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NY Rush Welcome Cheektowaga Soccer Club

CHEEKTOWAGA, New York, Thursday, August 11, 2022: Northeast Rush and Buffalo Rush are excited to announce that Cheektowaga Soccer Club will be joining the Rush Family. This relationship is an opportunity to welcome a long-serving and upstanding organization to our program in the greater Buffalo area.


"I look forward to the joining of Cheektowaga Soccer Club with Buffalo Rush, said Brion Jackson, Buffalo Rush Premier Director. "This is an exciting first step in changing the dynamic of soccer in Buffalo."


Cheektowaga Soccer Club has been a staple in the Buffalo soccer community since its inception in 1993. Driven by the initial efforts of Joe Karnath, the non-profit program is dedicated to the development of youth players’ growth in soccer. A foundation on teamwork, fair play, technical development, sportsmanship, and enjoyment powers programs that range from basic instruction to advanced travel and competitive soccer.


"I am excited, not only for my own child who has been in the league and travel for several years but for every child involved in travel, stated Nicole Bartnik, President of Cheektowaga Soccer Club. "I believe this will give our teams a competitive edge, providing extra training to players who need it, and opportunities for success in their soccer pathway.”


"As a board member and parent of a current 3-year travel player I am most excited for all the players in our club to have the opportunity to continue and enhance their training with premier level certified coaches and standardized curriculum, added Traci Brzezinski.


Northeast Rush is thrilled to welcome Nicole, Traci, and the Cheektowaga Soccer Club Community to the Rush family. Please join us in welcoming them to the organization.


About Northeast Rush

Northeast Rush (www.northeastrush.com) is comprised of Rush clubs based in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and Florida. With over 250 teams and 4,000 players, Northeast Rush is one of the largest Rush groups within the organization. Headquartered in Newtonville, MA, with offices within each region, Northeast Rush offers premier-level club soccer, camps and clinics, recreational soccer, and international opportunities.