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Volume 19-15 | 4.9.19 
NYS Budget Finalized
The New York State Budget was finalized on time with mixed results for libraries despite an impressive showing by library advocates to make our case.

The legislature rejected the Governor's proposed cut to library aid, holding the line at the funding level we have been at for some time: $96.6 million. In unfortunate news, the legislature followed the Governor's lead and carried through on a cut to State Aid for Library Construction, slashing that budget line by $20 million (60%).

The New York Library Association has noted that this cut to the Construction Aid program was the first time in the Governor's last nine proposed cuts we were unable to repel. Language in the Assembly's one-house budget that would have amended the State Aid for Library Construction program to provide for a 90/10 matching category, as well as making a reduced match option in the program permanent in law, were not included.

In other budget news:

2020 Census Efforts
The budget includes $20 million for complete count efforts, with efforts by "public libraries" noted in the appropriation language. These funds will be administered by the Empire State Development Corporation. The New York Library Association has promised to provide more information on this as it becomes available.
Targeted Aid
The budget includes $15 million targeted aid to school districts, public libraries, and not-for-profit institutions, divided equally between the Senate, Assembly, and Governor. Informal requests for these funds from your legislators are encouraged as there is no formal request form or application. Details on this action have been provided to member library directors in the April DA packet. 

Mid-year Budget Adjustments
The Governor's Executive Budget proposed vesting unilateral authority to make midyear budget adjustments in the Executive, up to 3% if revenue shortfalls exceeded $500 million. This language is not in the final budget.

(above) Assemblymember Did Barrett met with MHLS Executive Director, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich and more than a dozen MHLS advocates on February 27th to talk about the importance of funding NYS libraries.

We would like to thank our regional advocates, statewide allies and the New York Library Association for their leadership in this year's budget advocacy work. The budget outcome this year makes it clear: we have work to do! In the coming year we will be looking for help throughout our system to make new connections with our more recently elected state legislators and providing help to educate more advocates and ambassadors in our region. Stay tuned!
MHLS Announcements
Don't miss out on the movie license group-buy! MHLS libraries that do not currently have a license with Movie Licensing USA (MLUSA) and are interested in receiving the MHLS discounted group-buy should contact Courtney Wimmers, MHLS Outreach & Engagement Specialist ( ) before May 10th . The license term will be in effect from 6/16/19 to 6/15/20.
MHLS libraries that already have a license as part of the group-buy have received a notice regarding continued licensing and need to reply to Courtney before May 10th to indicate if their library will be renewing for the term 6/16/19 - 6/15/20. Member libraries that already have a license through the MLUSA group-buy brokered by MHLS will retain their current pricing.
To show movies at the library, you need a public performance license to be in compliance with copyright regulations. Make sure that your license covers what you need it to. Sometimes multiple licenses are needed in order to ensure comprehensive copyright coverage for different movie studios.
MHLS Libraries
MHLS staff recently attended the Greene County Libraries Association meeting (pictured above) at the Catskill Public Library. During this meeting the group decided to use Project Outcome to evaluate their Summer Reading Programs in 2019. Project Outcome is a free application that gives libraries access to tested patron surveys with an easy-to-use survey management tool to collect outcomes, analyze results and create custom reports. To learn more about Project Outcome visit or contact Casey Conlin, MHLS Library Sustainability Coordinator,
Resource Sharing & Sierra
ILP Operations Supervisor Thomas O'Connell will offer two lunchtime webinars in May:
This webinar is intended for any new staff, or perhaps experienced staff wondering if there are more efficient ways to do things while covering the circulation desk.
This webinar is intended for any staff responsible for gathering statistical data about the library's collection and usage. If you need to know the value of your Library's collection or last year's circulation of your Astronomy books this webinar will provide a tool to help you locate this information and so much more.
Please register for these sessions through the MHLS calendar 
Sustainable Libraries
Interested in applying for funds through the State Library Construction program this year? Join MHLS Executive Director, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich on Thursday April 18th from 10:00-11:00am for the Applying for Funds through the State Aid for Library Construction Program webinar.
This webinar is designed for member library directors and trustees who would like an introduction to the New York State Aid for Public Library Construction Grant Program. During this webinar we will cover:
  • An introduction to the grant program
  • A review of the MHLS Board's priorities for funding
  • Orientation to the MHLS Action Memo which serves as the first step to applying
Please register for this webinar through the MHLS calendar
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