Nicole Epstein, with Gotham Public Relations, sends in a quick recap of Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 briefings. Here are her notes from Governor Cuomo’s press briefing:


  • Statewide positivity rate: 2.94%
  • 147,583 tests conducted
  • 44 fatalities
  • 3,783 hospitalizations (+29)
  • 836 ICU patients (-13)
  • 521 intubations (+1)

Positivity by Region:

  • Bronx: 2.89%
  • Brooklyn: 3.30%
  • Capital Region: 2.21%
  • Central NY: 1.54%
  • Finger Lakes: 3.04%
  • Long Island: 3.10%
  • Manhattan: 1.84%
  • Mid-Hudson: 3.25%
  • Mohawk Valley: 1.86%
  • North Country: 1.56%
  • NYC: 3.07%
  • Queens: 3.28%
  • Southern Tier: 0.86% (lowest)
  • Staten Island: 3.58%
  • Western NY: 4.78% (highest)


  • 13,428,920 total doses administered
  • 8,326,432 people have received at least one dose
  • 5,659,417 people are fully vaccinated


  • Museum and zoo capacity will be raised to 50% (April 26)
  • Movie theater capacity will be raised to 33% (April 26)
  • Indoor large arena capacity will be raised to 25% (beginning May 19)


  • Governor highlighted recent projects across the state
  • Affordable broadband, Buffalo Skyway, Moynihan Train Hall, 3rd LIRR track, public safety reforms, etc.
  • Governor highlighted initiatives to lower taxes on the middle class
  • Income taxes will be lowered for certain brackets
  • 6.09% to 5.97% ($43,000-$161,550)
  • 6.41% to 6.33% ($161,550-$323,200)
  • Middle Class Property Tax Credit
  • $382 million in savings for incomes up to $250,000
  • Governor discussed issues related to the passage of SALT in 2017
  • Governor called for the repeal of SALT
  • Governor signed legislation enacting middle class tax programs & credits


When will reporters join press conferences in person?
  • Governor pointed out that zoom allows more reporters to tune in
  • Governor: "When we get back to normal with COVID, we will get back to normal with press conferences."

Any updates on the NYS Fair?
  • Governor: as numbers go down, NY will relax regulations

On Western NY positivity rate, is there a possibility of further restrictions? If so, what could they be?
  • Governor said research is being done on why certain regions are yielding higher positivity rates
  • Governor will respond based on what is causing higher rates

Does the Governor support a ban on natural gas plants?
  • Governor: goals are often "toothless"
  • Governor would be open to accelerating current plans but would not support broad, blanket rules

On recent Siena poll on favorability:
  • Governor defended the state's handling of COVID-19 and noted that he didn't pay too much attention to the poll

How much did the Governor receive for his book? Who helped with the book?
  • Governor said he has been open about his personal income taxes
  • Governor: people volunteered to work on the book and some were mentioned in the book