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Upcoming Events

October 19, 2018 
2nd Annual Northern Nevada Women's Leadership Breakfast
 (Reno and live streamed in Fallon and Las Vegas)

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November 13 (Reno) and 14 (Las Vegas), 2018 
The Alternatives to Opioids (ALTO) Nevada Pain Management Seminar

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December 12, 2018 
Joint Association Holiday Mixer

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Northern Committee Chair:

Southern Committee

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Board Member Spotlight   
Secretary: Mario R. Moya, ATC/L, MBA

My background reflects over 25 years of diversified experience encompassing both health care and business development expertise. Currently tasked with, and have accomplished effectively managing three Orthopedic companies with over 20 providers and 100 employees. As a business man, it’s been my job to increase revenues, manage and reduce costs, and develop new innovative ideas for increasing revenue opportunities. My personal motto is: “If I can help enough people get what they want, I will get what I want.” I enjoy listening to people’s goals, and by getting to know what makes my employees excited, I believe I can obtain their highest levels of productivity and overall performance.

Throughout my career I’ve demonstrated effective communication and presentation skills providing “hands-on” management to spearhead several strategic programs resulting in successfully increasing company’s overall operational profitability. I have staffed, worked with and led large organizations of employees and volunteers ranging from physicians and nurses to front desk support. In addition, my language skills speaking both English and Spanish throughout my career have demonstrated a keen ability to work with people from all lifestyles.

When I am not working, I am spending as much time as possible with my wife and four boys. We enjoy our active lifestyles, whether it’s hiking, running marathons, or competing in local CrossFit competitions. Active lifestyles have taught us to be disciplined and focused while working on our weaknesses, and is engaging and empowering to the community.

Lastly, I am a mentor, and have recently started mentoring UNLV Master Health Care Administrative students, and I am looking forward to mentoring others to enhance their knowledge and business success.

Meet the Board
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MGMA National

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MGMA National has many opportunities to power the professionals who drive the business of medical group practice.

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MGMA National Stat Program

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Nevada Legislative

Legislative Roundup

A thank you to the Legislative Team in Washington, D.C. and our own Executive team for preparing and distributing the Washington Connection. They do a great job of keeping us all up to date on Federal issues as well as reaching out to us for input and advocacy.

Here in Nevada, there is a fair bit of interim action. Much of which is led by our partners at the Nevada State Medical Association. Here are some items to watch as we move toward the next legislative session in 2019.

Various interim committees are visiting the topic of out of network billing and fair payment. This is a recurring issue at the legislature and we are engaged in the conversations looking for a solution.

There continues to be a lot of activity around the new opioid law and education. Proposals are being gathered to streamline the requirements during the next legislative session. Also, education is in abundance throughout the state.

As always, please let us know your concerns as we move into the busy legislative season in Nevada. 

Industry News

Antibiotic letter (to the left) is linked for those of you who find it of interest.

Our general response (and input is welcome) is that antibiotic stewardship is important and welcome, but hard and fast rules have the potential to hurt patients, particularly for some of these antibiotic classes.

Judicious use is good: barriers to care are bad.
 Thank You NVMGMA Affiliate Members and Sponsors
Sponsor Spotlight

MICA   provides medical professional liability insurance to physicians and their groups, medical facilities, and nurse practitioners. MICA is known for outstanding customer service, vigorous defense of claims, and award-winning Risk Management programs.

Contact: (800) 352-0402

Now is the time to get Certified!

Dear Members of Nevada MGMA:

Thanks to your Board of Directors, we now have available The Body of Knowledge Review Series set of books, which can be “checked out” for your use in studying for the exams. To check out the book set, contact me if you are in the Northern member or Mario Moya if you are a Southern member.

Other good news is if you have been trying to enter your continuing education credits on the new website and have been unable to complete your entries, they have finally gotten it working properly. 

MGMA Website Updates
  • They have launched the new website and are working daily to optimize the user experience
  • The ACMPE claiming of continuing education has been launched under “Account Management”. New features will continue to be added including export and transcript details
  • Information on Board Certification and Fellowship can be found under Career Pathways

Don't hesitate to contact me if I can assist you on your journey to Certification! 

Jackie Shoupe, FACMPE
Nevada MGMA College Forum Representative
(775) 329-8423

To read more ACMPE news, click here .
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Have you or someone you know in NVMGMA landed a great new job, received an award, or met a professional goal? Are you on a committee and have big news you would like to share with the membership? 
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