neutralize odors, and save energy for all HVAC systems. The chart shows reduction rates of viruses and bacteria. Formal test results can be provided upon request.
Daikin / Yanmar / Norman S. Wright Climatec: A Great Team
Daikin is the world’s #1 air conditioning company with over $20 Billion in annual sales – Air Conditioning and Refrigerant Technology is their sole focus. Yanmar is an $8 Billion Japanese company established in 1920. They developed the first compact diesel engine and became a world leader in marine engines based on legendary reliability before expanding into engine-driven equipment including generators, compact construction equipment, ATV’s, and agricultural equipment.  They are also a major OEM supplier to hundreds of industry-leading diesel powered brands.
Daikin invented Variable Refrigerant Volume (“VRV”) technology in 1982 and trademarked that term. Consequently, other manufacturer’s utilize the term Variable Refrigerant Flow (“VRF”), which is now the recognized generic term. Daikin constructed a 4.1 Million Sq. Ft. facility in Texas to serve the North American market and they are the only manufacturer making VRF products in North America.
In the early 1990’s, Yanmar developed a purpose-built natural gas engine to drive refrigeration compressors and capitalize on the rapidly expanding VRF market and the Japanese penchant for utilizing liquefied natural gas for much of their energy needs. They teamed with the industry leader and exclusively utilize Daikin indoor units and Controls. Yanmar manufactures both Heat Pump and Heat Recovery condensing units and has emerged as the worldwide leader in gas engine-driven VRF. They have also expanded the use of their robust natural gas engines to include combined heat and power (“cogeneration”) packages. 
Without a doubt, VRF is the direction the HVAC Industry is moving. It is the dominant system worldwide and gains a larger percentage of the North American market every year. As the manufacturer’s representative for both Daikin and Yanmar, Norman S. Wright Climatec can offer natural gas and/or electric condensing units on every VRF Project. Potential applications include:
  • Utilizing gas-powered VRF for large HVAC systems when 3-Ph power is not readily available
  • Utilizing gas-powered VRF systems on projects when existing electrical infrastructure is insufficient to support the HVAC requirements of planned expansions or changes in use
  • Utilizing gas-powered VRF systems (in part or in full) to reduce the electrical service on new construction
  • Utilizing gas-powered VRF systems to free up electrical capacity for other uses on existing facilities rather than upgrade the existing electrical service
Southwest Gas offers highly attractive Residential (G-15) and Commercial (G-40) rates for air-conditioning service. We can demonstrate that operating costs alone can be sufficient to justify gas engine-driven VRF. In fact, we elected to utilize a Yanmar/Daikin VRF Heat Recovery system when we renovated our Tucson office and added a Daikin-Certified Training Facility. Our simple but powerful message is we can tailor a VRF solution for any facility to significantly reduce the initial investment by focusing on the combined cost of the mechanical and electrical systems while lowering the operating cost and providing an extraordinary ROI. 
Daiking Training Series
With COVID-19 still restricting normal interaction, now is an opportune time to brush up on your knowledge of Daikin products. Each of the courses is a total of 8 hours broken up into four, 2-hour sessions. Therefore, each day will include one, 2-hour session. Students must complete all 4 sessions, for each course, to get credit for the course. The VRV Commissioning course will be a 16-hour class, done in 4, 4-hour blocks. Courses include:

  • Fit Install & Commissioning - Chris Lee/Ricardo Berrios 8am-9:45am CST
  • VRV Installation – Russell Anspach/David Jauch 11am – 1pm CST weekly
  • VRV Installation (PM Class) – Matt Stapp/Charles Dwyer 6pm – 8pm CST weekly
  • VRV IV Commissioning - Mark McQuay/David Sheffield 10am- 2:45pm CST
  • Residential Inverters Install and Commissioning - Ryan Elizondo/ John Pratt 2pm – 4pm CST Tue & Weds/Weekly
  • Daikin Gas Furnaces - Ryan Elizondo/John Pratt 2PM – 4pm CST Thursdays/Weekly
  • Daikin One+ Install and Commissioning - Ryan Elizondo/ John Pratt 2PM – 4pm CST Fridays/Weekly
  • Ductless Install & Commissioning – Rod Jasmin/Raymond Rangel 9am – 11am CST weekly
  • Ductless Service & Troubleshooting - Fadi Al Nemry/Michael Paige 3pm- 5pm CST
  • EEV Kit for VRV - Chris Soh 12pm – 1pm CST weekly (Tues thru Fri same course repeated each day)
  • Outside Air Integration - Chris Soh 8am – 8:45am CST weekly (Tues thru Fri same course repeated each day)

Role of Humidity in Reducing Airborne Virus

Containing the coronavirus is essential to getting back to business. If you missed DriSteem’s webinar on the Role of Humidity in Reducing Airborne Virus, you can view a recording here. Learn about the challenges of healthy indoor environment and how proper humidification can help reduce the spread of this contagious viral disease.

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