NYS Caregiving and Respite Coalition October 2016 Newsletter
The Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region
  The Autism Society is partnering with local faith communities to develop the Autism Society Community Respite Program (ASCRP). The vision of the ASCRP is to address gaps in respite services that result from narrow eligibility criteria for state funded services and insufficient funding to meet the needs of families who have children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The ASCRP will leverage the expertise of the Autism
Society of the Greater Capital Region and the volunteer base of faith based organizations.
Will serve 25 caregivers of children with Autism between the ages of 5 and 18.
  This is an expansion on current drop in respite in Erie County. Expanding the offering from one day per month to 2 days per month. Seeking to increase numbers of caregivers served by doubling capacity to serve 16 care recipients with 35 volunteers.
Caregiver Resource Center - Clinton County
  Expansion of current volunteer respite program serving persons over the age of 60. The program will add an additional 8 volunteers, serving 30 more families.
  Dazzle serves children with intellectual disabilities ages 10 and older. This grant supports the expansion of current respite efforts. A semi- annual volunteer retreat will focus on recruiting and educating volunteers to offer in home respite services. Respite will be provided during the retreats. 15-20 families will be served in the pilot project.
Home Away from Home Drop In Respite - Livingston County 
  Expansion of current Vista Program through Geneseo College. The Program will expand respite opportunities from 1 day (4 hours) to 2 per week.  Staffed solely by SUNY Geneseo students.
Leadership Training Institute - Kinship Caregiver Program -Nassau and Suffolk Pilot Project that will serve 30 families already enrolled in the Institute. Offering 3 opportunities per week for community based structured educational activities for the children, giving grandparents respite.
Mercy Care for the Adirondacks - Essex and Franklin Counties
Grant funds will support current Elder Caregiving in the Adirondacks program by developing an Advanced Caregiver Advocate component. Funds will be used to recruit and train 8 new volunteers to advocate for caregivers - assisting them in finding needed services and caring for their loved ones.
UCP Association of the North County - St. Lawrence, Franklin and Jefferson
Serving Caregivers for elders over the age of 60 - Expansion project to increase public awareness and volunteer recruitment through educational and informational opportunities and monthly workshops. 25 new families will be served under this grant.
Parma Baptist Community Church - Monroe County -
Development of a new Drop In Respite Center serving folks with early stage dementia. The Center will offer drop in respite one Saturday per month. The pilot project seeks to serve 8 families during the grant period.




Building Networks of Volunteer Respite 
" It Takes A Community"
Desmond Hotel and Conference Center
660 Albany Shaker Road
Albany, NY  12211

Wednesday November 9th
Registration and Networking 9:00-10:00
Conference 10:00-3:00

This conference is being designed to educate faith communities, non profit and government organizations on the "how to" for establishing and maintaining volunteer respite programs in their own communities.
 Keynote Speaker:
Jill Kagan - Director - ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center.

ARCH is funded by the US Administration for Community Living.  She has served on numerous national advisory boards, including her current role on the National Advisory Council to the federally funded Family Support Research & Training Center. Ms. Kagan represents ARCH on several prominent national coalitions, including the newly formed core advisory group to the Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT) Congressional Caucus and the National Child Abuse Prevention Partners of the Children's Bureau. She is co-chair of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation's Respite Impact Council of the Military Caregivers Coalition, co-chair of the Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Family Support Task Force of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, and facilitator of the national Lifespan Respite Task Force.
Prior to this, Ms. Kagan served as deputy staff director and as professional staff for ten years to the Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families in the U.S. House of Representatives. She also worked as a policy consultant to national disability, aging, and child health organizations for more than 15 years.
Ms. Kagan received her masters in public health in maternal and child health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and her bachelor's degree from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
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Daphne Johnston will be presenting on the journey of the Respite Ministry at the First United Methodist Church in Montgomery Alabama
Daphne Johnston has been involved in senior administration for 15 years and currently leads the Respite Ministry in Montgomery, Alabama. The Respite Ministry serves over 200 people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia and includes 120 dementia trained volunteers from eight different churches and two synagogues. Ms. Johnston's volunteer model of care has drawn the attention of the University of Alabama's School of Medicine as they work to partner with other volunteer programs around the southeast United States. Ms. Johnston is an advocate for those living with memory loss and has made it her personal mission to help families, clergy and professionals better understand that trained volunteers can be the heart of community Alzheimer's programs. Ms. Johnston holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Lagrange College and received her MA in Gerontology and Public Administration from the University of West Georgia.

This ministry a shining example of how one congregation has found the beauty, value, the meaning and purpose of an adult respite ministry.

Just one person with passion and vision can make all the difference for people of all level of abilities and their caregivers, while at the same time transforming a faith community.
The ministry charges $30 a day to support the program.
Daphne says, "not everyone can pay, but there are plenty that can - and they pay for those who can't!"
The ministry has received several donations of more than $25,000 each.  "Not everyone can volunteer but there are still many who want to help in anyway they can."
Daphne says.....
"You are just not in the cool crowd, if you are not doing respite."

The Neurology Department at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) is establishing a formal partnership with the respite ministry and has referred more than 30 clients because there has been a significant increase in scores on the mini mental exam of patients who attend the program.

featuring Daphne Johnston
Are YOU or someone you know the special person that could take it in your community?
Then the NYSCRC conference is for you!
Come hear Daphne's amazing story!!!!

The Coalition will be offering Train the Trainer opportunities by region throughout the state.

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