Vol 6 - Issue 1 - April 2020
Highlighting NTSB Advocacy in Action
The Big Stories
NTSB Operations and Advocacy During COVID-19
As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the NTSB implemented the Office of Management and Budget’s March 11 guidance to maximize telework for the agency’s personnel and to facilitate social distancing. We canceled the April 7 Board meeting for the investigation of the fatal Oct. 30, 2018, Rochester, Indiana, crash involving four students who were crossing a high-speed road to board a school bus. Read more on our response.
Communicating Advocacy in a Time of Crisis
More than 30 communications and advocacy professionals from across the transportation industry met virtually on April 1 to discuss strategies and policy changes adopted or proposed within their organizations and agencies during the COVID-19 crisis. NTSB’s Safety Advocacy Division, in coordination with the National Safety Council, hosted the conversation.  Read more on our meeting.
MWL Midpoint Progress Meeting: Next Steps to Progress
On February 4, the NTSB hosted about 125 attendees from government, industry, and the advocacy community to discuss progress made so far on the 2019–2020 Most Wanted List (MWL) and identify strategies for implementing the recommendations associated with the list. The conversations were productive and lively, and attendees all agreed that, collectively, we need to do more in 2020 to implement MWL recommendations and improve transportation safety.  Read more on our Midpoint.
Highway Safety
3rd Global Ministerial Conference: Distraction & Speed Focus
On February 19, Safety Advocacy Chief Nicholas Worrell represented the NTSB at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm Sweden, the birthplace of the “Vision Zero” movement. The conference was hosted by the Government of Sweden and the World Health Organization. Read more on the event.
Keynote Address at the Arizona Distracted Driving Summit
On January 22, Safety Advocate Leah Walton delivered the keynote address at the Arizona Distracted Driving Summit, which was held at the capitol building in Phoenix, Arizona. The state recently passed a ban on driver use of handheld devices, which will take effect in January 2021.  Read more on the summit.
A Message for Aviation Lawyers about Driving Safety
Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg was featured on an episode of the DRI Aviation Law Committee’s podcast, Aviation Wing Tips, on March 10. Although he was speaking to an aviation legal audience, the Vice Chairman deviated from the topic of aviation to bring attention to distraction on highways. Read more on the podcast.
Truck Safety Discussion with Top Trucking Association
Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg and Board Members Michael Graham and Thomas Chapman, as well as staff from the Office of Highway Safety (HS) and Safety Advocacy Division, met with safety leadership from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) on March 12 to exchange ideas and discuss potential collaboration opportunities.
Sheriffs' Association National Conference: Rec Review
In remarks delivered to the National Sheriffs’ Association’s (NSA’s) Winter Conference in Washington, DC, on February 10, Safety Advocacy Chief Nicholas Worrell urged conference attendees to implement NTSB safety recommendations (H-12-37 and -50, and H-17-36 and 53) made to the NSA over the years. Read more on the conference.
NTSB at the Transportation Research Board Conference
Member Jennifer Homendy and staff from the NTSB’s Safety Advocacy Division, modal offices, and the Office of Research and Engineering presented NTSB investigative information, lessons learned, and current research in various panel sessions at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) 99th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, between January 12 and 16.  Read more on our attendance.
Aviation Safety
Improving Part 135 Safety: NTSB Panel Discussions
The NTSB collaborated with two organizations, Helicopter Association International (HAI) and Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), to host panel discussions, which touched on two MWL issues. The discussions were targeted toward both small and large aviation operators in two aircraft segments, helicopters and fixed-wing charter aircraft.  Read more on our discussions.
Addressing State Aviation Officials & Airport Challenges
On February 26, Member Thomas Chapman presented during a safety session at the National Association of State Aviation Officials’ (NASAO’s) Washington Conference in Washington, DC. NASAO represents state government aviation agencies and airport officials who serve the public interest in the states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.  Read more on the visit.
Reminding Aviation Students about Distraction Dangers
On March 2, Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg was the keynote speaker at the 32nd National Training Aircraft Symposium at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s College of Aviation. More than 200 aviation students, professional pilots, and private industry leaders attended the symposium. Read more on the presentation.
Marine Safety
Virtual Board Meeting: Duck Boat Safety Issues
On April 28, the NTSB met to determine the probable cause of the fatal, July 19, 2018, amphibious passenger vessel sinking, in Branson, Missouri. The Stretch Duck 7, an amphibious passenger vessel (DUKW), had 29 passengers and two crewmembers aboard for a tour when weather conditions deteriorated on Table Rock Lake. One crewmember and 16 passengers died in the accident.  Read more on the meeting.
Rail, Pipeline & Hazmat Safety
A Message to AASHTO Council on Rail Transportation
On February 19, Member Jennifer Homendy presented to members of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Council on Rail Transportation at an event in Washington, DC. She provided an overview of our MWL, specifically highlighting three issues critical to improving rail safety. Read more on the visit.
Youth and Teen Outreach
Maryland Teen Safe Driving Coalition Participation
Safety Advocate Amy Terrone attended and participated in the Maryland Teen Safe Driving Coalition conference calls and virtual meetings in February and April. The coalition is currently building a website with resources for Maryland teens, to which the NTSB contributed. Read more on our role.
Select NTSB Reports, Alerts & Studies
Aviation Final Reports: Chignik Lake, AK, ANC17FA021 ; and Atlantic Ocean, AO, ERA19LA096   (M WL Issue: Part 135 Safety)
Safety Recommendation Report: Revise Processes to Implement Safety Enhancements for Alaska Aviation Operations (MWL Issue: Part 135 Safety)
HAZMAT Incident Report: CSX Transportation, Inc. Tank Car Release of UN1987 Denatured Ethanol (MWL Issue: HAZMAT)
Highway Accident Report: Collision Between a Sport Utility Vehicle Operating With Partial Driving Automation and a Crash Attenuator (MWL Issue: Distraction, Collision Avoidance)
Marine Accident Brief: Collision of Dixie Vandal Tow with Moored Trinity and Tow (MWL Issue: Fatigue)
Marine Accident Brief: Grounding of Fishing Vessel Freyja (MWL Issue: Fatigue)
Pipeline Accident Brief: Magellan Pipeline Anhydrous Ammonia Release (MWL Issue: HAZMAT)
MWL Progress Report
Upcoming Events
Global Youth Traffic Safety Month
NTSB will be teaming up with youth/teen organizations and advocacy groups all month-long to share driving safety messages.
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
NTSB will be teaming up with motorcycle safety organizations and advocacy groups all month-long to share driving safety messages.
American Gas Association CS Virtual Conference
Rail, Pipeline & HAZMAT investigators will be attending/presenting.  More Info
NTSB Virtual Board Meeting
The NTSB Board will meet to discuss the Air Ambulance Helicopter Crash in Zaleski, Ohio.  More Info
100 Deadliest Days of Summer
NTSB begins its campaign of summer safe-driving messages.
Back to School Awareness Month
NTSB will be working with schools to share safety messages related to gong back to school.
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