North West
Dear Club Presidents, Club 2nd VPs, and the North West District Executive Committee, please forward this email to anyone that plans to complete the annual club reports.

Ladies, please join me in thanking our wonderful North West District 2nd VP, Maria Barnhart for hosting two successful reporting workshops in November. If you were unable to attend the workshop, please click here to view the video.

Maria worked many hours reading through the yearbook, dissecting all of the reporting resources and had several telephone conferences with GFWC Georgia's 2nd VP, Cathy Jones to discuss the new process. Maria is a great asset to our District, a wonderful leader, and we are extremely lucky to have her! She is awesome!

Please reach out to Maria should you have any questions about the reporting. You can contact her at or 404-310-0546.

Helpful Step by Step Procedures for those preparing end of year reports:
  1. Gather your data on the reporting worksheet which is a word document. Send or give to your President/VP for review/approval. 
  2. Make any changes to the worksheet as discussed with your President/VP.
  3. Input the report to the Google form on GFWC-GA Reporting and Forms webpage.
  4. Once the email response received from GFWC-GA, forward completed report to club President for her report.
  5. Suggestion: Create a folder on your computer for your report for club records. 

Questions & Responses asked at our workshops and new items presented by our State.
1) An EDIT option has been added to all online reports. This will allow the reporter to correct any mistakes to the original report as long as it is submitted before the Jan 25th 11:59 PM deadline.

2) Clubs may "practice" with actual reports found on the GFWC Georgia website through November 30. Practice report submissions will not be judged.

3) "Real" reports may be submitted beginning on December 1 through the deadline of January 25 at 11:59 PM.  The ability to submit reports will be deactivated on Jan 25 at midnight.

4) You should complete a separate Domestic Violence Report. The data is stand alone and should not be reported anywhere else.

5) Will a club be disqualified for reporting the wrong number of members paid to State? It could potentially impact negatively and will be reviewed by the State's 2nd VP. Please double check with your Treasurer and place the same number of members paid to the State/District.

6) Question: Can I set up a fundraising page or walk/run page on a charity's website, ask members to donate and report this as a member donation? Answer: No. Ladies, we thought it would be considered a member donation, but it is not. As stated in our workshop we confirmed our answers with our State's 2nd VP and she clarified this item for us. Please refer to the State’s FAQ No. 9 and Clarifications from Cathy Jones, 2nd VP (FAQ's were updated November 2020)

“9. What’s the difference between “dollars donated by the club” and “dollars donated by members”?
Dollars donated by the Club is money from the Club’s general treasury or money raised through a project for a special purpose. It may be an allocation from the Club’s budget to a specific CSP/Advancement Area/Special Emphasis Project.
Dollars donated by members come from individual club members, such as "Pass the Hat" collections or members reimbursing the club for a purchase or making a personal donation to one of the Club's projects. Member donations should flow through the Club's treasury."

Clarification: Member donations should flow through the club treasury.

Sorry about this Ladies, I did not know that member donations needed to run through the club treasury. Donations that do not run through club treasury are personal donations and not reportable. I learned something new every day. - thx Cimi.

7) If you choose to submit a creative project - the description must be a full description. A question was asked if we could place "in addition to above" then proceed with further details - the confirmed answer is NO you cannot. You must fully describe the project in the creative - judges will view it separately so all details must be entered.
View the State's Reporting Page Here
Click Logo to view Institute Smile Page.
Dues/Vouchers & Rosters Due Dec. 1
Presidents, Treasurers and 1st VP should work together to submit dues to State, District, Etc. and enclose an updated Membership Roster. Click here for Vouchers. Please remember that we voted as a district to add .50cents to our district dues making it $3.50 per member. The additional .50cents will be sent to our headquarters to apply to the Run for the Roses Capital Campaign. Brenda Worley is our treasurer - please email her should you have questions at

Click here for membership roster form. (note: the excel form has 2 tabs, click Roster tab located at bottom to enter onto the Roster) mail Roster to with copies to & and Treasurer Worley at

Please be timely. Send dues and Roster by Dec. 1st. Mail earlier, sometimes mail delivery is delayed. Last year we had a few clubs that paid after Dec. 1 which meant that the total number of District members reported totaled to 402 members which showed a decrease in membership compared to the previous year when in fact it was 416 members which was an increase as compared to the previous year. Thank you in advance for adhering to the Dec. 1 deadline.
Goal Sheet due January 25
Presidents, aside from paying dues, if your club does nothing else - there are 2 forms that I need you to complete for our District and State. One is the Goal Sheet due Jan. 25 and the other is the President's Statistical Form due Feb. 15. If you don't want to complete this on your own or unable to do so, please call me and let's walk through this together - I will complete this for you while we are on the phone. Contact me at or 678-467-1922.

Click here to view a sample Goal sheet with my notes: Same deadline applies if this is not submitted on time, the District will not show 100% participation. I provided helpful notes to jog your memory and clarify items.

Click here to complete the Real form. This is a live link, click if you want to complete this on your own beginning Dec. 1.
CSP, Advancement Areas & Committee Reports, Contests due January 25. Should you choose to be eligible for awards, your dues must be paid by Dec. 1. The number of members submitted on reports should equal the number of members for which dues are paid. Click below to complete the LIVE/REAL report beginning Dec. 1.

LIVE Community Service Programs (5): – Due Jan. 25
LIVE Advancement Areas (6)
LIVE Special Projects (6)
President's Statistical Form (due Feb. 15) - use the online form.

Presidents, this is the other form I'd like you to complete. This is not for awards, this is an attempt to collect all of your service hours, inkind donations and donations. Ladies, if you send in a statistical report - I will create an "impact" flyer to show your club members and community how hard your club worked in 2020, and how many charities were impacted by your assistance and donations.

Again if you are unable to do this on your own or uncomfortable with technology - please use the sample sheet and let's go through this together by phone. Contact me at or 678-467-1922.

Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU! GFWC would not exist without our members and all of you. Thank you for volunteering throughout the year and thank you in advance for completing these reports. You are making a difference!