Board Meeting Highlights
January 17, 2017

San Ramon first and fifth graders demonstrated their learning and shared their success stories from Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.

STAFF REPORT: Marin School of the Arts (MSA) Five-Year Plan:  Tiffany Benson, Novato High Assistant Principal, gave a short presentation and took questions on MSA’s five-year plan.  Highlights of the plan included:

  • Expanding Outreach
  • Expanding Opportunity
  • Expanding Interest

To review the plan and presentation, please see the January 17, 2017, Staff Report Item 13.a.
STAFF REPORT: Measure G Bond Update:  Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent, gave an update on progress on the district’s bond program.  Items covered included:  Bond Implementation Committee, Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, Recruit and Hire Bond Administrative Staffing, and Debt Management Policy.

For more information, please see the January 17, 2017, Staff Report Item 13.b.

DISCUSSION/ACTION: Approval of the No Bells Initiative (NBI) and Launch Plan at Novato High School for the 2017-2018 School Year:  The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the NBI program at Novato High for the 2017-18 school year. Located on the Novato High School campus, this school within a school will offer students the opportunity to choose and design their own learning experience in a rigorous, project-based, design-thinking environment.  The curriculum will fulfill not only NUSD’s graduation requirements but will also meet the A-G UC/CSU entrance requirements.  NBI’s enrollment will be limited to 100 ninth graders for the 2017-18 school year.

To review the plan and presentation, please see the January 17, 2017, Discussion/Action Item 14.a.

DISCUSSION/ACTION: Equity Imperative Declaration:  The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the Equity Imperative Declaration.  The Equity Imperative Declaration has been a year in the making and been revised about 14 times by various people and committees in consultation with the National Equity Project.  The purpose of the Equity Imperative Declaration is to publicly explain why equity is so important, to outline our universal and targeted goals, and to state our commitment to the actions necessary to achieve our goals. 

The Universal Goal of:

All students will demonstrate mastery of grade level content as well as academic and
socio-emotional skills (Graduate Profile) and will meet the UC/CSU entrance requirements
upon graduation so that they are prepared for college and career”

is important because it identifies what we all want for all of our students here in Novato regarding their educational outcomes.  NUSD has identified the Graduate Profile along with content knowledge as key outcomes for all students, but the Universal Goal also identifies meeting the UC/CSU entrance requirements as the single most important objective for all of our students.  NUSD wants all students to meet the A-G requirements so they have choice.

To learn more about and review the Equity Imperative Declaration, please see the January 17, 2017, Discussion/Action Item 14.b or the Equity Imperative Declaration webpage on the NUSD website.

Future Board Meetings:

1/31/17      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm
2/4/17        Special Board Meeting, Trustee Retreat, place and time to be determined
2/14/17      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm

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