The Second Monday Morning Covenant Group, meeting October 12 from 10:00 until noon via “Zoom,” will discuss elements of racism. To join this group contact Marty Keith at martykeith

At September's meeting, NUUC's Women's Group explored our “personal rituals.” Perhaps on October 25 (Sunday), at the 12:00 Zoom session, people who had to miss that meeting can share their rituals, too. In addition, while possibly not “rituals,” there are times when we find ourselves to be active versus times we are more dormant—perhaps on a yearly, daily, or even hourly basis. Similarly, we might have a variety of ways of brewing ideas before pouring them out and starting projects. Also, some of us have to work through fear before taking a risk. And sometimes we have to confront the myth of “total control” before admitting that some events and outcomes are out of our hands. What is the process here, for all of the above? This is another topic to discuss. Other ideas? Questions? Want the Zoom link? Please contact Marty Keith

Wednesday Noon Check In
Join us using the regular NUUC zoom connection at noon everyday Wednesday for informal check- ins and chat with your fellow members.