January 17, 2021
Learn how to efficiently and effectively solve rhythmic timing issues in your students' playing and in your own. Have more fun in your lessons by enhancing your students' musical feel. 

Curtis Madigan is the Founder and CEO of Sound Formation. He's a music education visionary that has created a + theory of rhythm that has garnered support from countless experts in education and among professionals. He's the pioneer of the Sound Formation Method™. He's developed multiple after-school music programs that have run in over 100 schools across 8 states, and he's trained over 100 music teachers nationwide. He's a graduate in guitar performance and composition from Berklee College of Music.

Sound Formation is conducting some research on music education with Dr. Gisbert at the University of Colorado Denver. Below is an anonymous survey link for NWSMTA. Members' responses would be extremely helpful. The survey only takes 1-3 minutes to complete.


The camp scholarship has 2 divisions: Junior division, up to 8th grade - Senior division, 9th through 12th grades. This is for any instrument, but the student must be studying the instrument with a teacher who belongs to NWSMTA for at least 2 years. 1st place winners in each division receive $300 and 2nd place winners in each division will receive $200. The checks will be made out to the camp that the student will be attending. The scholarship is open to students attending a music camp in person or virtually if that might still be the case this year. Enrollment form, and information regarding rules and requirements are on the website. Click on FOR MEMBERS, STUDENT EVENT INFORMATION, CAMP SCHOLARSHIP. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.

Pat Borchardt


The $1000 college scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors who will be either majoring or minoring in music at a college or university. The scholarship is open to all instruments and the teacher of this instrument must be a member of NWSMTA for at least 2 years. The scholarship will be paid in 2 installments, the first installment of $500 will be sent to the school for the Fall Semester and the 2nd installment of $500 will be sent to the school after the student has sent the chairperson a copy of acceptable grades from the first semester. Enrollment form, information regarding all requirements and rules are on the website. Click on FOR MEMBERS, STUDENT EVENT INFORMATION, COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.

Pat Borchardt    
We have made it to 2021 without noticing much change or relief. Like a Groundhog day that continues to repeat over and over. We do have our 2020 hindsight, so we are more prepared to handle this new world. Our knowledge of Zoom, microphones and overhead cameras has grown exponentially. 

Hopefully, we have managed to take care of our health, physically and mentally. With all the talk of masks, social (physical) distancing and hand washing, the media and authorities have put little focus on things that might make you less susceptible to our toxic environment. Be certain to guard your own health by getting enough restful sleep, eating healthier real food and moving your bodies to strengthen your immune system. These are habits that will change your life for the better, even after the world makes its next major shift. 

Some of us have already spent time organizing our studios and finishing projects that have been at the bottom of our lists for a very long time. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. The most I finished in that department was to put in boxes all the projects that I realized I was not going to be able to accomplish. They weigh on my brain less in a box than glaring at me from a pile on a shelf. I have many available Amazon boxes from ordering things that I can't go to a store to purchase. 

I have suggested, encouraged and am now pleading for you to send suggestions of treasures you have discovered during this extended period of time. I can list your suggestions for good books, recipes, podcasts or teaching ideas. Whatever inspires you, will be of interest to us. Please share.

Deborah Lynch
Newsletter Editor