To all community members:
Here is more information on the Governor's press conference and the State's response to the virus.
In short - This is serious and every effort should be made to limit close contact with others, especially in large groups.
The definition of non-essential:

Non-essential services and sectors include, but are not limited to:

* Entertainment & hospitality, including but not limited to strip clubs and brothels, casinos, concert venues, arenas, auditoriums, stadiums, large conference rooms, meeting halls, and cafeterias

* Recreation and athletic facilities, including but not limited to community and recreation centers, gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, yoga, barre and spin facilities

* Beauty and personal care services and facilities, including but not limited to barber shops, beauty, tanning, waxing hair salons, and nail salons and spas

* Retail facilities, including shopping malls except for pharmacy or other health care facilities within retail operations. Retailers are encouraged to continue online operations with pickup and delivery