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NTD NEWS    May 2, 2018
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This past week, like virtually every week since Donald Trump entered the Oval Office, we've been hit with daily news items involving the disturbing activities of someone connected to the Trump Administration, - either in it, hoping to be in it, or abruptly leaving it. We've seen stories about extravagant spenders, reckless drinkers, cold-hearted hypocrites. In fact, the variety of flaws Trump appointees have displayed over the past year and a half is quite impressive -- but not in a good way.
     In my lifetime, which covers a lot of U.S. presidents, I've never seen anything like the instability of this administration's staffing. One unfortunate result of this endless White House chaos is that it distracts the American public from dozens of daily developments and discussions that deserve much more attention.
     I think President Trump likes things this way. And not just when it comes to diverting the public's attention. I think he just likes to always keep things a bit uncertain. He surely adds to such distraction regularly with his own personal actions. His childish tweets, his unexpected (even by his own staff) pronouncement of major public policy, his continued use of heated and divisive campaign rhetoric all keep things unsettled.
     To his fans, his unpredictable behavior is the shrewd approach of a skilled wheeler-dealer. An approach that keeps his adversaries off-balance as he steers them into taking the action he desires. However, I suspect the truth is that in Trump's eyes, every human being he's ever met has been viewed as an adversary. (As Donald would say, "That's so sad.) It's just the way he's learned to operate from a very young age.
     This approach worked for him as a businessman - some of the time. But it also led to plenty of bankruptcy declarations and a lot of people whose lives were permanently damaged. The truth is, it's not the smartest way to run a business. And trying to translate this "from-the-gut" business style into a way to run a government, is a very shaky concept. It should scare all of us.
     After a year and a half of America under Trump, his most ardent fans still hold their leader in high regard.
They still respond to his in-your-face speaking style with glee. But when I see clips of Trump speaking to an audience of his MAGA supporters, he clearly strikes me as a boorish, insecure braggart.
      At this point in his life, Donald Trump isn't going to change. In his job as President, I imagine he will continue to appoint flawed, poorly vetted people to positions of authority. And I expect we'll see more people placed in policy-making offices who hold views at odds with the mission of their office. It's all part of Trump's version of constructive chaos.
Sometimes it works. Oftentimes it doesn't. But one thing is certain: we have virtually no control over Donald Trump's use of it.     
However, we do still have the means to shift the momentum of this craziness in the near future. As long as our democracy remains intact (a phrase I wouldn't have even thought to use a few years ago), we can work to put a majority of men and women in legislative positions who will put a lid on President Trump's destabilizing antics. -- And I mean legislative positions at every level of government. 
     We must pay attention to elections at the village and township level to ensure that the alt-right philosophies that energized Trump's election victory don't creep into our local policies. And we should support maintaining a strong Democratic majority in Springfield, led by a new Democratic governor to join other states in pushing back against Trump's reign.
     And of course, we need to help Democratic candidates regain majorities in both houses of congress. - It's up to each of us to keep an eye out for opportunities to do these things in the coming months.
     With so many White House missteps appearing in the news, it's easy to imagine here in May that we will see a landslide of victories for Democratic candidates next November. But taking victory for granted would be a big mistake. For instance, developments of peace talks on the Korean peninsula this summer could bolster the messages of Republican candidates. Events in the Middle East and international trade agreements are two other wild cards that could impact the fall elections.
     Bottom line: We are living through a very strange and unpleasant segment of American history. But we can try to do something to affect its future direction. Just sitting back and watching is not a smart option.
                                                                           Nels Howard
                                                                           NTDO member since 1973   
P.S. Last month the New Trier Dems lost a friend of the NTDO who was a supporter of our organization from its earliest days. Over those decades, Julian Berman and his wife, Joan, played a serious role in helping turn New Trier Township and the North Shore "blue." Our Democratic Committeeman, Dean Maragos shares his thoughts on Julian's passing in comments below. 
A message from New Trier Township
Democratic Committeeman, Dean Maragos:

Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of our fellow NTDO member and friend Julian Berman. I've known Julian for fifteen years and can say without equivocation he was one of the most intelligent, caring and sincere persons that I have had the opportunity to know. Julian was always asking me about important issues facing our nation, our city and our township. His analysis never ceased to amaze me with its profound perspective. He could discuss an issue both as an advocate and very aptly as an objective observer.
Words cannot describe our indebtedness to our NTDO officer, mentor, and friend Joan Berman, Julian's wife. Joan is one of the pillars of the New Trier Democratic Organization. Her sage advice and wise counsel have been one of the reasons why the New Trier Democratic Organization is such a powerful organization today.
I also know that Julian was very proud of his son, Cook County Circuit Court Judge, Andrew Berman. I've had cases in front of Andrew and I know why he was held in such high esteem by his father since Andrew has many of the same traits of sincerity, empathy and intelligence as his father.
I extend my sincerest condolences to Joan, Andrew and their entire family on the passing of Julian. May God rest his soul.
Dean T. Maragos
New Trier Democratic Organization

Drinks With Dems at Wilmette Wine Cellar

Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wilmette Wine Cellar, 1100 Central Avenue, Wilmette

Let's get together and talk politics! New Trier Democrats invite you to join us for drinks, mingling and conversation with fellow progressives. Here's a great opportunity to network with like-minded people in our area and form connections with other Dems and activists. 

Drinks will be available for purchase. This event is not a fundraiser - It's just an opportunity to have fun and meet other area Dems. 

We will be collecting non-perishable canned and packaged food, useful paper goods, and toiletry items to donate to the New Trier Township Food Pantry. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated!

Other events of interest:
Tomorrow Night, May 3 in Wilmette - League of Women Voters' Drinks and Democracy - "What's Up With Gerrymandering?"

When: Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Where: Sheridan Shores Yacht Club, Harbor Drive, Gillson Park, Wilmette
What: The League of Women Voters of Wilmette, Glenview/Glencoe and Evanston are hosting Drinks and Democracy, "What's up with Gerrymandering?" Guest speaker will be Ruth Greenwood, Senior Legal Counsel from the Campaign Legal Center. Ms. Greenwood was a part of the CLC team that argued  Gill v. Whitford, the groundbreaking Supreme Court case seeking to end partisan gerrymandering. For more information,  visit their Facebook page.

When: Sunday, May 6, 2018 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm  
Where: The home of Hon. Lauren Beth Gash and Gregg Garmisa. Address available upon RSVP.
What:  An opportunity for Democratic volunteers and activists to talk with JB Pritzker as we work toward electing a Democratic governor.  For additional information or to RSVP,  register online , or call 847-266-VOTE (8683).

Tuesday, May 8 in Springfield - Illinois ERA Rally & Lobby Day Hosted by ERA Illinois and Women's March Chicago

When: Tuesday, March 8, 2018 from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm
Where: Illinois State Capitol, 401 South 2nd Street, Springfield, IL
What: The Rally begins at 12:00pm at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield at the Lincoln Statue. Let's show the Illinois General Assembly how many people from across Illinois expect to see this issue ratified in the House this May. No, the Equal Rights Amendment *still* has not been passed, which means gender equality is still NOT part of the U.S. Constitution. If you plan to help ERA Illinois and Women's March Chicago lobby that day as well,  please sign up here, it's imperative legislators hear from their constituents. You can be a part of making sure that the ERA finally gets ratified. If Illinois ratifies the ERA that means that only ONE more state would be needed. Congress passed it back in 1972 but needed 38 states to ratify it before going into effect. Illinois could be #37. For more information,  visit their Facebook page.

Thursday, May 10 in Chicago - Planned Parenthood of Illinois' Generations Celebration

When: Thursday, May 10, 2018, VIP Reception 5:30pm, Main Event & Dinner 6:30 pm to 9:00pm
Where: Theater on the Lake, 2401 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
What: Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) is hosting its eighth annual Generations Celebration. Each spring, supporters come together for PPIL's signature event to celebrate their successes and raise funds to ensure care for their 65,000 patients. Your support shows PPIL patients, staff, and advocates that you stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood. For more information or to register for this event,  visit their website.

Save The Date!
2018  New Trier Democrats' Events

Friday & Saturday, June 29-30, 2018
Visit New Trier Democrats at the Glencoe Sidewalk Sale

Friday & Saturday, July 13-14, 2018
Visit New Trier Democrats at the Winnetka Sidewalk Sale

Monday, July 16, 2018
New Trier Democrats' Annual Meet & Greet at Avli in Winnetka

Friday & Saturday, July 20-21, 2018
Visit New Trier Democrats at Wilmette Summerfest & Sidewalk Sale 

Saturday, September 8, 2018
New Trier Democrats' Annual Meeting and Picnic at Mallinckrodt Center

Sunday, October 14, 2018
New Trier Democrats' Annual Dinner at Maggiano's in Skokie

Thursday, December 13, 2018
New Trier Democrats' Holiday Party at Wilmette Wine Cellar
Your Legislators:

Legislators Democratic Legislators
who represent New Trier Township in 
Washington, Springfield and Cook County 

You'll be hearing a lot from these exceptional public servants. --

And they want to be hearing a lot from you. 
     The fact is, they need to hear from you and want to hear from you in order to represent you most effectively. So, the first thing you can do is get to know who these people are. The links below to their campaign websites are a good place to start. 
Jan Schakowsky , 9th U.S. Congressional District Representative  and Chief Deputy House Democratic Whip. The new Ninth District boundaries include all of New Trier except for Glencoe. 

Brad Schneider , 10th U.S. Congressional District Representative which includes a number of precincts in Glencoe.
Daniel Biss,   State Senator for Illinois' 9th State Senate District.The Ninth District includes all of New Trier Township.
Julie MorrisonState Senator for Illinois' 29th State Senate District. The district includes New Trier's northernmost precincts.   

Robyn Gabel, IL 18th District State Representative. The 18th District includes much of New Trier up to Hazel Avenue and Dundee Road.
Laura Fine , IL 17th District State Representative.
The 17th District includes the East Glenview and West Wilmette areas of New Trier Township.

Scott Drury IL 58th District State Representative. 
The 58th District includes the northernmost precincts in Glencoe.

Larry Suffredin, Cook County 13th District Commissioner. The 13th District includes all of New Trier, Evanston and Niles Townships. 

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