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ISSUE 156                                                                           January 31, 2018
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NYCOMEC Calendar

OMM Workshop for Trainees
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
OMM Laboratory
Serota Academic Center NYITCOM-Old Westbury Campus
GMEC Meeting
8:00 a.m.-8:30 a.m. EST
de Seversky Mansion
NYIT-Old Westbury Campus
Academic Council Meeting
8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. 
de Seversky Mansion
NYIT-Old Westbury Campus
Faculty Development Program: Understanding The C.L.E.R. Process
10:00 a.m. EST
de Seversky Mansion
NYIT-Old Westbury Campus
NYCOMEC Hospitality Reception at ACGME Conference
Time and Location TBA.
Orlando, FL
Healthcare Leadership Certificate Course
1:00 p.m.
Flushing Hospital Medical Center
4500 Parsons Blvd
Flushing, NY
Faculty Development Program: Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll in Graduate Medical Education
Rockefeller Auditorium
NYITCOM-Old Westbury Campus
NYCOMEC Hospital Day
12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.
Student Activity Center
NYIT-Old Westbury Campus

NYCOMEC Blue Webinars

O.R. Webinar: OMT in the Geriatric Population

Dennis Burke, D.O.
2/14 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
Research Webinar: Basic Statistical Concepts: Measurement Scales, Probability, Parametric Statistics

David Yens, Ph.D.
2/22 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
O.R. Webinar: Osteopathic Approach to Neck Pain

Mary Banihashem, D.O.
2/28 /2018
12:0 0 noon E.S.T.
O.R. Webinar: Hands-on Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury: a Paradigm for OMT & the Injured Patient?

Gerard A. Baltazar, D.O.
3/14 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
Research Webinar: Nonparametric Statistics: Odd Ratios, Sensitivity, Specificity, Epidemiological Concepts, Logistic Regression, How to Work with a Statistician

David Yens, Ph.D.
3/22 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
O.R. Webinar: Revisiting Somatic Dysfunction in Clinical Practice

Mikhail Volokitin, D.O.
4/11 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
Research Webinar: Proposal and Protocol Development, Research Laws, Ethics and IRB Submissions/ Processing

David Yens, Ph.D.
4/19 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
O.R. Webinar: OMM  and the Chronic Pain Patient

Matthew Hayes, D.O.
4/25 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST
O.R. Webinar: Osteopathic Approach to Palliative Care

Alan Roth, D.O.
5/9 /2018
12:0 0 noon EST

National Meetings/Events

2018 ACGME Educational Conference 
March 1-4, 2018 
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort 
Orlando, Florida 
2018 Joint AACOM & AODME Annual Conference 

April 18-21, 2018
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel 
Washington, DC 

NYCOMEC Mission Statement

To continually improve the quality and scope of graduate medical education within the continuum of osteopathic medical education. 

NYCOMEC News and Events
NYCOMEC 2018 Strategic Plan Unveils Exciting Initiatives

As part of our ongoing strategic planning efforts, NYCOMEC is introducing several new initiatives to enhance collaborative opportunities among our members. 

We've established an Academic Council, comprised of DIOs, DMEs, and other GME leaders, to provide input and guidance on NYCOMEC faculty development and programming activities, assist in coordinating NYCOMEC-wide scholarly activity and research support, serve as a forum to discuss issues such as ACGME standards, federal/state legislation and regulations, and GME-related opportunities, as well as provide guidance to our newly established Educators' and Coordinators' Assemblies.

Our Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) provides oversight of all NYCOMEC-sponsored, ACGME-accredited programs, as well as compliance with ACGME Institutional, Common and Specialty/Subspecialty-specific Program Requirements.  

Our new  Educators' Assembly serves as a forum for program leaders and faculty, offering opportunities to collaborate with your peers, share best practices and seek shared solutions to mutual problems.

The newly established  Coordinators' Assembly provides your program coordinators and other GME support staff with educational programs to enhance their skills and knowledge, while also providing opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions on issues of common concern. 

The next GMEC meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. EST. It will be followed by the  Academic Council's meeting scheduled at 8:30 a.m. and a faculty development program titled Understanding the C.L.E.R.Process, presented by Henry Rosenberg, M.D. 

Dates for Educators' and Coordinators' Assemblies meetings are being arranged and information will be disseminated shortly.
OMM Workshop for Trainees

Daniel Van Arsdale, D.O., Director, Integrated FM/NMM Program, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital
Francis Yoo, D.O., Associate Director, Integrated FM/NMM Program, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital 

Saturday, February 10, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
OMM Laboratory, Serota Academic Center
NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine-Old Westbury Campus, NY
Breakfast will be available starting 8:15 a.m.
Faculty Development Program

Understanding the C.L.E.R. Process
Henry Rosenberg, M.D., Director of Medical Education & Clinical Research, RWJBarnabas Health-Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
10:00 a.m. EST
de Seversky Mansion, NYIT-Old Westbury Campus
NYCOMEC Blue Osteopathic Recognition Webinar Series

These webinars are for NYCOMEC trainees, faculty, medical staff, and NYITCOM and TouroCOM students.

OMT in the Geriatric Population
Dennis Burke, D.O.Assistant Professor, OMM Department, TouroCOM - Harlem Campus
February 14, 2018
12:00 noon - 12:30 p.m. EST
If you are interested in presenting a topic, you are welcome to  email   or call her at 516-686-3950 to schedule a webinar. Conducting a presentation counts towards scholarly activity.

The next Healthcare Leadership program will take place on:  
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
12:30 PM
Flushing Hospital Medical Center
4500 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, NY  11355
Shane Speights, D.O.
Site Dean, NYITCOM at Arkansas State University
Transition from Colleague to Supervisor 
For more information, please email Sharon Player or call (516) 686-3730.
Faculty Development Program:  Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll in Graduate Medical Education

NYCOMEC will host  o March 21, 2018 , starting at  10:00 a.m. EST, a faculty development program focusing on the physical and mental well-being of physicians in training.  This program will take place at the  NYITCOM-Old Westbury Campus  and is open to all faculty, staff, administrators, interns, residents, and fellows from our member institutions and NYCOMEC non-members. 

The topics are:

The Impaired Trainee: Recognizing & Preventing Substance Abuse
Terry Bedient, FACHE
Director, Committee for Physician Health
Vice President, Medical Society of the State of New York
Fostering a Healthy Learning Environment in GME
Shawn P. Cannon, D.O., FACOI
Chief Academic Officer & DME, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital
Healthy Residents, Healthy Patients
David Broder, D.O., FACP, FACOI
President/CEO,  NYCOMEC
Livin' the Life
Kevin Lemaire, D.O.
Psychiatry Resident, Orange Regional Medical Center
Sexual Harassment in Medical Training
Andrew L. Zwerling
Partner/Director, Garfunkel Wild P.C. &
Marianne Monroy
Partner, Garfunkel Wild P.C.
Identification & Intervention of At Risk Trainees
Ulrick Vieux, D.O., M.S.
Program Director, Psychiatry Residency, Orange Regional Medical Center
NYCOMEC Annual Board of Directors Meeting

NYCOMEC's Annual Membership and Board of Directors meetings took place on January 18, 2018. The re-elected officers are:

Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O., Chairman 
Gregory Rokosz, D.O., J.D., Vice-Chairman 
Jerry Balentine, D.O., Treasurer 
Robert Yost, M.S., Secretary
Drs. Gilliar and Broder each thanked the members of the Board for their outstanding efforts over the past year.
NYCOMEC Hosted Leadership Dinner at LEAD Conference 

NYCOMEC members gathered together to enjoy dinner and share camaraderie at a hospitality event hosted by NYCOMEC on January 25, 2018, during the  Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development (LEAD)  Conference in Austin, TX. The dinner provided  an informal opportunity for members to build fellowship while  discussing GME-related concerns as the transition to the Single Accreditation System continues. 
NYCOMEC Promoted Your Programs at NYITCOM Hospital Visitation Day

On January 26, 2018, the NYITCOM Office of Academic Affairs hosted a Hospital Visitation Day, where first and second year osteopathic medical students had opportunities to discuss residency training options with hospital staff and trainees. NYCOMEC promoted  all of our member institutions' programs at the event. 
ACGME Updates
Accepting Nominations for 2019 ACGME Awards!

ACGME Awards recognize institutions, program directors, designated institutional officials (DIOs), residents, fellows, and coordinators for their outstanding work and contributions to the graduate medical education. Nominations are now being accepted through March 30, 2018. Click here to read more
For Your Information
The Single GME Accreditation System & 2018 Residency Match Webinar

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, AACOM hosted an informational webinar  for students and faculty advisors on the graduate medical education (GME) single accreditation system (SAS) with a focus on the 2018 residency match process. This webinar targeted fourth-year osteopathic medical students who are navigating the 2018 residency match.

Access the webinar here. For more information please click here.
AOGME Awards: Call for Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) awards which will be presented at 
Educating Leaders 2018 . Nominations are due by Monday,  February 12, 2018 .

Read more.

Important Dates!

Please be aware of the following dates received from the National Matching Services (NMS) and the National Residency Match Program (NPMP): 

January 31, 2018 - NRMP program quota change, withdrawal and SOAP participation deadline (11:59 p.m. E.S.T).

February 5, 2018 - Results of the AOA's NMS Match are released.

Students who did not match in the AOA Match programs with unfilled spots may begin contacting the programs to fill available positions beginning at 12:00 noon E.S.T.  


February 5 thru February 12, 2018 - Dually-accredited programs participating in both matches must contact the NRMP to request a change to the number of positions offered through the NRMP. The deadline is February 12, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. E.S.T.   

February 21, 2018 - NRMP rank order list certification deadline at 9:00 p.m. E.S.T.  

March 12, 2018 - NRMP Match week begins.

March 12 thru March 15, 2018 - Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) begins for unmatched students.

March 16, 2018 - All NRMP Match results will be sent by email and posted in the R3 system. Programs get confidential roster of matched applicants at 2:00 p.m. E.S.T. 

Unmatched D.O. students can participate in AOA scramble until positions fill.  

Following both matches, Stephanie LaBarbera, M.H.A., NYCOMEC's Manager of Trainee Services can assist in connecting programs with unfilled positions with unmatched students.  Please contact her at (516) 686-3952 or via email.

For more information and assistance: 
NRMP Match: 866-653-6767 or
NMS Match:  800-461-6322 or 
Quality Improvement: How and Why in GME?

February 21, 2018
3:00 p.m. C.S.T.
Daniel Lombardi, D.O., FACOEP, Associate Medical Director, Patient Safety Officer, Director of Medical Education, St. Barnabas Hospital, SBH Health System, New York

Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it. This webinar will focus on the role and implementation of quality improvement processes in graduate medical education.

Please register here.
In the News
American College of Surgeons Recognizes the Cancer Center at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

The Commission on Cancer (CoC), a quality program of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), has granted Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation to the cancer program at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center for the fifth consecutive survey, 15 years in a row.

Please read more here

Maimonides Medical Center is planning a $116.7 million expansion and modernization of its emergency department, for the interventional cardiology, neonatal intensive care, and surgical services units. 

Please read more here.
SBH Ranked as #1 Hospital by HealthFirst for Quality in Primary Care

SBH Health System (SBH) was ranked as the #1 hospital for quality in primary care according to the latest ranking among the 41 institutions participating in the HealthFirst Quality Incentive Program. SBH has been an active participant in the HealthFirst Quality Incentive  Program (HQIP) program since it began in 2012, and has demonstrated continued improvement in its performance.

To read more please click  here .
Commendation Corner
Dr. Bono Selected ACOFP Outstanding Physician of the Year

Nancy A. Bono, D.O., Associate Professor and Chair, Family Medicine, at NYITCOM-Old Westbury Campus has been selected as ACOFP's Outstanding Physician of the Year. She will be honored at the ACOFP Conference taking place March 22-25 in Austin, Texas. Congratulations  Dr. Bono! 

To read more  in social media please click  here.
Peter Guiney, D. O.,  Co-Authored a Study Published in JAOA

A study titled Reducing Patient No-Shows: An Initiative at an Int egrated Care Teaching Health Center, co-authored by Peter Guiney, D.O., Chairman, Department of Family Medicine, Nassau University Medical Center, was published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, vol. 118, February 2018.

Click here to read
Gerard Baltazar, D.O. Authored a Case Study Published in SBH-Physician

The case study titled Trauma and the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, which describes the contrast between the clinical engagement of physicians in treating a polytrauma patient and the emotional aspects in seeing the joy within that patient after months of rehabilitation was published in SBH-Physician. 

Click here to read