NYSCRC Newsletter May 2016
REST Program
Respite Education and Support Tools

In an effort to increase the volunteer respite workforce in New York State, The Coalition has embarked upon a journey of education and training for REST.

REST is a Train the Trainer course that prepares individuals to conduct respite training, equipping REST Companions to provide respite, in order to support caregivers who are caring for people with disabilities and healthcare needs across the lifespan.It is our goal to create network of programs throughout the state that utilize volunteers who are trained in providing quality, compassionate respite care. 

Marklund, a non profit organization in Chicago, Illinois, developed REST - Respite Education and Support Tools. It is a unique educational program that is a professionally designed Train the Trainer Course that provides specialized education to those who will then go out and train others to be REST companions, also known as respite care providers.

Doris Green - NYS Caregiving and Respite Coalition Director and Eve Moses - Monroe County Caregiver Resource Center Director attended the Train the Trainer course in Chicago in April.  They will be training two groups of volunteers in Monroe County in May and June in order to meet the requirements for Master Training which will take place in Chicago at the end of June.

At that time the Coalition will be releasing Request for Proposals for mini grants seeking partner organizations to identify volunteer respite models to be started or expanded in the state.  The REST training program is a flexible model that would be appropriate for individual REST companions or a drop in respite center model.
The mini grants would be available to churches and faith communities, corporations, hospice and palliative care organizations, hospitals, social service organizations, state agencies or Veteran organizations.
  Eve and Doris (back row Left and center) with Anita, class participant and REST Trainers Kelly and Wendy


  CARE ACT goes into effect in New York
The Importance of Caregivers Role Now in Law

Governor Cuomo signed the CARE ACT (Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act) into law on October 27th, 2016. The law went into effect April 26th.   The CARE Act insures that caregivers of loved ones who are hospitalized will be given the support and education that they need to provide quality "After Care" at home and reduce the risk of repeat admissions to a hospital.

Very often when patients are discharged from a hospital, they require After Care that is provided by family or friends.  Caregivers are asked to provide basic assistance as well as many other complex tasks including operation of medical equipment, wound care and medication administration and management.

The new law provides the following:

*         allows a patient (over 18) an opportunity to designate upon admission to a hospital, a caregiver;

*         requires a hospital to notify and offer to meet with the designated caregiver to discuss the patient's plan of care prior to the patient's discharge or transfer to another facility;

*         As soon as  possible and not later than twenty-four hours prior to a patient's discharge from a hospital, the hospital must  consult with the identified caregiver  along with the patient regarding  the  caregiver's  capabilities  and limitations  and  issue  a  discharge  plan  that  describes a patient's after-care needs at his or her residence; and

*         The hospital issuing the discharge plan must offer caregivers with instruction in all after-care tasks described in the discharge plan.





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