March 17, 2021
Do you have students itching to perform? The Spring Classical Recital will be held live online via Zoom on Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 1:30 PM.

Registration will be done online at the NWSMTA website only. The deadline for registration is April 11, 2021.

The recital will be recorded for NWSMTA members and participating students to view. Parental permission for video recording and photography is required for all enrolled students. You will find the form on the website.

Chyi-Ling Evans
 Dear AIM Teachers of Level 10-12 students:
Thank you for registering your students using OPERA. This year the April 18 AIM repertoire exams for levels 10 through 12 will be entirely virtual. There is no need to use any online platform such as Zoom, FaceTime, etc. All material will be entered as pre-recorded videos of the repertoire pieces as well as the technique. Therefore students and judges will not have specific exam times, just deadlines for completion. Details for teachers and students are below.
       All performance link submissions will be due by 10:00 pm on Friday, April 16.
       Music score PDF link submissions will be due by 10:00 pm on Friday, April 16.
       All technique video submissions are due by 7:00 pm on Sunday, April 18.
       Judging of student technique and repertoire must be completed and entered by      
       Saturday, May 8.
       Goal to have student score sheets available online by Wednesday, May 12.
       Recitals must be completed by July 31.

Suzanne Fleer
Suzanne Murray

A congratulations card was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Lou Stamov celebrating the birth of their baby boy Feb. 8.

A card was sent to Marcia Mally for four broken
ribs and a head injury. She fell backwards down the stairs and hit her head on a radiator at home. She is now back home recuperating.

A card was sent to Chyi-Ling Evans due to her sore shoulder. She is in physical therapy.

I am looking for someone to replace me as Hospitality since I do not drive anymore due to
medication and problems with my leg. It is hard for me to type with my left hand due to my stroke and tingling sensations when I type.

Janice Wilkans, Hospitality (at present time).

Editor's Note: Thank you, Janice, for the time and effort you have put into making NWSMTA a group where members are appreciated and missed when life's struggles interfere. You have been a support for our members and the history of NWSMTA. You have little feet, but big shoes to fill. Janice can guide anyone who is willing to help with what you need to continue her fine work.
Church of the Cross Presbyterian Church in Hoffman Estates, has an opening for keyboardist/organist beginning April 5. This is a salaried (no overtime), restrictive part time, year-round position. The candidate would provide keyboard, organ and choir/special music accompaniment for scheduled worship services and other occasions in support of the music ministry of Church of the Cross. For further information contact Rev. Julie Peterson via email:
Free Piano - Knabe Console - Serial Number 149904
A good piano in good condition - Built in the early 1950s (1952?)

We no longer have a piano player in our household.
Located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on the first floor.
Additional information and pictures are available if interested.

John Baker - 847 293 1723


The camp scholarship has 2 divisions: Junior division, up to 8th grade - Senior division, 9th through 12th grades. This is for any instrument, but the student must be studying the instrument with a teacher who belongs to NWSMTA for at least 2 years. 1st place winners in each division receive $300 and 2nd place winners in each division will receive $200. The checks will be made out to the camp that the student will be attending. The scholarship is open to students attending a music camp in person or virtually if that might still be the case this year. Enrollment form, and information regarding rules and requirements are on the website. Click on FOR MEMBERS, STUDENT EVENT INFORMATION, CAMP SCHOLARSHIP. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.

Deadline to apply is April 15th.

Pat Borchardt


The $1000 college scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors who will be either majoring or minoring in music at a college or university. The scholarship is open to all instruments and the teacher of this instrument must be a member of NWSMTA for at least 2 years. The scholarship will be paid in 2 installments, the first installment of $500 will be sent to the school for the Fall Semester and the 2nd installment of $500 will be sent to the school after the student has sent the chairperson a copy of acceptable grades from the first semester. Enrollment form, information regarding all requirements and rules are on the website. Click on FOR MEMBERS, STUDENT EVENT INFORMATION, COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.

Deadline to apply is April 15th.

Pat Borchardt    
Our February program, given by Mike Pavik, was a gift for those who attended. You know how grateful you feel to someone who suggests a book that becomes one of your top ten books? And how special if that book were a tiny book of just a little over one hundred pages? And what if that tiny book was so immpactful, that when you got to the end of it, you immediately began it again? Those of us who attended are grateful to Mike for just such a gift. But it’s a gift for those who missed it, as well. The meeting was recorded and is available to our membership on the NWSMTA website. Come and meet Mike, who is an inspiration for what you do every day.

I have assignment sheets that I give to my students to write on when they practice. When they get older, I encourage them to get a notebook for a practice journal. After reading the book Mike recommended, I will give them a bookmark to go with their practice journal. It will say…

Results from today.
Ideas for tomorrow.
Goals for next week.

Encourage your students to reach beyond what they can presently do. On the way to doing that, there will be missteps. It’s important to reframe a mistake as a compass that gives you the direction for your next step. Don’t just practice, build your brain. Then your practice will help you hear a mistake, fix it and wire the connection in your brain. In Einstein’s words, “One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.”

Your first perfect repetition of a measure, phrase, section or piece is not the end. It’s the new starting place. Our job as a teacher is to help the student push themselves. Amen.

What? You want to know what the name of this wonderful little book? It is The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle. Check out the video of the February meeting to get Mike’s other suggestions for books that can shape a teacher’s and therefore their students’ lives.

Deborah Lynch
Newsletter Editor