September 9, 2020 - Volume 3 Issue 1
Financial Sustainability
Financial sustainability is not a sprint;
it’s a marathon

Sonny Ramaswamy, President, NWCCU

As colleges and universities continue to develop a path forward to ensure financial sustainability, it’d be worth remembering that the effort will be akin to that of a marathon and not a sprint. There are a number of options and concomitant actions institutional leadership might consider.
Managing Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis
Marc Johnson, President, University of Nevada, Reno

Manage towards a future vision of sustainability for mission fulfillment and remain flexible to modify operations in response to opportunities to capture greatest possible revenues during the downturn.
NWCCU Quality Culture Project
Alana Hoare, Quality Assurance & ALO,
Thompson Rivers University
Pamela Goad, Executive Vice President, NWCCU
What can higher education leaders do to ensure performance measurement systems include measures that address equity, enhance participatory processes, and inform policy change that is relevant to organizational context?
Equity & Inclusion
Introducing the NWCCU Equity Resource Library
Jess Delegencia, Expert Consultant in Equity and
Inclusion, NWCCU

Interested to know the difference between equity and equity-mindedness? How about anti-racist practices in online learning? You can find all of these, and more, in NWCCU’s Equity Resource Library.
NWCCU Updates
New Version of the Accreditation Handbook: Take a look at the edits and updates in a final and red-lined version, the handbook reflects the 2020 Standards and new USDE regulations.

Take a look at the edits and updates in a final and
red- lined version.
New Presidents
7 New Presidents in the Northwest

Join us in welcoming seven new presidents in the Northwest! Learn who is new to North Seattle College, University of Nevada- Las Vegas, Bellevue College, Warner Pacific University, Eastern Washington University, Sierra Nevada University and Oregon State University.
Reminders and Events
Continuing Distance Delivery Reminder

NWCCU Webinar: Long Term Crisis Management: Strategies for Supporting Faculty and Staff Mental Health (This Friday!)

2020 NWCCU Annual Conference registration now open!
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