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NYAIL News Issue 9:
NYAIL Webinar Series, Speaking with Bob Gumson, and Advocacy Update
NYAIL Webinar Series
We are very excited to kick off a NYAIL Webinar Series with two upcoming webinars this November and December. The series will continue into 2022. Free advance registration is required for each webinar. There will be ASL and CART for every webinar. Please see the registration pages for more details.
Housing Discrimination and Tenants Rights with
Sally Santangelo and John Herrion on November 17th.

  • Covered protected classes;
  • Source of income protection;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • NY eviction moratorium;
  • General tenants’ rights in NY;
  • Housing discrimination for people with disabilities;
  • How to ask for reasonable accommodations in housing and what is a reasonable accommodation
Emergency Management Access and Functional Needs Disability Awareness Training with Dave Whalen on December 2nd.

  • Disabilities Awareness specific to Emergency Management
  • Access and Functional Needs defined to include Universal Design
  • Understanding how the whole community concept is imperative to proper response to individuals with disabilities and how to involve them.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act relative to Emergency management and response.
  • Community resources and other materials that assist Emergency Management in proper response
  • Disaster Preparedness and Planning
  • Inclusive Planning and Active Participation
  • NYS Core Advisory Group
  • COVID-19 and Persons with Disabilities
Speaking with Bob Gumson
Bob Gumson has spent decades working in vocational rehabilitation and independent living.

His new book is a collection of stories throughout his life and career. We spoke to Bob about the book and his career. View the video on YouTube.

The book is available now on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle format.
Advocacy Updates
The Build Back Better Act package before Congress includes home and community-based services funding like permanent funding for Money Follows the Person, known as Open Doors in New York. Click here to see the Action Alert. This action alert comes from the National Council on Independent Living.
Assembly Committees on Disabilities and Labor Joint Hearing
on Disability Employment in New York
A recording is now available from Assembly Committees on Disabilities and Labor joint hearing on disability employment in New York. The hearing went on for several hours, and featured several advocates from independent living in Panel 10. The hearing covered employment first, underfunded employment services and supports, fair pay for home care, sheltered workshops, hiring goals, and other topics.
The New York Association on Independent Living administers several statewide and regional programs in collaboration with its member ILCs, all of which are focused on helping people with disabilities live independently in the community.

Learn more about NYAIL programs by visiting: ilny.us/programs 
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