NYSCRC February 2016 Newsletter

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am the new Program Director of the NYS Caregiver and Respite Coalition.  I come to the position with 14 years of management experience in the Aging, Disability and Financial Services fields for people with disabilities and older adults.  In addition, I was the primary caregiver for my mother for the last seven years of her life.  I know all too well the challenges faced by family caregivers as they try to keep their loved ones at home. I bring with me a passion for caregivers and those they support.

I look forward to the new opportunities and ch allenges of working cooperatively with the Coalition members to improve the lives of caregivers across the state.

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$67.5 Million Awarded To Nine Organizations for the Caregiver Support Initiative

Recipients will receive $7.5 million over the course of 5 years to develop programs that support informal caregivers through evidenced based programs.

Congratulations to the following organizations for their outstanding work for informal caregivers!

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, Hudson Valley/ Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter Website
  • Research Foundation for SUNY Plattsburgh Website
  • Catholic Charities of Buffalo Website
  • Lifespan of Greater Greater Rochester Website
  • Northeast Health Foundation Website
  • Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation Website
  • Sunnyside Community Services, Inc Website
  • New York University School of Medicine Website
  • Presbyterian Senior Services, Inc. Website

Legislative Corner
2016 AARP Legislative Focus

2015 gave us the passing of the CARE Act. The CARE Act is legislation to support family caregivers as they try to keep their loved ones at home.

The Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act ensures hospital patients can designate a family caregiver and requires hospitals to offer that caregiver instruction and demonstrations of medical tasks they are being expected to provide for their loved ones at home. The CARE Act mandates that hospitals have a discharge plan which requires them to provide information and training to family caregivers. 

2016 brings a new focus to legislative priorities.
 AARP is supporting Governor Cuomo's  bill for PAID FAMILY LEAVE  INSURANCE - This bill would be funded by employee contributions.

It is an expansion of the current Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which guarantees unpaid time off for the birth or adoption of a child or to care for seriously ill family member. However, FMLA is only available to 60% of families in the US. (US Dept. of Labor Feb 2013)

Only three states have enacted Paid Family Leave laws (PFL). California, New Jersey and Rhode Island lead the way in the important legislation.  In these states employees can receive a portion of their wages while they care for a loved one, thereby helping them to remain financially stable, lowering the stress emotional stress of caregiving

A 2009 Statewide poll of New York voters showed widespread support for PFL legislation; 76% favored or strongly favored extending New York's temporary disability insurance program to provide up to 12 weeks a year of paid family leave. In fact, the support was significant among women; 82% of New York state women favor or strongly favor .PFL. (Marist College Institute for Public Opinion) 83% of New York small business owners supported expanding the state's temporary disability insurance program via a small employee contribution. (Small Business Majority 2013)

Expanding Health Tasks by Advanced Home Health Aides

"Allowing properly supervised advanced home health aides to perform more health tasks, such as administering eye and ear drops, is one common sense step to help relieve the growing strain on family caregivers.

"Many caregivers are faced with trying to juggle demands at their own workplace with providing important, basic health tasks for their older parents, spouses and other loved ones at home.

"Helping caregivers is critical, since they allow our older loved ones to age with dignity and independence at home - where the vast majority want to be - rather than in much costlier and mostly taxpayer-funded institutional care settings.
"New York's nearly 2.6 million unpaid family caregivers  provide care valued at $31.3 billion  annually. AARP applauds Governor Cuomo for continuing to press this issue with the Legislature, and we hope lawmakers join him in recognizing that the need to support our family caregivers through this and other common sense solutions is both compassionate and cost-effective."  (AARP State Director- Beth Finkel)
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