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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!



Have we heard enough about Ebola? Who ever thought we would replay the HIV paranoia of the 80s thirty years later. Every ED I have spoken with has been gearing up, training daily, having 'Ebola pts' present to test their process and having visits from the DOH. Ebola PPE is scarce and hospitals that may never see a case are being hard pressed to secure protection for the staff. 

The arrival of Ebola in the US has allowed the ENA to have more influence on decision making as the Emergency Department will be the door for the virus to enter the facility. National ENA has worked with ACEP on new CDC guidelines for treating patients and is working with other nursing associations to identify resources and solutions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Our national website at ENA.org will always have the most current Ebola information and is continually being updated. If you have questions, check the site. You will find general information plus info from triage to PPE to risk of exposure to current treatment.

In another vein, Genesee Valley did their first class of the new TNCC this weekend. There were some things about the new slides and lectures I liked; there were also some things I didn't. We did all the lectures on Saturday, thought it would never end and I wasn't just sitting there listening and trying to stay awake! Skill stations and airway/IV/helmet stuff on Sunday with TNP and the exam in the afternoon. We may need to make some adjustments to the schedule for next time; a work in progress.

Congratulations to the newly elected and installed members of the state Council. Gird your loins and prepare for some hard work next year; the bylaws need revision, always fun, and Jacquie will be working on the strategic plan with her team.

I have been in contact w/the DOH about standing/protocol orders. As you know, NY is one of only 4 states which refuse to allow RNs to use standing orders. Currently the DOH Stroke Team is looking into this issue, as using standard orders for anything can only expedite patient care and get needed treatments to the patient sooner. I'll keep you posted with any updates and thank you Mary Ann for sending them to me.

This is my last New York Pacer as president; although it's been a busy year, I think we have accomplished a few things. The strategic plan is underway for next year; we added several thousand dollars to the 9/11 scholarship fund and had some fun at the same time. Our first 5K was at least break even with plans
for a second in 2016 and several first time delegates went to General Assembly. Thank you all for the help and support.



State Bytes - What's Happening in Your Chapter?

The blurb about this section lets you see what is happening with other New York chapters around the state. We ask each chapter to write a little something of what they are working on, any questions they may have for other chapters, and can post any events.



 Brooklyn/Staten Island


Congratulations to Ms Delta Williams,RN CEN for receiving the 2014 Distinguished CEN award.  Ms Williams is an active member of the our chapter.





Suffolk chapter announces Janine Caldwell, Janine.kenduck@yahoo.com as our first communication chairperson. She will be mentored by Connie Kraft, immediate past president into this new role. The goals are to maintain and monitor Facebook and social media communications and to develop a Suffolk county chapter website.  


Genesee Valley

Genesee Valley Chapter hosted 5 nursing students from Roberts Wesleyan Collage at their monthly meeting. The students are required to visit one professional Nursing Organizational meeting before graduation. We are extremely excited and happy they choose us.  We look forward to them becoming members.





Successful Booth at Indianapolis


Again this year, the NYSCENA manned a booth at the Scientific Assembly in Indianapolis. This project has been undertaken over the past few years to raise the money to provide the endowment in perpetuity of the 9/11 scholarship. All member of the delegation to General Assembly provided coverage of the booth. This year we were privileged to raffle a Coach bag donated by the Nassau/Queens chapter and a gorgeous quilt made by BOD member Jacquie Glendinning. The lucky winners of our raffles were Rita Anderson of Arizona who won the Coach bang and Vanessa Ball of West Virginia who won the quilt. Both winners were ecstatic over their prizes. We also offered, our 9/11 pins and pins depicting zero tolerance for violence against nurses. The financial gain raised at the booth will continue to lead us to the completion of the endowment of our 9/11 scholarship. Thanks to all!!


Scholarship Winners


Every year it is exciting for people to receive scholarships from the ENA Foundation. Since 2002, New York State Council has been sponsoring the 9/11 scholarship which provides $2500 to two individuals from the emergency rescue service,(ie. EMS, Fire , police), who wish to become a registered nurse. This year's winners are Sean Davenport, CCEMT-P form Kentucky and Margaret Swenson, EMT from Utah. Our best wishes for a successful and rewarding career are sent to these individuals.


We are also proud to have one of our own members win a Physio-Control scholarship to pursue a BSN. Our current Board member for 2014 and President-elect for 2015 is Jacquie Glendinning is the honored recipient. She has shown a dedication to all her patients, coworkers, and ENA members in New York State. Congratulations Jacquie and much success in your endeavor.



Empire State Building Lighting 2015


Each year, the Empire State Building receives lighting applications from organizations around the world. This year we are thinking of applying to have the building lit up, Purple and Coral for Emergency Nurses Day, Oct 14th 2015. There is a lengthy application and one of the questions asks, if the lighting is approved how will we, as an organization promote the lighting. Other than advertising on the web site, does anyone down state want to actually put together some kind of 'event' to celebrate this? If anyone has any ideas, please let Ginnie know or come to the January meeting with ideas. Let's do this!!! What a great way to showcase our organization!!! Dawn



SETTING THE PACE - Call for Poster Presentations  



And Best Evidence Practice Papers  

2015 Annual Setting the Pace Conference

April 16 & 17, 2015 in Saratoga, NY

Click here to Download Guidelines

The deadline for submission is April 3, 2015.  


2014 Membership Renewal Winners

Awarded for Recognition of Emergency Nursing Week

Adrea Chichester
Brooklyn/Staten Island    
Pauline James
Virginia Jones
Donna Bryant
Mona Hally
Mariea Casas
Mid Hudson
Erika Francisco
Southern Tier
Christine English
Mitchel Queano
Mark Twain
Kathy Fox
Sharade Aldinger
Genesee Valley
Kim Schoenheit
Lower Hudson
John Bourges
Samantha Jackson




January 23rd



January 24th


Strategic Planning, Committee Organization, New Chapter Leaders Orientation, 1p-5p (Jan 23rd) 


Quarterly Council Meeting  7am-4 pm (Jan 24th) 


Binghamton Double Tree Hotel 
225 Water Street
Binghamton, New York,13901

ENA rate $109
(Deadline 12/30/2014)     

Feb 18th - 20th
2015 State and Chapter Leaders Orientation Paris Hotel Las Vegas
Click here to learn more
April 16th - 17th
Setting the Pace
Holiday Inn
232 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
CODE NYS rate $129
April 18th
State Council Meeting 
Holiday Inn
232 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
April 28th -29th
Day on the Hill Washington DC
Click here to learn more
Sept 28th - Oct 3rd
Emergency Nursing Conference 2015 in Orlando, FL
Oct 11th - 17th

Oct 14th

 September 28th - October 3rd, 2015 Orlando, Florida

Orange County Convention Center

Tentative: NYSENA 2015 Meetings/Dates 

July 31/August 1, 2015
Newburgh, NY

September 28-Oct 3
National Conference Orlando

October 23/24, 2015?
Middletown/Newburgh NY 

State Council meetings are open to all members. 
For council meeting info, contact our President at: 585-775-9088




Board Liaison Assignments for 2015

Any questions you wish to ask the Board, these are your liaisons:


Sandi Tetler:  Brooklyn, Adirondack


Jacque Glendenning:  Western, Mark Twain, Genesse Valley


Ginny Hebda:  Chatt, Mid Hudson


Mary Ellen Jenninson:  All chapter Treasurers


Dan Dennis:  Mohawk, Lower Hudson, Southern Tier


Ivy Budhai-Henry:  Nassau/Queens, Suffolks


Dawn MacMullen:  Central, Manhattan-Bronx



JANUARY 2015                MID HUDSON                  MOHAWK

APRIL 2015                      NASSAU/QUEENS          SO. TIER

JULY 2015                       SUFFOLK                        WESTERN

OCTOBER 2015               ADIRONDACK                  BROOKLYN/SI

JANUARY 2016               CENTRAL                         CHATT

APRIL 2016                     GENESEE VALLEY          LOWER HUDSON

JULY 2016                       MANHATTAN/BRONX        MARK TWAIN

OCTOBER2016                MID HUDSON                  MOHAWK

2015 New York State Officers



President - Sandi Tetler, Lower Hudson President@nysena.org 


President Elect - Jacquie Glendinning, Chatt Lower Hudson PresidentElect@nysena.org 


Secretary - Dan Dennison, Central Secretary@nysena.org 


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier Treasurer@nysena.org 


Immediate Past President - Ginny Hebda Genesee Valley ImmediatePastPresident@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry Board1@nysena.org  


Director at Large - Dawn MacMullen Genesee Valley Board2@nysena.org  




Please submit any suggestions or articles to: 

Dawn MacMullen at  enadawn@gmail.com 

Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com

Thank you for spending some time with us today.