2 New Exhibit Opportunities & More
The North Valley Art League is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the visual arts in the northern California region.  

New hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 11am to 4pm

Galley Closed for the Holidays
Sun, Dec 19, 2021 – Tues, Jan 4, 2022

INTAKE for January Show, Wed, Dec 15 - Sat Dec 18

Pick up work from Nov-Dec Show, Saturday, Dec 18, 2-4pm

A NEW Opportunity to Exhibit your Work...

NVAL Redding Airport Exhibit
January 15 – April 14, 2022

30 to 35 pieces of NVAL members' art will be shown at the Redding Airport.

Accomplished Artists should text a photo of 1 or 2 works to Chuck Prudhomme who will curate the show. Chuck’s contact number is 530-524-8378.

Deadline for submission to Chuck is January 5, 2022.

Accepted artwork needs to have a label on the back of each work that includes the artist’s name, contact information and artwork price. Also include wording “To purchase this artwork contact the artist directly.”

No Commission will be charged on sales.

Accepted artists will need to sign a release provided by the Airport.

Hanging hardware needs to be the same as NVAL with the addition of a wire between the D-Rings.

Another Opportunity to Show your Work...

NVAL Redding City Hall Exhibits

  • NVAL has entered into an agreement with the City of Redding to provide artwork to be exhibited at the City Hall.  The City has requested work by accomplished NVAL artists, which applies to most of our members. We hope that many members will have the opportunity be in a City show at least once per year.

  • There will be four quarterly exhibits each year. NVAL will normally provide approximately 70 – 80 pieces for each three-month exhibit. However, the first quarter exhibit will only require 30 pieces as this exhibit will also include artwork by the late Armando.

  • Exhibit Date: January 21 – April 21, 2022

  • Participants' NVAL dues must be current. You may pay your dues in the gallery or Click Here to Pay Online at nval.org>Membership. No Credit card info is stored on the NVAL website.

  • Artwork is to be limited to three pieces per artist. Acceptance of artwork will be on a first come basis.  Artists will be informed that their artwork is accepted for exhibit by email.

  • Sign up Deadline: Sunday, January 9.

  • Deliver Accepted Work to NVAL Carter House Gallery, Wed, Jan 12 – Sat, Jan 15.

  • Artwork shall be appropriate for display in a City facility. The Director of Community Services shall determine if artwork is appropriate.

  • Exhibiting Artists will be required to sign a City Display Agreement (Indemnification Release) when artwork is brought in to NVAL to be stored before transfer to the City.

  • Artwork may be offered for sale. Artist will handle all sales. No commission will be charged.

  • Exhibited Artwork needs to have a label on the back of each work that includes the artist’s name, contact information and artwork price or NFS. Also include wording “To purchase this artwork contact the artist directly” if the work is for sale.

  • Artwork to be hung from two D-rings or equivalent hardware for a cable hanging system.

NVAL December Exhibit
'Tis the Season!

Pick up work Sat, Dec 18, 2 - 4pm
Gallery will be closed Dec 19 '21 - Jan 4 '22
So many NEW items in the Gift Shop & more coming in!  

Over 50 ceramic pieces, both elegant wall art and vases, and playful statuettes — also hand-knit socks, wire birds, beautiful jewelry and glasswork, wood-working, fabric art purses and scarves, greeting cards and more.  

Of course the gallery is full of lovely, creative paintings and photographs.  All items are the original artwork of our local member artists.

Sampling of December Show & Gift Shop Artwork
Artwork by Jay Murphy
Artwork by Palul Rideout
Artwork by Jay Murphy
Ceramic Wall Art by Palul Rideout
Artwork by Derek Grinnell and Hand-Knit socks by Joanne
Artwork in Gift Shop
Artwork in Gift Shop
Jewelry in Gift Shop
Artwork in Gift Shop
Jewelry in Gift Shop
Artwork by Victoria Bernet
Artwork by Vivi-Anne Thompson
Artwork by Carla Canter
Artwork by Annette Cerreta
Artwork by Caryn Stromberg
Artwork by Barbara Enochian
Artwork by J. Knight Logue
Artwork by J. L. Long
Artwork by Jim Reams
Artwork by Jim Canter
Artwork by Kathleen Evans
Artwork by Debbie Diestler
Artwork by Nancy Finck
Artwork by Michi Takemoto
Artwork by Chuck Prudhomme
Artwork by Marietta Modl
Artwork by Susan Tescher
Artwork by Laura Barbeau
Artwork by Louise Tuthill
Artwork by Joyce Kerwin
Artwork by Don lInn
Artwork by Gini Holmes
Artwork by Richard Harper
Artwork by Mary Meisner
Artwork by Stephanie Luke
Artwork by Diedre Malain
Artwork by Connie Brown
Artwork by Shery Larson


Only One day a month!
When you can't be there, get a sub.

Attending the Gallery is a great way to meet other members and you can work on your art while you are there. We need both recurring attendants and substitutes
Please call Charlotte Bryson at 221-1993 for more details.