May 14, 2021 - Volume 3 Issue 4
Equity: Arc of the Moral Universe

Sonny Ramaswamy, NWCCU President

Justice. Equality. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. While America has always aspired to these ideas, our approach to achieving the same has been fraught throughout our history. 
Countering Anti-Asian Animus: How Colleges and Universities can Use this Moment for Learning and Community Care
The COVID-19 global pandemic has exposed and exacerbated violence perpetrated against Asian and Asian American communities. Colleges and universities have a responsibility to call out these intersecting crises and to provide resources for learning and for community care. 
Fighting Patterns of Inequality 
Selena M. Grace, PhD, NWCCU Senior Vice President

To be more intentional as we conduct our work addressing equity in higher education, we must first seek to understand, seek to be inclusive, and ensure representation of diverse views and perspectives. 
Equity and Student Success Programs at Nevada State College
An interview with Tony Scinta,
Executive Vice Provost at Nevada State College and NWCCU Equity Council Member
NWCCU Institutional Data Capacity Survey
Results from the Institutional Data Capacity Survey” (IDCS), which was designed to provide insight into the capacity (e.g. data, technology, and resources) of institutions to improve equitable outcomes through evidence-based approaches to meet the NWCCU 2020 Standards for Accreditation.
Welcome New Presidents
Join us in welcoming the new presidents in the Northwest! Learn who is new to the Alaska Pacific University, Blue Mountain Community College, Great Falls College of Montana State University, Nevada State University, Oregon State University, Seattle Pacific University, Umpqua Community College, University of Alaska Southeast, University of Montana Western, University of Utah, and Whitworth University
Reminders & Events
NWCCU Webinar: Data-Informed Decision Making, Transformation, and Equity
NWCCU Webinar: LGBTQ Student Success in Your Institution 

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