The Final Day of Convention 2015!
 And Convention Competition Winners Are...
Below is a list of all the Convention winners.  We did the best to compile this list, and apologize if we missed someone.
Drawing Contest
Ages 10-12 Kaitlyn Piston, Lilyonna Morales and [tie] Katrina Duryea/Kristina Riccardi.
Ages 13-15 Natalie Rosich and Sapphire Patterson.
Ages 16 and up Mary Margaret Wright. 
Member 1-3 years PearlAnn Draves and Brittany Uzzi
Member 3-up years Karina Chicas, Mary Margaret Wright, Natalie Rosich and Sapphire Patterson.
[Group, Tribute to Parents ] Sunrise Triangle
[Individual, Founder's Day] Karina, Maggie, Rachel and Kaitie.
Door Decorating
1st Place - Star Triangle
2nd Place - Bal-On-Sen Triangle
3rd Place - Fidelity
1st - Fides Triangle
2nd - Cassiopeia Triangle
3rd - Star Triangle

1st - Truth Triangle "Horton hears a who"
2nd - Fidelity Triangle "The Grinch"
3rd - Onistagrawa "The Lorax"
Talent Show
 Solo/Duet/Trio Musical act
 1st - 'What Ninjas' from Truth Triangle #4
 2nd - '2 Stephans' from Sunrise Triangle #146
 3rd - 'The Star Supremes' from Star Triangle #205
 Honorable Mention - Kaitlynn's twirling from Meridian Triangle #71
 Comedy/Drama Act [4-10 people]
 1st - 'The Roast' from Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65
 2nd - Lockport Triangle #128
 3rd - Cassiopeia Triangle #202
 Group Musical Act [4-10 people]
 1st - 'Synchronized Swimming' from Onistagrawa Triangle #215
 2nd - 'Evolution of Dance' from Truth Triangle #4
 3rd - 'Synchronized Swimming' from Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65
Honorable Mention - 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster' from Meridian Triangle #71
Group Musical Act [11+ people]
 1st - 'It's a Hard Knock Life' from Sunrise Triangle #146
Until We Meet Again...
Monday morning sessions concluded our 28th Biennial Convention. The winners of the ritual competition performed the Founder's Day Degree and the convention was closed. We all said goodbye to old and new friends, sad to see the weekend end, but looking forward to the future of our organization together. Thanks to all the girls and adults who made this weekend a HUGE success!
See you at Convention 2017..
Our 90th birthday celebration!
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"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"


Mr. Callaghan, editor of The Rose Trellis, rests in the lobby after a long weekend of documenting the events..

don't sleep too long, Mr. C, we have Installation season coming up! 


Surprise, Mr. Callaghan! Next time don't fall asleep in a lobby with Ms. Madison and a camera nearby!