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NV Statewide Maternal and Child Health Coalition

Welcome New Members
Natalia Cortes
MCH Coalition Mission:
  To provide leadership in partnership with public and private organizations to improve the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of the maternal and child health population in Nevada including children with special health care needs.

Please help in recruiting new members that can support the mission. 

MCH News & Updates

Jackie Kennedy and Tasha Choi at Springs Preserve

2017 Annual WIC Playdate Event at Springs Preserve
With over 1,500 attendees the MCH Coordinators discussed MCH priorities and new initiatives/resources of the PMAD (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) grant with families while having fun with give-away ducks and raffles!

Building the Next Generation of Leaders. . . 
A most AWESOME training for parents is coming to Northern Nevada this Fall! And it's FREE! The Nevada Partners Leadership Program, formerly Partners in Policy-making, a very intense and innovative national model of leadership training, is designed to teach parents and self-advocates the power of advocacy and to change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work. This training will start in September 2017, in Reno. Classes will be held one time per month, on a Saturday, from September through May (skipping December). Limited number of opportunities available. Apply today! Help get the word out! 

Nevada Partners Leadership Program
The Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities will be seeking applications from highly motivated, interested parents of children with developmental disabilities, to become candidates for Nevada Partners Leadership Program, Class of 2018.

Participants will gain: 
 * Valuable working knowledge on disability issues and information on resources available in their community.
* Advocacy skills. 
* New relationships with people who have the same interests as you.

Participants are required to: 
* Commit to attend eight (8) Saturday sessions.
* Complete homework assignments between sessions. 
* Commit to a project to be completed after graduation.

Nevada Partners Leadership Program is all about... 
* Leadership skills and developing positive partnerships with elected officials and other individuals who make policy decisions about services that you and/or your family use. 
* Systems change-creating, working towards, and achieving a vision of shared values about people with disabilities. 
* Becoming confident in oneself, competent in the knowledge and information received, and comfortable in sharing the life experiences and expertise one brings to the program.  

Submit Application:
or contact Diana Rovetti:  rovetti@unr.edu or 775-682-9060 
Nevada Partners Leadership Program 
A Program of the UNR Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities

16th Annual Nevada Child Abuse 
Prevention & Safety Conference 
June 8th, 2017 
Henderson Convention Center
Promoting Mindful Approaches to Strengthen 
Families & Communities   
Sponsorship opportunities available! 

Travel scholarships available! Email preventchildabusenevada@unlv.edu with your name, agency (if applicable), and a brief explanation of your need.

Legislative Update
* AB113, the Breastfeeding Bill, has passed out of the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee. It should be voted on sometime this week in the Assembly, after that it will go to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.
* AB 340, the Diaper Bill was heard, this bill directs the state Department of Health and Human Services to take action to make diapers more available, this is the first time it has been in legislation. This bill was approved out of committee.
* The Pink Tax Bill, AB 402, this bill eliminates sales tax on feminine hygiene products and diapers; this is the first time this Bill has been heard. This bill was approved out of the Nevada Taxation Committee.

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