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Upcoming Meetings
Northern Nevada MCH Meeting

Thursday, November 12th
8:30 am - 10:00am
Meeting ID: 836 9122 2816
Passcode: 238765

Southern Nevada MCH Meeting

Tuesday, November 10th
8:30am - 10:00am
Meeting Details TBA
Upcoming Trainings and Events
A Letter From Catherine Cortez Masto
Nevada Health Link's Open Enrollment
Fellow Nevadan,

Nevada Health Link’s Open Enrollment Period starts today! Take time to shop and select a health care plan on between now and January 15th. Though the open enrollment period this year has been extended until January 15th, if you’d like your coverage to begin on January 1st, 2021, you must enroll by December 31st of this year.
I know many of you have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and want to protect your family. One of the ways you can keep your family safe is taking the time to sign up for health care during the open enrollment period. Remember that you can check your eligibility for subsidies and premium assistance through the website. It’s quick and easy to find a plan that’s right for you and your family, so head over to Nevada Health Link by clicking HERE
If you need help finding the right plan for you and your family, Nevada Health Link has a statewide network of licensed enrollment professionals who can help you enroll at no cost.

Catherine Cortez Masto
Find licensed enrollment professionals in your area!
Families Fighting Flu Inc.
Flu News
Does the flu vaccine affect my chances of getting COVID-19?; AP

A few flawed studies over the years have attempted to link the flu vaccine to increased risk of other respiratory infections, but experts say there is no evidence that’s true. The flu vaccine protects you from seasonal influenza, not the coronavirus — but avoiding the flu is especially important this year. 
AI is about to face a major test: Can it differentiate Covid-19 from flu?; STAT

With Covid-19 cases surging in parts of the U.S. at the start of flu season, developers of artificial intelligence tools are about to face their biggest test of the pandemic: can they help doctors differentiate between the two respiratory illnesses and accurately predict which patients will become severely ill? Numerous AI models are promising to do exactly that by sifting data on symptoms and analyzing chest X-rays and CT scans. The challenge now is to comb the data for patterns that could identify clusters of symptoms or certain clinical details that could differentiate Covid-19 from flu and other illnesses. That could help both patients and caregivers make more accurate decisions and preserve medical resources.

Vaccine Effectiveness Against Pediatric Influenza Hospitalizations and Emergency Visits; American Academy of Pediatrics
A new study finds that among children ages 6 months through 17 years, flu vaccination reduced risk of being hospitalized for flu by 41% and risk of having a flu-related emergency department visit by half during the 2018-19 flu season. The study collected data of confirmed influenza tests at 7 different hospitals across the country.

Flu Vaccines Are Safe: Here's Why; Insights on Influenza
Flu vaccines help prevent flu-related illness, hospitalizations, and deaths. Flu vaccines have a strong safety record and have been safely administered to hundreds of millions of people over the past 60+ years. While some people are afraid to get vaccinated because of a myth that the flu vaccine can cause flu illness, flu vaccines do not contain viruses that can make you sick with the flu. If you are sick after receiving a flu vaccine, it’s likely that you are experiencing an immune response - your body is gearing up to fight off future flu infections if you become exposed. 

Flu vaccination: 6 tips to win over the undecideds; American Medical Association
Here are six tips from the AMA, CDC, and Ad Council on key points physicians can raise with those still on the fence about the flu shot:
1. Keep yourself from getting sick
During the 2019–2020 flu season, flu vaccines prevented an estimated 8.7 million people from getting the flu, 105,000 flu-related hospitalizations, and 6,300 flu-related deaths.
2. Save medical resources
During the 2019–2020 flu season, the flu caused an estimated 18 million medical visits. Getting a flu vaccine can help to reduce the burden on doctors and nurses as they fight COVID-19.
3. Protect your loved ones
A flu vaccine helps protect the people around you who are more likely to get very sick from the flu, such as babies, young children, pregnant women and older adults.
4. Protect people with diabetes and heart disease
People with certain chronic conditions are at high risk of getting very sick from flu, including being hospitalized or even dying. Getting a flu vaccine reduces the risk of giving the flu to people with asthma, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and sickle cell anemia.
5. Save time
Getting a flu vaccine can prevent you from getting sick with flu. Staying healthy means you can be there for your loved ones who depend on you.
6. Reduce severity of illness
You may still get the flu if you get a flu vaccine, but you won’t get as sick. 
Prevent Child Abuse
Virtual Training for Parents and Providers
PCANV will continue to offer free online training sessions as a way to support our partners and families during this time. All training sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long with Q & A throughout the presentation. 
Nevada Childhood
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Recall Notifications and
The Nevada Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (NvCLPPP), partnered with the Nevada Public Health Foundation, is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children by educating families and medical and service providers, on the effects of lead poisoning from older homes or items we bring into our homes.
NvCLPPP aims to:

  • Increase blood lead testing in Nevada
  • Link children exposed to lead to services
  • Improve methods of surveillance
  • Provide education about lead to families, medical providers, and community partners

Recall Notifications
On July 1, 2020, CPSC recalled 78,000 units of the Cub Scout activity pin. Lead was found in the pin's face and shaft.

On July 2, 2020, CPSC recalled 9,500 units of the Avalon Cottage Town Collection. The base coat paint used on the dresser, king and queen headboard, and other pieces contain excessive levels of lead. 

CPSC recalled 52,900 units of the Hasbro Inc. Super Soaker XP20 on August 19, 2020. Excessive lead content was found in the ink of the sticker on the water tank. 

On August 26, 2020, CPSC recalled 635,500 units of the Plush Aflac Doctor Duck due to excessive lead content found on the lab coat’s buttons. The item had been distributed to employees and consumers. 
Find out when you should test your child for lead exposure 
Nevada Sickle Cell Virtual Symposium 2020
November 18th to 21st
Nevada’s Sickle Cell Community Based Organizations are hosting this year’s Nevada Virtual Sickle Cell Symposium 2020 on November 18-21, 12PM-2PM PST. The theme is Sickle Cell Unite: Bridging the Gap. The community event will include multiple virtual sessions.

1) Sickle Cell Trait - November 18 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM

2) SCD Transitioning to Adult Healthcare - November 19 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM

3) New Sickle Cell Therapies - November 20 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM

4) Sickle Cell Pain: What to do! - November 21 from 12:00 - 2:00 PM
Exhibitor Hall will be open from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

The location is Virtual via Whova.

For those with questions or who desire to donate, please contact Linetta Barnes at (702) 417-3175 or

Dignity Health
Free Virtual Classes
Monday through Friday

Dignity Health Community Outreach is offering online fitness, wellness, and children's classes.
Newest class addition is a Children's Yoga class on Saturdays. This class starts October 3rd through December 19th, at 11:00am
Free Virtual Health Self-Management Workshops
 in September and October
2020 Caregiver Recognition Virtual event
Thursday, November 19th 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm PT
The Nevada Care Givers Coalition is ow accepting nominations for their 15th Annual Caregiver Recognition Virtual Event. They will be recognizing caregivers and businesses/agencies that support the caregiving cause.
Please submit Caregivers to be recognized in the following categories:
  1. Family Caregiver
  2. In-Home Paid Caregiver
  3. In-Facility Caregiver (including adult day programs)
  4. Volunteer Hospice or Community Caregiver
  5. Caregiver for Youth with Special Needs (22 yrs or younger)
  6. Dual Life Caregiver (employee and primary caregiver)
  7. Caregiver for a Veteran
If you know someone who is a true “unsung hero,” consider recognizing them so they can receive the honor they deserve during our event.
Register and submit your recognitions at:

Postpartum Support International
Free Support Groups for Mothers
PSI has increased the number of free weekly online support groups, and added one for pregnancy mood support.
Group Peer Support
Free Support Groups
Group Peer Support is offering a variety of free support groups for pregnant moms, postpartum parents, mental health, social service providers, support group facilitators, people in recovery, front-line workers, and more.
Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA)
Point of Impact - Car Seat Inspections
Multiple Locations in Reno
The Reno Car Seat Inspection and Installation is offering car seat inspections. Staff and volunteers will check for defects, check the installation, and correct any problems and provide education on the proper use and installation of the car seat. Appointments are also available.

Bright Futures Family Tip Sheet
The Bright Futures tip sheet for families, The Well-Child Visit: Why Go and What to Expect, is now available in Spanish! This tip sheet is written in plain language and is a great resource for families. 
The Well-Child Visit - Why Go and What to Expect - SPANISH / ENGLISH
Helpful Information
Healthier Living with Chronic Pain is a self-management program originally developed at Stanford University. Attend this program provided by Dignity Health and get the support you need. The program is free and held once a week for 6 weeks for 2.5 hours.
Join the American Lung Association's seven-week quit smoking program. Hundreds of thousands of people have become smoke free through a Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic which offers a structured, systematic approach to quitting smoking.

Mothers pregnant with their first baby are eligible to get connected with a free personal nurse from Nurse Family Partnership
Each year, hundreds of thousands of babies are born to vulnerable first-time moms facing serious challenges. Nurse-Family Partnership provides first-time moms with specially trained nurses to help them be the best moms they can be!

Over 40 years of evidence show the measurable, long-lasting difference Nurse-Family Partnership makes in the lives of moms and their children.
Many more moms and babies need our help!
Nevada Tobacco Quit-line
Quitting tobacco is a process. Whether you are thinking about quitting, are not yet ready to quit, or have already quit, Nevada Tobacco Quit line can help you with each step of the way.

For more information please click here
Learn About MCH Programs
Go Before You Show
The Nevada Statewide Maternal and Child Health Coalition, in coordination with Washoe County Health District, is launching the Go Before You Show® campaign statewide. The mission of Go Before You Show® is simple -- to affect social awareness and create long term change by promoting the importance of women seeing a doctor early in their pregnancy to help improve their health and the health of their baby. Women are encouraged to see a doctor early if they think they might be pregnant or before their twelfth week of pregnancy.
Go to Nevada 2-1-1 for more information

The MCH coalition has flyers to distribute for the community. If your organization would like flyers, please contact Tasha Choi by email
Sober Moms, Healthy Babies
The mission is to reduce the impact of substance use in Nevada. One of the primary goals is to prevent alcohol and drug use among women of childbearing years and women currently pregnant. To achieve this goal, they have partnered with many of the treatment centers in the state that treat pregnant women struggling with addiction. Overall, for State Fiscal Year 2013, SAPTA funded 22 treatment organizations, providing services in 68 locations throughout Nevada. Together, these providers had 11,907 treatment admissions. Sober Moms, Healthy Babies provide many resources if you are looking for help or if you are wanting to help someone else. 

Medical Home Portal
The Medical Home Portal is a unique source of reliable information about children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), offering a “one-stop shop” for families, physicians and medical home teams, and other professionals and other caregivers. The portal's mission is to assist and support professionals and families in working together (the Medical Home model) to care and advocate for CYSHCN by providing reliable and useful information about their conditions and caring for them and knowledge of valuable local and national services and resources.

The NV Statewide MCH Coalition sub-grant is supported by the Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) through Grant Number B04MC29352 and BO4MC30626 from the United States Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the State of Nevada General Fund.
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