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Join my in-person Level 1 & 2 Voice Dialogue Training for 34 CECs (Yes!!! 34)
Once upon a time:
I stumbled upon Voice Dialogue, a process based on the premise that our healthy personality consists of many different inner selves, created by my mentors, the Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. Developed as “accessible mental wellness," this tool is internationally recognized for its capacity to generate positive change. It changed my life (for the better) forever.

Cut to: now.
For the first time in a long time, I'm offering my in-person foundational Voice Dialogue Facilitation Training -- a 2-weekend immersion workshop I'm very excited about! The core of Voice Dialogue is the experience of meeting parts of ourselves in a structured format, so we can learn how they influence us in ways that help, and sometimes hurt. 

To Your Procrastinator Self: Your timing is perfect - this is the moment you've been waiting for!

To Your Action Self: Sign up now.

My website is full of info about my decades of experience with thousands of participants and clients, so I won't get into that here. Today's newsletter is written by my Inner New Yorker who gets to the point, highlighting this May's workshop so you can decide if now is the right time for you to dig into Voice Dialogue. By the way, now is the right time. Keep in mind, it will be at least another year before I'm able to offer this multi-day intensive for CECs.

For questions and to register, contact me via email: [email protected]

The W's:

My (mostly) in-person Voice Dialogue Professional Training: Level 1&2 takes place the first two full weekends in May 2024. Just a few of the multi-modal benefits of Voice Dialogue include expanded creativity, greater cognitive flexibility, a freer physicality leading to better health -- you will learn how and why this is true! Also, it's deep fun. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. Personally and professionally I can say Voice Dialogue is a transformative life-changing adventure. I’m delighted to be your companion as you explore the world of inner selves and harvest your unique intelligences for work and life.


**Licensed Creative Arts Therapists (LCAT), #CAT-0105.  Art Therapists Please Note: These credits can only be applied to ATCB certification by those holding the LCAT credential.

**Social Workers (LMSW, LCSW), #SW-0730

**Mental Health Counselors (LMHC),#MHC-0262.
**Marriage And Family Therapists (LMFT) . #MFT-0110.

All participants with full attendance receive their valuable Certificate of Completion, which are often eligible for CECs for other professions including, but not limited to life coaches, fitness trainers and body workers. Check with your board of professions.

Or, as my Inner New Yorker prefers, "What for?"

Here's the what-for: Having access to your many (and often opposing) different parts, also called inner selves, sub-personalities, alter egos, personas... and experiencing how it feels to embody so much more than you ever thought you were (or had given yourself permission to be) is liberating. That a wild word to use, but it's true. Voice Dialogue is a tool that works brilliantly alongside other modalities, to unearth and explore multiple aspects of a person (and how the inner selves of people bond with others' inner selves within their relationships -- Level 2's focus.) Gaining this knowledge is vital now more than ever. Whether it's related to stuckness, life transitions, creative blocks, anxiety, depression, trauma processing and resolution, problematic substance use, addictive behaviors, disordered eating, parenting, blended familying, integrating esteem... Voice Dialogue is a game changer.

me & you & the other 11 participants
+ Erik Potempa, Voice Dialogue Training Co-facilitator
(Enrollment is limited, and has already started, so register while there's availability.)

FIRST TWO WEEKS IN MAY, which is SOONer than you think
Level 1 – Friday, May 3, 2024 from 7-10pm (via Zoom)
Saturday and Sunday, May 4 & May 5 from 10am-6pm – IN PERSON
Level 2 – Friday, May 10, 2024 from 7-10pm (via Zoom)
Saturday and Sunday, May 11 & May 12 – IN PERSON

It takes place in the brand new Final 8th Retro Retreat studio near DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. Specifics will be provided to registered participants.

Tuition is $1000, covering both Level 1 & 2 and about 94% of your total CEC needs
and includes a free copy of my book

How does payment work?
Email me and after you fill out a short questionnaire sharing a little about your goals and Voice Dialogue experience (if any), you'll receive an invoice. Payment in full is always an option. If you prefer to spread it out, you can pay $250 every two weeks: March 1 & 18 & April 1 &15.

Voice Dialogue unlocks personal freedom as it helps us embrace all of ourselves as well as the elements imposing themselves on a situation, ultimately melting obstacles to a freer, healthier way of being. You really can turn the problematic parts of yourself into life-long allies!
For the parts that like details (and read the fine print...)
An overview of the jampacked syllabus
We jump into experiential and original exercises right away, and throughout the immersion. These are designed to also be modified for your use with clients. The learning includes lecture, moving, dancing, writing, drawing, body awareness techniques and unique solo and group exercises -- different ways to include our varying learning styles, preferences and accessing different parts of our brain-- multi-modal style.

Level 1 Includes:
An overview of Voice Dialogue developed by the Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, originating since the 1970's with Jungian and Gestalt roots -- and even earlier to Roberto Assagioli's psychosynthesis from 1920s Italy! They are a major inspiration for the 'parts work' that has followed their pioneering contribution that is now considered mainstream.

Mapping our selves: identifying and experiencing different sub-personalities to determine whether they're primary or disowned, explore their gifts, stings, 'rules for living' and discover how they operate in your life (and your clients' life.) This strengths-based intervention leads to greater self-awareness and insights into behaviors and emotions, stimulating a vast range of options when making and strategizing life changes. 

Introduction to Energetics where you learn and apply multidimensional body language. Most of our inner selves, and their memories, preferences and strategies live in our body, which Voice Dialogue uses as a unique gateway. This can also be used to explore physical symptoms and illness, often contributing to increased overall health and vitality.

Working with dreams will be introduced and referred to throughout.

Learn the anatomy of a Voice Dialogue facilitation session. This a method that enables us to contact, understand, and work directly with inner selves, which makes this intervention work quickly and powerfully.  

Facilitate, and be facilitated, in both levels

Level 2 Includes:
Introduction to the original technology of diagramming bonding patterns -- you have not seen this before!! You'll put it to use with all your relationships, especially problematic ones including partners, family, coworkers, colleagues, bosses, neighbors, and possibly pets... Add this to your conflict resolution toolkit for effective plans-of-action that honor various aspects of the personalities of the people involved.

Identify your and others' attachment template and how it operates. Different inner selves have different relationship agendas - both within and with the people in our lives.

Learn how to identify, excavate, tolerate and value the core vulnerability at the center of our structure of sub-personalities and how they bond (or don't) with others. This strengthens courage and resilience.

Incorporate the final element of the classic Voice Dialogue session: the Awareness Level, enhancing mindfulness and the skillful use of silence (a rare resource!) Unintended consequences may include compassion for self and other, optimism, curiosity, glimpses of serenity and more, through the expanded lens of our multi-faceted internal terrain. This process is an inner lifestyle shift!

Learn how to use the gift of people you judge negatively, admire or envy (or a combo) to empower yourself through a method you'd never suspect was so immediately effective.

Recommended Reading:
Embracing Our Selves by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone or Embracing Our Selves: Audiobook narrated by Bridgit Dengel Gaspard
Partnering by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone
Get Started with my FREE Introductory Course
Welcome to my pre-recorded Introductory Voice Dialogue Webinar which is chock full of information, exercises and includes a moment-by-moment guide for you to facilitate your different inner selves on your own, at your own time. I love helping people get unstuck and reach their potential.
Selves Your Way: Read. Listen. Wonder.

The powerful secret? Not every part of you wants what you think you want! Identify and transform your inner selves in a tug-of-war stuckpoint, whatever your goal is.


Embrace every part of yourself and discover the hidden wisdom within. To your Inner Bargain Hunter: "Included is a free, beautifully designed companion workbook."


Yes, there is a deeper meaning to decode! Authors Nina Kahn and Carolyn Steber explore this nocturnal terrain. Dig into your dreams' details. Do you need to "beef up your inner security?"

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A treat for all of the Selves with wisdom to share with you -- integrating opposite energies.


Adulting 101: Check Your “Selves” with Author Bridgit Dengel Gaspard is an experimental conversation that aims to destigmatize our views of mental wellness by normalizing conversations about our inner worlds.


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