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Summer 2021 (Vol. 49, No. 3)
Sandy Pond inlet and barrier beach aerial. Credit: Roy Widrig/NYSG.

Welcome to New York Sea Grant's (NYSG) Summer 2021 New York Coastlines, our program's flagship electronic newsletter.
• Download the “Native Plants for Great Lakes Shorelines Guide” to help you decide the best local plant solution to help restore your shoreline.

• Navigate the regulatory process for sales and marketing through a series of “Seafood Industry Marketing Guides” developed by the Seafood Processing and Marketing Task Force.

Other select opportunities we think you will find of interest in this issue:

• NYSG has just posted three Sustainable and Resilient Community Extension Educator positions and recently advertised for a Long Island Sound Outreach Coordinator. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our team, check out the posting linked below.

• If you are an educator in the Great Lakes, you might be interested in participating in one of the series of Great Lakes Summer Teacher Workshops.

• Calling on all Suffolk County Commercial Fishermen — help develop an updated profile of the commercial fishing industry by responding to the annual fishing survey.

Finally, we are thrilled to welcome four new members to the NYSG family — Stacy Furgal, Nate Drag, Megan Kocher, and Lauren Scheer. Please take a moment to “meet” them below. And please do read on for many other stories and resources from NYSG’s staff and partners around the State. As always, enjoy!

Becky Shuford, NYSG's Director
What's Trending
On YouTube: Virtual Reality Game Teaches Beachgoers Hazards of Rip Currents
NYSG-funded investigators at Hofstra University have created a video game simulation to teach beachgoers the hazards of rip currents—narrow channels of fast-moving water that can challenge even skilled swimmers. Read on >>

Also: You're invited to participate in a survey and game to help us learn about people’s understanding of beach hazards.

As part of a joint-research project between NYSG and Hofstra U, you'll be asked a series of questions, play a computer game, and then be asked a second set of questions; this should take no longer than 20 minutes. Learn more >>

And: Surf Hazard Awareness & Research Coordination (SHARC), a network of professionals who work within the sectors of beach hazards and safety. SHARC was created through a partnership between the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System and NYSG.
New Specialists Help In "Bringing Science to the Shore" for NY’s Coastal Communities
Three new extension specialists and a new communications specialist have joined in NYSG’s mission of "Bringing Science to the Shore" statewide as part of the cooperative program of Cornell University and the State University of New York. Read on >>
Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)
Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario
Extensive studies on Sodus Bay, including ones by NYSG-funded researchers, highlight the complexity of HABs. It’s not a simple case of excess nutrients, or just warming summers, but a complex interaction of multiple events, including wind, weather, nutrients, and localized circulation. All are necessary for a bloom to occur. Read on >>
In Photos, On YouTube: 2021 State of the Bays
"There are no local or regional options to mitigate the global rise in temperatures nor carbon dioxide," said Stony Brook University (SBU) researcher Chris Gobler. "Thus, our primary tool to lessen the intensity of HABs, hypoxia, and coastal acidification is the mitigation of nitrogen." Read on >>
Dogs and HABs
Toxic HABs can develop in less than 24 hours, so pet owners are encouraged to avoid exposure to potential HABs which are often blue-green, but can also appear red, brown, or white. See NYSG's brochure, "Dogs and Harmful Algal Blooms".
Report HABs in NY's ...
Marine waters Learn more >>

Freshwaters Learn more >>
Ocean Acidification (OA)
OA is a problem that makes it harder for shellfish such as clams, oysters, and mussels to survive. For example, shellfish grown under harsh OA conditions have a harder time forming shell material, making them more vulnerable to predators. Even if these bivalves can stay alive, it comes with a physiological cost, one we are only now beginning to understand.
Are Shellfish Resilient Against OA?
The overarching goal of this work, led by researchers at SBU's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS), is to better understand resilience to OA in the eastern oyster and hard clam. Read on >>
RNA Reveals Viruses of Marine Mollusks
RNA sequencing is being used to identify the numerous viruses that are associated with marine mollusks such as hard clams. Read on >>
Can Blue Mussels Overcome Effects of OA?
SBU SoMAS investigators examine if blue mussel could be a hardy, commercially significant bivalve capable of surviving under possible future ocean conditions affected by OA. Read on >>
Publication: NYSG's Native Plants for Great Lakes Shorelines Guide
Public and private property owners can use NYSG's 28-page "Working with Nature" guide to select the right plant for the right place to revitalize the state's Great Lakes' freshwater shorelines. www.nyseagrant.org/shorelineplants
Resources: Seafood Safety & Technology
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid changes have been underway in the seafood industry. A new Seafood Processing and Marketing guide series developed with New York fishermen and aquaculturists in mind helps seafood marketers envision opening up new markets for seafood and seafood products.

In addition to downloading the guides, you can also watch videos on: (a) how to navigate the seafood marketing and processing series; (b) how NY seafood producers can access capital. www.nyseagrant.org/seafoodguides

These guides are a product of a Seafood Processing and Marketing Task Force that NYSG has been leading with Federal, State, and Local agencies, industry groups, and extension personnel to address hurdles and opportunities for alternative marketing strategies for seafood in NY State.

Also: Video recordings from NYSG’s 2021 Seafood Summit, held this past February, are online. Each year, NYSG and its partners try to highlight some of the State's bountiful seafood supply and introduce participants to the delicious, diverse, and versatile seafood available locally. www.nyseagrant.org/seafoodsummit
Resources: NY Coastal Resilience Law and Policy Fellows
In summer 2020, the program provided one student from each partner institution — City University of New York School of Law; Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University; and University at Buffalo School of Law — with an opportunity to collaborate with NYSG and interact with local communities on environmental law and policy projects. Read on >>

This fall, NYSG will share the accomplishments made by this summer’s 2021 law fellows. Stay tuned here: www.nyseagrant.org/lawfellowships
Resources: Coastal Hazards Preparation Webinar
NYSG specialists and a panel of experts joined One Region Forward for a virtual discussion in mid-June about tools to improve community resilience related to coastal threats, which include extreme weather events such as seiches, intense rain, and highly fluctuating water levels in the Great Lakes.

Learn more about "How Can I Prepare My Community for Coastal Hazards?" via the Resources page on NYSG's Coastal Community Development resource site, www.nyseagrant.org/ccd.
Publications: Educators, Try These Free Teaching Resources
Teachers can freely access NYSG’s 2nd Edition of "Enviro-Time Storytime: Recommended Environmental Reading Lists for Children Pre-K to 12"; the "Freedom Seekers: The Underground Railroad, Great Lakes and Science Literacy Activities" curriculum; and the "Lake Sturgeon Intermediate Curriculum" Read on >>
Lake Sturgeon
A suite of lake sturgeon-related conservation and education resources are designed to serve as a springboard into the world of science, environmental stewardship, and STEM-based careers by featuring this charismatic and threatened species that is so important to the Great Lakes region. Read on >>
2021 Bioblitz Events
Sea Grant programs from throughout both the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, including New York, supported “Bioblitz” events this past spring and summer. Those taking part in these community science efforts record as many species as possible within a designated location and time period. Read on >>
Here's a sampling of other NYSG events, activities, and announcements that are trending through the season, especially on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) ...
Sea Grant's COVID-19-Inspired #BEachSAFEly Wins Second "Public Awareness Campaign" Award

  • This summer-long campaign, a partnership between NYSG and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, has received both a national and regional award for providing both standard “ocean hazards” tips as well as general safety and health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on >>

  • Throughout August we’ll start revealing slices from our new poster, “9 Tips to Help You #BEachSAFEly” on Instagram, where it will be completed by Wednesday, August 25th and will also debut on Facebook as well as Twitter.
Job Announcement: Sustainable and Resilient Community Extension Educators — Application review for three positions — each located at Stony Brook University; Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County; Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County — and two additional Connecticut Sea Grant positions will commence on August 20, 2021. Apply >>

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August 18: Great Lakes Summer Teacher Workshops

Educators — join NYSG and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for the final event in this summer series of free workshops in upstate New York.

  • Flyer | PDF ... Also: Like and Share posts on these platforms ...
August 19: Meet Your Oyster Farmers

Join NYSG for the final event in our "Meet Your Oyster Farmers" summer series, which is being held on Long Island. Learn about your local shellfish farmer's work and enjoy some fresh local oysters and beer outside.

  • Flyer | PDF ... Also: Like and Share posts on these platforms ...
August 19: A Spotlight on Long Island Sound Habitats

Showcased during this teacher webinar will be the latest educational tool created by Long Island Sound Study, NYSG and Connecticut Sea Grant — a Next Generation Science Standards-based StoryMap focused on highlighting habitats within the Long Island Sound watershed and some of the ‘phenomena’ observed or work done in those regions.

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Watch: Boat NY

Check out some new segments about boating in New York from this monthly conversation hosted by NYSG Recreation and Tourism Specialist Dave White and Central New York Boat Show Manager Drew Wickham and with support provided by the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York.

  • April 2021: Boat Buying Season; Create Your Own Boat Show Read on >>

  • May 2021: New Law Requiring Boaters to Use Emergency Cut-Off Switch Read on >>

  • July 2021: Renting Boats and Other Water Craft Read on >>

  • August 2021: What Makes Personal Watercraft Unique? Read on >>

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Resources: New York Ocean

Now available in English and Spanish:

Sign-up: Shellfish E-Course

Interested in learning the steps involved with establishing a shellfish farming business venture in New York?

NYSG, along with, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among others, invite you to enroll in a free e-course highlighting leasing options, permitting, and basic farm operations/management. www.nyseagrant.org/shellfishecourse

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Respond: Long Island Fishermen Survey

Suffolk County Commercial Fishermen — Help us develop an updated profile of the industry by completing an anonymous fishing survey. Learn more >>

Information will be used to draft an annual fisheries report that will highlight the needs of local fishermen and characterize the harvesting and processing capacity of the industry, support businesses, and people engaged in this livelihood.

Survey efforts are being coordinated by the Suffolk County Economic Development & Planning, NYSG, Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program, and the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association.

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Partner News
Flood Resilience Handbook for Public Access Sites Along the Hudson River
The Handbook, a partner effort led by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, was created to help owners and managers of public river access sites adapt their facilities to existing and predicted flooding. By planning and implementing resilience strategies and public outreach plans, managers of such sites can reduce their vulnerability and continue to provide access under changing conditions. | PDF

This handbook serves that effort by providing site owners and managers with guidelines to reduce damage, costs, and other consequences associated with the effects of climate change, and begin planning for resilience.
National News
NOAA’s 2021 Hurricane Outlook
In late May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted another active Atlantic hurricane season. In early August, NOAA revised seasonal outlook, saying the Atlantic hurricane season shows no signs of slowing.

In April, NOAA announced that based on its most recent 30-year climate record, an ‘average’ Atlantic hurricane season will reflect more storms.

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30.

Also, check out these resources ...

In the photo above: Tropical Storm Elsa, which formed on July 1, became the earliest-forming fifth named storm on record over the Atlantic Ocean. On average, the fifth named storm of the season doesn’t typically form until the end of August. The previous record was set last year when Tropical Storm Edouard formed on July 6, 2020.
National Weather Service’s Summer Safety Campaign
Be prepared for seasonal weather hazards with tips from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. National Weather Service's Summer Safety campaign. Learn more: English; Spanish.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, cool off at the beach or lakeshore, and do all the things you love to do. However, as this summer’s theme implies, “Hazards can escalate quickly." So be alert of, among other things, rough surf and rip currents, lightning strikes, hot vehicles, and tree damage from strong winds, all of which have resulted in lives lost, injuries, and heartbreak. Drought, wildfires, and another potentially active hurricane season require preparation and planning as well.

NOAA National Weather Service’s Rip Current Safety Tool Kit contains presentations, videos, graphics, and brochures that provide NWS/United States Lifesaving Association-approved rip current safety language.
In Other NYSG News
NYSG's Currents News Archives (Vol. 9, No. 3)
Keep tabs on NYSG's news in between issues of NY Coastlines / Currents via our Web site. Here's a sampling of other stories that have made waves recently in the media, on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and via our site's News and topic-based News Archives ...
NYSG Projects > Research > Brown Tide
Stories in this section focus on NYSG-funded research and other related work by supported investigators.

  • On YouTube: Worst Brown Tide in Years Threatens Great South Bay (July 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Long Island's Great South Bay Suffering Through Most Intense Brown Tide In Years (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Tests Show Brown Tide Cell Count in Patchogue at Highest Level Since 2017 (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Early 'Mahogany Tide' In Great South Bay Has Experts Greatly Concerned (May 2021) Read on >>

NYSG Projects > Research > Kelp
Stories in this section focus on NYSG-funded research and other related work by supported investigators.

  • SBU Press Release: Cultivating Kelp Will Help Cut Down Nitrogen in Local Waters (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Incentive Spurs Plans to Grow Kelp for Reducing Nitrogen in Waters (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: SBU Researchers — Sugar Kelp Could Help Cleanup Long Island's Waterways (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: Cash For Kelp — Long Island Groups Create Seaweed Farm Incentive Program To Reduce Nitrogen (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Kelp Could Be Environmental Elixir, And Economic Opportunity (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Kelp Could be Silver Bullet in Fighting Climate Change in Our Oceans (March 2021) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Statewide

  • In Media: Four Specialists Join NYSG Extension for NY’s Coastline Communities (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Cornell AgriTech Report Cites New York Sea Grant on Seafood Marketing (April 2021) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Great Lakes Waters

  • On YouTube: Drone Technology Helping Fight Against Shoreline Erosion (August 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Students Do Biology Experiments as Part of Special Program (August 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Teaching the Teachers — Summer 2021 Great Lakes Education Workshops (July 2021) Read on >>

  • NYSDEC Press Release: NYSDEC Announces Lake Sturgeon Found Spawning in Genesee River (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Lake Sturgeon Found Spawning in Genesee River (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: New Environmental Law Resource Guide for Scajaquada Creek (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: New York Sea Grant Seeks to Revitalize Lake Erie Waterfront (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: NY Sea Grant Offers Native Plants for Great Lakes Shoreline Guide (June 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Working with Nature — A Guide to Native Plants for New York’s Great Lakes Shorelines (June 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Genesee River Wilds Signs Mark the Way (May 2021) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Great Lakes Waters > Boating

  • On YouTube: Boating? Don’t Forget to Check Your Trailer (August 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: With an Increase in New Boaters, New York Sea Grant Offers Tips for Boat Trailers (August 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: NY Sea Grant Says Practice Safe Trailering (August 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Expert Provides Boating Tips That Could Save Your Life (July 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: Sea Grant on Summer Boating Safety (July 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: NY Sea Grant Offers Small Grants Preview; Offers Boat Towing Tips (July 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: New York Sea Grant Discusses Boating Safety Tips for July 4th (July 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Know How to Find a Tow While Boating (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: If You Have to Get Your Boat Towed on the Water, Who Do You Call? (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: What's ECOS? NY Sea Grant Has Answers to That and Other Boating Safety Questions (June 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: Boat Sales Skyrocket; Safety Needs To Be Top Of Mind For New Boaters (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On YouTube: NY Sea Grant Offers Boating Tips to Stay Safe On The Water This Summer (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: More Than Safety On Board During Safe Boating Week (May 2021) Read on >>

  • On Air: New York Sea Grant Offers Safe Boating Tips (May 2021) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Marine Waters

  • In Media: NY Sea Grant Provides Seafood Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond (August 2021) Read on >>

  • CCE Nassau Press Release: Youth the Focus at the launch of the 3rd Annual Marine Summer Camp at Jones Beach (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Marine Camp Provides “Hands-On” Opportunities for Local Underserved Youth (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Underserved Youth Learn About Marine Life At Jones Beach Camp (July 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: River Otters Confirmed in South Shore Waters (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: River Otters In Action Along Eastport's Little Seatuck Creek (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Sea Grant, Partners Connect with NYC Residents via Flood Watch (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: NYSG a Partner on Long Island Explorium's NOAA-Funded Citizen Science, Civics, and Resilient Communities Grant (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Sea Grant’s COVID-19-inspired #BEachSAFEly Wins “Best Public Awareness Campaign” Award (May 2021) Read on >>

  • In Media: Sea Grant's Award-Winning COVID-19-inspired #BEachSAFEly Campaign to Continue This Summer (April 2021) Read on >>
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