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 Please share this edition of PAC Speaks, our eNewsletter designed by patients for patients to provides information for patients, their care partners and family members.
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Transplants are for Everyone!

PAC Speaks is a patient written article that features  information for patients, their care partners and family members.

Our latest edition of PAC Speaks features the article  Transplants are for Everyone! Which provides a patient's story on considering transplant as an treatment option and shares his tips for anyone  interested in learning more about the kidney transplant process. 

Providers:  Please use this PAC Speaks Newsletter as a talking point when discussing transplant as a treatment option and share with everyone at your dialysis facility. Please feel free to print this   PDF and use as a tool to supplement your education efforts. 

PAC Members/SMEs: Please (if possible) check with your dialysis facility staff to ensure that the Newsletter is available for patients.

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