Invasive Species Network Events

The following ISN events have been cancelled:
Garlic Mustard Workbees (all 4 counties)

However, the Garlic Mustard Dumpsters in each county are still on!
This is a great way to "participate" in a virtual workbee!
Bring your bagged garlic mustard to the following sites...
and please report them online so we can keep track!

Benzie: Frankfort and Lake Township
Grand Traverse: GT Conservation District's Boardman River Nature Center
Leelanau: Clay Cliffs Natural Area
Manistee: Manistee Conservation District

Partner Events
All partner meetings for May are cancelled or postponed
May is the Time to Pull Garlic Mustard
It may not come as a surprise to you--May is all about garlic mustard in northwest lower Michigan! This year, we want to encourage you to get out and pull it while you're on your regular walks in natural areas. A few adult plants pulled along a trail can stop hundreds of seedlings next year while protecting the beautiful spring wildflowers that live there. A full trash bag full can mean the difference between habitat and inhospitable! Then utilize the garlic mustard dumpsters in each county ( or more creative methods ) to dispose of this invader--please don't compost!
Looking for other spring invasives to target? Look out for dame's rocket , moneyplant , and forget-me-not .
Garden professionals and community partners all over ISN's service area are committing not to use or sell high-priority invasive species! While you're planning your garden and waiting for spring to really get goin, think local as you plan your shopping! Then, remember the businesses that have made the decision to Go Beyond Beauty.
Find participants on our website .