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Volume 14, Issue 11


Dear Edward,

November brought the usual mix to NYC-EJA and our allies: cold weather, early darkness ...and climate justice progress! Read on, to learn more about our latest strides.

Climate Jobs and Justice Campaign Launch!

On November 15th, alongside our NY Renews allies, we gathered in Williamsburg to launch our campaign for the People’s Climate Justice Budget, and Climate, Jobs, and Justice Package for New York State. We had several NYC-EJA member organizations present with youth and speakers from some including El Puente, UPROSE, The Point CDC, and Nos Quedamos. This upcoming legislative session we will work on taking real steps towards our vision for a greener, fairer, and more just future. Learn more about the NY Renews legislative package here, and our budget proposal here. Also check out the NY Renews "Climate Law 101" video that breaks down NY’s landmark climate law, and the legislation we're working hard to pass. Find it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Clean Deliveries Act Campaign Launch

At the end of November, alongside ElectrifyNY coalition members, bill sponsors, Senate Deputy Majority Leader Gianaris and Assemblymember Marcela Mitaynes, elected leaders, Last-Mile Coalition partners, and allies, NYC-EJA helped launch the Clean Deliveries Act Campaign. The campaign seeks to pass the Clean Deliveries Act (S.2127A/A.1718), which would address the impacts of e-commerce mega-warehouses by establishing an indirect source rule for transportation, i.e., attributing emissions from delivery vehicles to these warehouses. E-commerce mega-warehouses generate significant emissions from the large number of delivery trucks in and out of each facility. This problem has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and increased online purchasing from e-commerce. These mega-warehouses are disproportionately situated near environmental justice communities that experience the most harm from vehicle emissions in and out of these facilities. If adopted, New York State would be the first state to require a review of emissions from all e-commerce warehouses exceeding 50,000 sq. ft. and require these warehouse operators to implement an air emissions reduction and mitigation plan.

Read the press release from the event here and click here for the full bill explainer. 

Wake Up And Smell The Fumes

In early November, alongside its ElectrifyNY coalition members, NYLPI, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, and Jobs to Move America, NYC-EJA released a report titled “Wake Up and Smell the Fumes.” The report found that as many as one in four of the city's almost 10,000 diesel and gas school buses routinely idle their engines outside school buildings - despite laws discouraging this act. The report also highlights the negative health and environmental impacts of engine idling on children, workers, and the public in environmental justice communities such as the East Bronx and Red Hook, Brooklyn, where large school bus depots are concentrated. The coalition called for a rapid transition from diesel and gas to zero-emissions electric school buses while prioritizing disadvantaged communities with the highest pollution levels and implementing driver-friendly policies allowing bus drivers to park vehicles and wait for students inside school buildings.

The complete report is available in English and Spanish

City Council Hearing on Emergency Planning and Response to Flooding Events

On Monday November 20th, NYC-EJA's Research Analyst Victoria Sanders testified at the City Council Oversight Hearing on Emergency Planning, Notifications, and Response to Citywide Flooding Events. We pushed back on the City’s handling of emergencies such as heat waves, flood events, and air quality emergencies, pressing our concerns that the most vulnerable New Yorkers are not being properly considered in the city’s responses. Read her full testimony here and watch a recording of the hearing here.

Just Transition for Offshore Wind Gets Federal Highlight

On November 8th, NYC-EJA's Energy Planner Daniel Chu spoke at the U.S. Bureau of Offshore Energy Management's first in person offshore wind forum for New York Bight alongside other environmental justice advocates across New York and New Jersey. We highlighted the principles for a Just Transition in Offshore Wind, and urged regulators and developers alike on the necessity to prioritize long-term investments in environmental justice communities.

A Big Step For Equity in USACE Flood Plan

In early November, after much discussion and engagement with the NYS DEC, NYC-EJA, along with several other organizations, was able to secure the support of several key asks in relation to the ongoing US Army Corps of Engineers NY-NJ Harbor and Tributaries Study. NYS DEC is one of the two non-federal sponsors on the Study, both of whose support is necessary to make major changes to the process and final plan. NYS has, in a formal letter to the Corps, shown support of adopting a multi-hazard approach, completing additional environmental impact statements, improving public engagement, and several other issues we have raised as concerns. Once we can obtain the same formal support from NJ DEP, the Corps will be required to take these additional steps - ensuring a more complete and equitable HATS plan.


News 12 - The Bronx: Advocates and leaders pushing for zero-emission school buses (11/2/23)

The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy Publishes Fact Sheets on Tree Canopy for Every New York City Council and Community District (11/6/23)


NYC Comptroller’s Office: New York City Fails to Comply with “Fair Share” Requirements for City Services and Facilities, New Audit & Analysis by Comptroller Lander Reveals (11/9/23)


Environmental Defense Fund: Advocates celebrate breakthrough in campaign to overhaul flawed Army Corps flooding plan for NY-NJ Harbor (11/13/23)


Crain’s NY: Flood protection program takes a hit with mayor's budget cuts (11/21/23)

NY City News Service: City's Truck Routes to Be Redrawn Under New Bill (11/21/23)

Utility Drive: NYISO to keep 4 NYC peakers running past planned 2025 retirement to maintain reliability (11/21/23) 

Earthjustice: ElectrifyNY Coalition, Lawmakers, and Environmental Justice Advocates Launch Campaign in Support of the Clean Deliveries Act (11/30/23)

The Daily Gazette: Clean Deliveries Act introduced to regulate environmental impacts of e-commerce warehouses (11/30/23)

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