March 18, 2021
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Call to Action Zoom Meeting Recording & Instructions
We really need ALL members to reach out to their elected officials. We held a Zoom Meeting this morning for anyone who wanted insight on what is needed for this Call to Action. Even if you already did this, please do it again!

A video of our 15-minute call from this morning with great instructions and insight is now available online. Written details are below.

Here are quick instructions when reaching out to your elected officials:

(1) Visit these websites to find out who your officials are simply by putting in the zip code(s) of your business(es):

(2) Download the Assembly and Senate member spreadsheet which includes email addresses, so you know who to send your letter to.

(3) Send your own, independent letter asking for your elected official to sign the pre-written letter you have attached (or adjust to his/her liking). YOU MUST ask your official to forward it to their leader (either Carl Heastie for the Assembly or Andrea Stewart-Cousins for the Senate).

This Call to Action must happen prior to April 1st, when the budget is set to be finalized!
Did you see the Yellow Bus Newsletter?
Yesterday afternoon, we sent out the Yellow Bus Newsletter. If you did not have a chance to read it, click on the image to the right.

Articles include:  

  • Repowering - a Cheaper, Simpler Path to Electric School Buses
  • American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 
  • NYS Employees Entitled to Paid Time Off for COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • NYSBCA’s New York State School Bus Safety Competition Canceled for 2021
  • Statewide Business Workforce Survey 
  • 400 Electric-Powered Blue Bird School Buses Roll into North America
  • You may be eligible for COVID-19 Funding Relief
  • Welcome our Newest Member: BusRight 
  • The Employee Retention Credit –A New and Improved Taxpayer Opportunity
  • Electric School Bus Fleets: Education on technology and charging infrastructure
  • Micro Bird Propane Bus Achieves Coveted Low NOx Certification
  • A Letter from TranSubro
  • Deciding if a Roth IRA Conversion is For You
  • School Transportation’s Role in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
  • Free Entry-Level Driver Training Whitepaper
Notes from Cuomo's Briefing from today and yesterday...
COVID for March 18th:

  • 2.87% overall statewide positivity rate
  • 57 deaths
  • 4,536 hospitalizations, down 88
  • 934 ICU patients, down 20
  • 590 intubations, down 11
  • Governor said numbers are now down below holiday surge

Positivity by Region:

  • Bronx: 5.1%
  • Brooklyn: 4.8%
  • Capital Region: 1.7%
  • Central NY: 0.8%
  • Finger Lakes: 1.6%
  • Long Island: 4.5%
  • Manhattan: 2.87%
  • Mid Hudson: 1.0%
  • Mohawk Valley: 1.5%
  • North Country: 1.5%
  • NYC: 4.1%
  • Queens: 5.2%
  • Southern Tier: 0.6%
  • Staten Island: 5.2%
  • Western NY: 1.99%

Vaccinations for March 18th:

  • 7,121,844 total doses administered
  • Governor got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday
  • There are now 145 pop-up sites
  • 14 state mass vaccination sites (most effective, according to the Governor)
  • There are 6 federally-partnered mass vaccination sites
  • 52 churches are doing vaccinations
  • The state will be opening 16 new pop-up sites across the state
  • Governor: we will have to do millions of vaccines in a short time to meet expanded eligibility; "this is a logistical nightmare"
  • Governor thanked NY Yankees and NY Mets for assisting with mass vaccination sites
  • Governor said he received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday
  • Governor urged residents to take whichever vaccine is available


  • As of Monday, March 22nd, the final five yellow zone clusters will be lifted
  • Statewide travel for sports can begin March 29th
  • Outdoor performing arts venues with 2,500 capacity can open April 1st at 20% capacity
  • Governor: indoor fitness classes will be reopening
  • On curfews:
  • April 5th: 11:00pm curfew will be lifted for bowling alleys, casinos, pool halls, and gyms
  • 11:00 pm and 12:00am curfew for food and catered events will remain in effect
  • Professional sports venues can open April 1st: indoor venues can open at 10% capacity, outdoor venues can open at 20% capacity, both with testing required
  • Governor announced opening of Major League Baseball, with the Yankees home opener on April 1, Mets on April 8th
  • Governor said going into the spring, reopening will be the focus


  • Governor: federal Governor funding is non-recurring, which could lead to issues with increased but potentially unsustainable spending
  • Federal Governor is rumored to propose revenue increases
  • Governor: we would do a tax increase and in several weeks there might be a federal tax increase
  • Governor reminded local Governor that they must have public safety reform plans by April 1st


On accusations from Charlotte Bennett, did any of that happen?
  • Governor reiterated that he will not comment on issues subject to the Assembly's review

What is the Governor reaction to Biden's comments and Siena Poll's regarding resignation?
  • Governor says the poll shows the public believes in due process
  • Governor: if you do a crime, you should be prosecuted

Why was the Governor's Admin leaking Lindsey Boylan's personnel records?
  • Governor: this issue will be reviewed by the Assembly and the AG

Comments from C.C. Sabathia, Al Leiter, Randy Levine, and Andy Cohen who were also in attendance (on March 18th):

  • Sabathia said he is excited to open games to fans
  • Leiter likened returning to baseball now to returning after 9/11, stating it's "the right thing" for fans and the state
  • Levine thanked the Governor for his work during the pandemic and for partnering on vaccination center
  • Levine said vaccination center will remain open during the baseball season and said it has been reviewed by DOH to ensure safety
  • Cohen also thanked the Governor and Dr. Zucker for their partnership on Mets vaccination site, looks forward to reopening the park
New York State Education Department SBDI/MI Advisory Committee Seeking Members
The SBDI/MI Advisory Committee serves the department by reviewing and recommending curricula, procedures and policies issued by the department. It has approximately 30 members and meets four times a year at the State Education Department in Albany. In addition to the work the committee does as a whole there are also subcommittees, including the PDS Review, Curricula Review, Fatal Accident Investigation, Physical Performance Test, and Master Instructor sub-committees. Attendance at the meetings is required. The committee includes both School Bus Driver Instructors and Master Instructors who are chosen to represent the geographical and cultural diversity of the state. Terms are for three years and rotate to provide continuity.

If you are an active SBDI/MI in good standing and interested in serving a three-year term on this important committee, please complete the application by May 15, 2021.
2021 Calendar of Events

  • March 23, 2021: NYSBCA Board of Directors Meeting
  • May 2021: NYS School Bus Safety Competition is Canceled
  • June 10, 2021: Commissioner’s Advisory Committee for Pupil Transportation Services
  • October 15-17, 2021: NYSBCA Annual Convention
  • October 16, 2021: NYSBCA Annual Membership Meeting
New York School Bus Contractors Association
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