The Newsletter  May 2019   
Our theme this month in worship and religious education is CURIOSITY

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Mowing at NUUC - We Need Some Help

For this mowing season, the Building and Grounds Committee plans to handle the mowing using the same approach as last year, which will avoid us having to contract out the mowing and save about $3,530 in the budget. Our plan is for the B&G Committee to handle the mowing on a rotating basis with some help from the congregation. B&G Committee members will mow 3 weeks of each month, and the 4th week plus sometimes the 5th week will be handled by a different volunteer from the congregation. This approach will spread the work so each committee member will mow about once a month, and each congregational volunteer would mow just one time during the season. Our approach will keep everyone's work commitments reasonable.
The areas to be mowed include the church yard (bounded by the driveway and the parking lot) plus the yard around Nielsen House. The southern field at the rear of our property and the west side of the parking lot are excluded and will be mowed separately by the B&G Committee members.
We have a new zero-turn riding mower, which can be used for almost all of the mowing.
The mower's cost was totally funded by a very generous donation from Gary and Ruth Rusk, plus a generous donation from John and Lynn Foreman. For a few small, tight areas, which the zero-turn mower cannot handle, we then use a self-propelled push power mower. If you are not familiar with using a zero-turn mower, we will give you some brief training for about 15 minutes that gets you familiar enough with the mower to comfortably mow the main parts of the yard. You will still trim the edges of the yard with the self-propelled push mower.  Using a zero-turn mower is fun and allows the mowing to be done in about half the time. But, some people prefer to use the push mower to mow the entire yard instead of the zero-turn mower.
We would like to get 1 or 2 volunteers from the congregation each month to mow one time in the season. The mowing season runs from April through early November. But volunteers from the congregation will be needed only from May through October. Two of those months have 5 weeks and will require 2 volunteers, so we need a total of 7 volunteers.
Please consider volunteering to mow one time this season. If you would like to help the church handle the mowing, you can sign up on the mowing sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall. Just pick a date that works for your schedule. If you have questions or would like more information, just contact Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or .

Adult Enrichment 

For May, Adult Enrichment offers: "Taking Risks" as the discussion topic for the Second Monday Morning Covenant Group, May 13, 10:00am until noon; Paula Hawkins' mystery novel, "Into the Water," as Brown Bag Books' choice for May 21 (the regular third Tuesday meeting date), beginning at noon; and an exploration for NUUC's Women's Group of Ursula K. LeGuin's science fiction novel "The Left Hand of Darkness," about an icebound but war-free planet where gender is not fixed-in fact, people are without gender most of the time. The Women's Group decided to do their discussing at Senor Antonio's restaurant on Sunday, May 26, after service.

Also, the first of this year's Spring "Eat and Meet" Dinners will be May 4, and a second one definitely is planned for later in May or in June. If anyone else would like to have interesting getting-to-know-each-other-better conversation and a good meal, but did not get your name, times available, and contact information on the sign-up list, let Marty Keith know, and she will see what she can arrange for you.

Hospitality Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to serve as a greeter or coffee host for dates beginning in May. You can sign up online by clicking here.  
You do not have to have your own Sign Up account to use this program. If you would like to volunteer but prefer not to use Sign Up Genius, contact Diane Mattox. If you want information about the greeter and/or coffee host responsibilities, written guidelines are available (see the February newsletter or contact Diane). or 614-204-4184 (call or text)

Joint Capital Campaign and Annual Pledge Drive Underway! 

67% to Goal!
We are currently about half way though our combined pledge drive for our annual program budget, and our exciting capital campaign for building expansion. We currently have $571,056 (67% of the low side of our goal) pledged to the capital campaign. Every commitment counts! You can now make both your annual pledge and your pledge to the capital campaign online by clicking here , or if you would like to be contacted in person and you haven't heard from a visiting steward, just let us know by sending an email to . You can also see our expansion plan as well as learn about our financial assumptions and other details by clicking the "Capital Campaign for Building Expansion Underway" banner on the front page of the website (


2019 NUUC Service Auction: Great Fun & a Big Success!
Our service auction on Saturday evening April 27th was a lot of fun and quite a success. The theme "Camera, Lights, Auction!" resulted in amazing movie decorations. The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were both decorated with movie-related decorations, which included a giant picture of the Hollywood sign and hill, many movie posters, large pictures of actors and actresses, scenes from movies, film reels, film, cameras, Hollywood Sidewalk Stars, and a giant Academy Award Oscar.
Beyond the decorations, many activities went on simultaneously. There were the Silent Auction and the Theme Basket Auction for adults. Meanwhile in the Kids' Raffle Auction, the children were eagerly vying for passes for movies, certificates for Magic Mountain fun outings, gift cards for Jets Pizza, Skyline Chili, and Whit's Frozen Custard, a pass for a flight simulator session, plus games, and educational toys and books. In addition, there was a fantastic supper with a movie motif provided by Susan Ritchie and Donna DeGeorge, plus other refreshments, including wine.
In Fellowship Hall, we had 5 colorful, fun activity booths. A popular activity was the "Mold a Movie Monster" craft booth hosted by Dee, Alex, and Jason Burlison, where kids could make a monster with clay. Many liked Marty Keith's "Hollywood Rings" game booth and tried their hand at tossing rings onto pegs to win movie-related prizes. At the "You Oughta Be In Pictures" booth, people could get their picture taken in front of a green screen by Neil Kirby. Then, John Foreman, using a computer, realistically overlaid the picture onto an exciting background somewhere in the world such as the Eiffle Tower. Another popular booth was the "Special Effects Face Painting" booth where Azin Sharifi created many delightful faces on children during the evening. At the "Popped Cinemacorn" booth, Mary Vietmeirer made tastety popcorn with a real popcorn vendor-style cart throughout the evening, which was provided to everyone for free.
The evening got more exciting when the 1st of 2 live auction sessions began with Nathan Morse as our quite entertaining auctioneer. At the intermission, people again enjoyed the 5 fun activity booths, more excellent food, and finished up the silent and basket auctions. The 2nd live auction session then continued the excitement and was quite fun due to Nathan Morse's lively sense of humor. Throughout the evening, the changing of activities was marked by the trumpet fanfare of the Star Wars Trumpeter, Susan Ritchie, and movie director Bob Keith. During the evening, three $25 gift cards for nice restaurants were given as door prizes for adults, plus 3 kids received door prizes of fun games and books. At the end of the evening, we saw the children's happy reactions to winning items as the tickets were drawn for the Kids' Raffle Auction. This service auction was a truly memorable evening, and we look forward to next year's service auction.
The service auction is NUUC's biggest fund-raiser and this year's auction was a big success. We grossed just over $10,154 in sales, which was just under our $11,000 goal. We thank all the donors for their many auction items and all the bidders who bought them. This amazing community event could not have happened without each and every one of you. There were only about $800 in expenses thanks to many special donations by the service auction team members and activity booths' hosts, plus people's creativeness in finding low-cost ways to do the event's decorations.
In addition to the money, another big benefit of the service auction is that it builds and strengthens NUUC's community throughout the whole year. People get together for dinners, outings, or to provide their services for each other. The result is that people meet and spend time with others over the next year that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Whether you are a donor or winning bidder, the service auction is a great way to get acquainted with others.
We give a hearty thank you to the Service Auction Magic Makers team, which planned and conducted this fabulous service auction. We also give a big thank you to both the setup and decorations teams, who did a great job in transforming the church into the "Lights, Camera, Auction!" gala event. We thank Trina Timson for setting up silent and basket auctions in limited time. The checkin process went well due to the good efforts of Chris Aultman with assistance of Dee Burlison and we thank them for their efforts. We also thank Azin Sharifi and Trina Timson for receiving items and arranging them as people arrived. The food team of Susan Ritchie and Donna DeGeorge plus a few others gets a great big thank you for providing a tasty supper with a movie motif and they had food available th roughout the evening, plus they served refreshments including wine. A special thank you goes to all our activity booth hosts identified earlier in this article. Their efforts added extra fun to the evening's activities. Additionally, we give a hearty thank you to John Rodeheffer, Roger Orwick, and Bob Keith for constructing the 5 activity booths. And let's not forget a large thank you for our super auctioneer, Nathan Morse, for skillfully conducting the live auction and using humor to add to the fun. We also thank Marty Keith for awarding the adult and kids door prizes 3 times during the evening. In addition, we thank Dee Burlison for skillfully announcing the winners of the Kids' Raffle Auction. Our thanks also goes to Martha Filipic for being the auction recorder and assisting Chris Aultman during the live auctions and checkout. In addition, we give a big thank you to the cleanup team for their quick work right after the event to get the church ready for the Sunday service the following morning. Another special, large thank you goes to Chris Aultman for putting together the event's catalog, handling checkin, auction inputs, and checkout on auction day, and later following up with participants on their donations and purchases. In addition, we thank the remaining people not specifically identified here, for their help in putting together this big event. Lastly, we thank all the donors, and all the buyers that made the service auction such a fun event and a great success.
Emails were sent to both winning bidders and donors to notify them who won each offering and who donated the offerings. In addition, to help people easily locate who bought and sold each item at the service auction, we will have 2 new re ports available online at NUUC's website which will be available throughout the coming year. We'll also have this year's service auction catalog and the catalogs of past service auctions online, too. You can reach this service auction information at For questions, contact Chris Aultman or Bob Keith.
While winning bidders cannot claim a tax deduction because they received something in return, donors can claim a tax deduction. If you would like a letter recognizing your donation, please contact Susan Ritchie. Please note that there might be some IRS restrictions on certain types of donations though.
Everyone definitely can look forward to the next service auction, which will be held in the early spring of 2020. We're sure it will be even more exciting and surprising than this service auction .
Best regards,
The Service Auction Magic Makers -- Chris Aultman, Jan Bourke, Dee Burlison, Marty Keith, Azin Sharifi, Trina Timson, and Bob Keith (chair)
p.s. We have had some inquiries about possibly selling the 12 movie posters that were used as part of the service auction's decorations. Therefore, we've decided to sell the posters in a brief post auction after church on an upcoming Sunday. Watch for more details about this special poster auction.

Social Justice News

IACO INTERFAITH VISIT TO HARE KRISHNA ISKCON TEMPLE: Interfaith visits to places of worship provide for a time of conversation, consultation, and community-building. Please join us in building a community of friendship and trust on Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 5:30PM at the Hare Krishna Temple, 370 West 8th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201. Arrival at 5:30, Puja & Aarti worship at 6:00, and Prasadam vegetarian dinner at 7:00. Please be prepared to take off your shoes and sit on the floor during worship. Space is limited so kindly RSVP to by May 1st.
INTERFAITH ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL OHIO (IACO) Helping Central Ohio Homeless : Join representatives from other faith communities to help serve meals to homeless families at the Van Buren Shelter, 595 Van Buren Drive, Columbus, 43223, from 5:30 PM (introduction and tour) to 8:00 PM on Sunday, May 26th. If you prefer an earlier time, you can volunteer to serve meals to single women from 3:30-6:00. Please contact Gwyn Stetler at if you are interested in volunteering. This is a great opportunity to serve those in need AND to get to know people from other faith traditions. For more information, see the SAC bulletin board or ask Pam Patsch.
UUJO WEBINAR UPDATE ON THE OHIO LEGISLATURE - Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 7:00 - 8:30 pm. This new session of the Ohio Legislature is sure to be filled with important bills that will have lasting impact on our state and our local communities.  We already know that there will be legislation on abortion rights, free speech, and the environment.  And we want to help everyone stay up to date on what is going on at the Ohio Statehouse. UUJO will hold monthly Ohio Legislative news/resource updates on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Webinar facilitators are Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, Executive Director, UUJO, and Justine Konicki, UUJO volunteer staff and legislative researcher. We will also send you reminders each month if you register HERE . To stay current on social justice news in Ohio, check out the UUJO Facebook page and sign up for email alerts.
REPURPOSING PLASTIC BAGS: Sometimes we forget to bring our reusable bags to the store and end up with plastic bags. Now you can donate your plastic grocery bags to the women at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. The women use the plastic bags to make sleeping mats for the homeless. You can leave your plastic bags in the designated container next to the office in Fellowship Hall. Please note, ORW ONLY accepts plastic grocery bags.