Board Meeting Highlights
December 6, 2016

At the December 6 Board meeting, Olive School fifth graders shared with the Board their Videography Project/Art Working with the Wetlands.  This is a multi-faceted environmental and educational process of melding natural science, creative arts, videography and public education on behalf of the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project.


Also at the December 6 Board meeting, Novato High senior and swimmer, Shannon Dugdale, was recognized for competing in a Paralympics swim meet and qualifying for the Canadian/American para-swimming championship in March 2017. 

ANNUAL REORGANIZATION OF OF THE BOARD:  The Board nominated and elected Tom Cooper as President and Debbie Butler as Vice President/Clerk.  Mr. Cooper has been on the Board since 2007 and Ms. Butler since 2006.  The Board as well as Superintendent Hogeboom expressed their appreciation and thanks to Derek Knell who served as President this past year.  
STAFF REPORT: Instructional Coach Update: NUSD Instructional Coaches Mark Neimann, Amber Hatfield, Leslie Smith, Laurie Campbell, Cath Nam, and Diane Santamorena gave the Board an overview of the instructional coaching model.  The model is intended to create a sustainable culture of coaching and to build capacity in NUSD where teachers receive support and continue to grow and take risks in their teaching practice, creating equity, and staff and student success. The instructional coaches have a set of specialized skills and knowledge that provide leadership for teachers in all content areas for all grade levels. The models used to reach teachers include, professional learning workshops, small group curriculum development, one-on-one classroom observation and feedback, and leading instructional leadership teams.

Through this coaching model, the instructional coaches help ensure that all students’ educational experience is rigorous, meaningful, and effective. Several ways to evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of the instructional coaching model includes the following:
  • Consistent surveys to get feedback from teachers on the effectiveness of professional development time
  • Tracking of instructional coaches’ time (school, type of support, etc.)
  • Survey of all teachers about their interaction with the instructional coaches
  • Teacher retention rate or new teacher survey
More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Staff Report Item 15.b.

STAFF REPORT: 2016-2017 Enrollment (ADA) Update: Kris Cosca, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, provided the Board of Trustees with an update on enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year and projections for future years as NUSD has entered a period of declining enrollment. In the 2015-2016 school year the District served 7,972 total students, and in 2016-2017 NUSD is serving 7,771 students.  More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Staff Report Item 15.d.

STAFF REPORT: School Safety Presentations: Superintendent Jim Hogeboom reported to the Board that this fall he met with every school PTA to discuss safety and answer questions. Incidents that occurred with our students recently created reasonable concern from the community, parents and students and it was important to meet with every school parent group to discuss all of these aspects of school safety and to answer their questions.  Ensuring the safety of our students is our number one priority.  

He shared that school safety can be broken down into three key areas: physical safety, social-emotional safety, and school and culture climate. Bill Welch and the North Bay Security Group, who have replaced our campus Police Resource Officers, provide excellent services including, making home visits, meeting with students individually, providing drug and alcohol counseling, providing a key communication point with the Novato Police, as well as create presentations for students about drugs and alcohol at fifth-eighth grades.

Also discussed was the need for video surveillance cameras at all of our elementary schools and the need to upgrade our systems at the secondary level. Mr. Welch went into detail about the district safety plans and emphasized the difference between a lockdown and shelter in place drill. Principals of the schools talked about the counseling services available at their schools, along with the different programs they have to build a positive school climate and culture.

Next Steps:  The District Safety Committee is currently working with the Information Technology Department to use our present system (Edulink) to send text messages to parents, and plan to have this ready in January, 2017.  Communication steps for parents and staff are being put in place so everyone will know how we will communicate during an emergency event at school.  In January, letters explaining our emergency notification procedures will be sent to parents in both English and Spanish.  More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Staff Report Item 15.e.

STAFF REPORT: School Security/ Video Surveillance: Yancy Hawkins, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, and Sean Rozell, Director Information Technology, shared with the Board  the role of enhanced video surveillance impacting campus safety and explained the District’s next steps with a brief presentation. Campus safety can include many elements such as surveillance, access control, motion sensors, lighting, security guards, paging systems, location tracking systems, safety policies and even landscape changes. Staff met with North Bay Security Group and a video surveillance integrator and design expert to get a general idea of the scope and cost of these projects. The next step is to compare our video surveillance goals to the systems currently in place. An assessment of our existing system has been completed along with feedback from sites about how they would like to see our system improved. The next step is working with the Bond Implementation Committee, defining priorities and timelines. More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Staff Report Item 15.f.

DISCUSSION/ ACTION: Approval of Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance:  The Board approved the reinstatement of the Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance position as well as the job description due to voter approval of the $222 million Measure G general obligation bond for the NUSD.  In order to ensure an effective and efficient bond implementation, the District needs to ensure proper program management and it is important to recruit and hire someone who not only has a high level of construction and management skill, but who also understands the need for a 21st century learning environment to enhance the qualities of critical thinking, collaboration and communication. More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Discussion/Action Item  Item 16.d.

Future Board Meetings:

1/17/17      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm Open Session


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