K-9 Training Pioneer Dies
Honoring "Doc" Mackenzie
National K-9 trainer and expert Dr. Stephen “Doc” Mackenzie passed away this month at age 72.

Dr. McKenzie was widely recognized for his work with law enforcement agencies nationwide, and has been a part-time Deputy Sheriff for the Schoharie County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, serving as their K-9 handler and trainer for seven years.

He is the author of Decoys and Aggression: A Police K-9 Training Manual, Aggression Control: Teaching the “Out,” and Police Officer’s Guide to K9 Searches. He also served as a court recognized expert in animal behavior at both the state and federal levels in both criminal and civil cases.
NYS Sheriff News
Jefferson County: Making History
According to the National Sheriffs' Association (NSA), there are currently less than 60 women Sheriffs in the country. That's less than 2% of the 3,000+ American Sheriffs.

Throughout the month of March, during Women's History Month, the NSA highlighted these women, including Jefferson County Sheriff Colleen O'Neill. Sheriff O'Neill is the first elected female sheriff in the state of New York and says, "I think young men and women should consider doing anything that interests them. Obstacles are mostly self imposed."
Madison County: Thank You
Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood is seen here with community member Tony Robert of Hamilton, N.Y. Mr. Robert graciously opened his home to Madison County Sheriff's Officers during a 12-hour standoff in sub-freezing temperatures.

Members of the Sheriff's Office, NY State Police, Hamilton PD and local fire and rescue agencies are grateful for his kindness and support. 
Monroe County: 200th Birthday
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Rochester, N.Y. celebrated its 200th Birthday this month, including a celebration honoring the more than 1,100 sworn and civilian staff who serve to protect and provide security for the 750,000 citizens of Monroe County. They also honored those who have served and paid tribute to those who lost their lives while serving the MCSO. Part of the celebration included a Commemorative Cancellation of the MCSO 200th Anniversary U.S. stamp with the United States Postal Service.
Warren County: Tag, You're It!
Warren County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer, Officer Dan, was spotted playing line tag with Mrs. Little's first graders during PE.

North Warren Elementary School posted this photo on their Facebook page with a caption that said: "Our school resource officers find so many opportunities to connect with and support our students."
Yates County: Kangaroo Rescue
A young kangaroo named Kaia went missing in Yates County this month when visiting with its owner from Stokoe Farms (Scottsville, N.Y.) After 24 hours alone in the cold, the young joey was rescued. Although scared and hungry, she appeared uninjured.

Several volunteers circled the kangaroo in an abandoned brush covered vineyard. Those with blankets closed in on the two foot high kangaroo and Yates County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Walker made the safe capture, covering it with a blanket, and securing its legs. Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike said that this was a true group effort by the Sheriff's Office, community members, NY State Police and NYS Encon who assisted in the search and recovery.
Photo credit: Shawn Hoose
NYSSI Annual Membership Drive
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