Volume 6, Issue 6

It's been a banner year for environmental justice and climate justice work. To highlight some of the accomplishments  that NYC-EJA, our members, and allies have achieved in 2015, we are showcasing some of our favorite moments from our various campaigns and special events, as well as a couple of key media hits and research accomplishments. 

Solid Waste 

Mayor de Blasio has become the first-ever NYC mayor to announce a goal of Zero Waste, a long-standing NYC-EJA priority. As a result of our lengthy history of solid waste advocacy, we have seen continued  progress in rebuilding the Upper East Side  and other marine transfer stations. From pressing for reforms  like waste reduction for over-burdened communities and a trash cap for all community boards, to our partnership on Transform Don't Trash to overhaul NYC's commercial waste system,   NYC is finally on a path to Zero Waste.

Cl imate Resiliency

The culmination of our climate resiliency advocacy was the Mayor's launch of OneNYC, the city's updated sustainability and resiliency plan. U nveiled at NYC-EJA member THE POINT in the South Bronx, the plan is framed in the context of environmental justice. In the coming months, NYC-EJA will issue recommendations on how to increase climate justice via OneNYC.

Additionally, we have made great strides towards cultivating climate resiliency on the ground. Earlier this year we kicked off the South Bronx Community Resiliency Agenda with The Point and local allies, to both continue our engagement in the implementation of the Rebuild by Design Hunts Point project, as well as expand resiliency advocacy to the broader South Bronx.  With support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, we are working with NYC-EJA member UPROSE, the RAND Corporation, and The LifeLine Group on a new phase of our  Grassroots Research to Action in Sunset Park (GRASP) partnership  to support auto-related businesses in Sunset Park increase their operational sustainability and resiliency.

We continue to push for smarter energy use, from advocating for retrofits of large buildings, public housing, and schools through our work with  Climate Works for All, to advocating for a community co-owned microgrid in Central Brooklyn with BASE (the Brooklyn Alliance for Sustainable Energy), to co-launching NY Renews, a state-wide coalition fighting for healthy communities, green jobs, & 100% renewable energy in Albany. 

Special Events

Delegation to New Orleans

New Orleans women standing in font of the levee, photo by Eddie Bautista
For the 10-year Commemoration of  Hurricane Katrina, NYC-EJA helped organize a delegation of NYC Hurricane Sandy survivors to visit New Orleans on the weekend of August 28th. In this emotionally charged trip, climate justice leaders from across the U.S. connected with activists from Gulf South Rising to discuss movement-building to combat climate change and press for a just transition from fossil fuels.

National Day of Climate Action, photo by Pamela Soto
National Day of Climate Action

October 14 was the Nati onal Day of Climate A ction, galvanizing  over 150 events across the United States.  Here in New York City, we targeted Chase Bank for investments in the fossil fuel industry and destructive financial policies that undermine communities of color. Hundreds took to the streets of Midtown with colorful artwork highlighting seemingly disparate themes such as fossil fuels, home foreclosures, and private prisons- all bankrolled by Chase. 


Our Director of Research, Juan Camilo Osorio, discussing the Paris Agreement on NY1
NYC-EJA made multiple media appearances 
throughout the year.  Some highlights include: 
For a full listing of our press coverage, visit our website


NYC-EJA's South Bronx SMIA Map cited in NYC Panel on Climate Change Report
This year, we were honored that our Waterfront Justice Project research was cited by the NYC Panel on Climate Change. We were also published by the New School's Social Research Journal. See below:

It has been a long and fruitful year for us all. But before you pop that well-deserved bottle of champagne with your loved ones, consider making a generous tax deductible donation to the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. This is our chance to end 2015 with a bang, and set ourselves up for bigger and better accomplishments in the New Year.

In Solidarity,

Eddie Bautista
Executive Director
NYC Environmental Justice Alliance | 166A 22nd Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 | www.nyc-eja.org