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October 2017
Graduated Scale Revisions
The NYSPHSAA Central Committee approved a revised graduated scale at its late July meeting in Clayton, NY. 

The graduated scale will be used for the 2018-2019 school when teams merge/ combine. The NYSPHSAA Combining of Teams Committee had concerns the percentages were too low, which encouraged multiple schools to merge with little consequence.  

The newly approved graduated scale will be used for up to 3 “team” mergers and mergers with 4 or more “teams” will take 100% of their BEDS; this will ONLY be for team sports.. 

Approved Graduated Scale for 2018-2019:
         Approved for 2018-19                   Current
Class AA 100%                             50%
Class A 100%                                40%
Class B 100%                                30%
Class C 40%                                  30%
Class D 30%                                  20%

Be Ready to Vote on October 12
The NYSPHSAA Executive Committee will entertain several action items at the October 12 th Executive Committee meeting in Troy.

Those action items include:
Oversight Committee: There is concern within the membership that Sections may classify non-public and charter schools in a manner which has the potential to negatively impact schools from other Sections during post-season play. The Oversight Committee would review the placement of non-public and charter schools and have the ability to remand the item back to the Section for rationale and further review; the Oversight Committee would not have the ability to place non-public and charter schools in a classification they believed to be most appropriate, but they could make a recommendation to the Section for placement.

NCAA Basketball Waivers for Girls Basketball: The NCAA released its rule changes for the 2017-2018 season, which included several rules the NYSPHSAA Girls Basketball committee felt needed to be waived for New York High School Girls Basketball. Those rules include extending the coaches box, allowing the use of courtside monitors and clock requirements for timeouts. These rule waivers are “action” since the Girls Basketball season will already be underway when the Executive Committee meets again on February 2, 2018.

Cheer Music: The NYSPHSAA Cheerleading Committee is seeking approval to require all schools competing in the NYSPHSAA State Cheer Championship to provide proof they have legally purchased the music they will use during their routine. Federal Law declares that music may not be used without the legal purchase and license to do so; many other states have approved similar language to abide by the law.

Indoor Track & Field Weight Throw Specifications: NYSPHSAA schools have been utilizing an unapproved set of specifications and procedures when the weight throw is contested at Indoor Track & Field meets. Approval is being sought to include the specifications and procedures into the NYSPHSAA Handbook for consistency and safety of athletes and officials.
ImPACT Testing Information
NYSPHSAA is once again offering ImPACT testing for concussion management. Please note the prices for the 2017-18 season have changed.

-NYSPHSAA will provide access to the ImPACT baseline tests for $1.50 per baseline test. 

-NYSPHSAA will provide access to the ImPACT post injury tests for $4 per post injury test.

Hazing Prevention Course
NYSPHSAA, along with AliveTek and Hazing are offering a hazing prevention course.

The course costs $100 for up to 50 facilitators. If you have questions about the course or want more info, please contact Director of Special Programs   Kristen Jadin    

To register click here
Coaches Care Contest
Want to win $3,000 for your school? Here's your chance.
The NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee is hosting a statewide Coaches Care contest for NYSPHSAA member schools to promote safe driving habits to their student-athletes. Winning schools will be awarded 30 GTSC t-shirts and a $3,000 prize fund to spend on equipment for their athletic programs. All the details can be found here
Athletic Directors must register their schools by November 1st, 2017. Click here for the registration form.
New Handbook Online
Have you seen the new and improved NYSPHSAA Handbook?

It's completely reformatted and user friendly.

Take a look and check out the new NYSPHSAA Handbook here.
Nominate Scholar Athletes
Scholar-Athlete submissions can begin on October 30th.

A reminder about the process regarding Scholar-Athletes:

To receive Scholar-Athlete team recognition with a certificate, the team’s average GPA for 75% of the roster must be greater than or equal to 90.00. 

If a team DOES NOT meet the Scholar-Athlete Team Criteria, the individuals on that team with a 90.00 or above GPA are still eligible to receive a pin and will be considered an  Individual Scholar-Athlete

This program is a first of its kind emergency action planning program for after-school practices and events. It is designed to provide a coordinated response to every emergency, including sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a leading cause of death among adults and student-athletes nationwide.

By implementing Anyone Can Save A Life — and establishing Student Response Teams — each school is empowering students to be part of the coordinated response necessary to ensure the best possible outcome to every emergency.

For more information on the Anyone Can Save a Life program, click here
Tommy Tough Football Standards
The NYSPHSAA Central Committee approved the use of "Tommy Tough" football standards.

Some of the main points of emphasis of the Tommy Tough standards are:
The illegal hits of targeting, illegal helmet contact (butt blocking, face tackling and spearing) and defenseless player hits will result in the appropriate yardage penalty as well as the player being removed from the field for at least one pla y

For a complete look at the standards, which began in Section XI click here
Nominate for
Excelsior Award
Time is running out to nominate for the CSEA Excelsior Award.

The Excelsior Award was established to recognize a CSEA member in a NYSPHSAA school who has helped promote and foster athletic spirit in their local school district. NYSPHSAA and CSEA are teaming up to honor an individual who has displayed extraordinary dedication and support of high school athletics. The recognition is for commitment in any role as a parent, coach, booster, or staff member.

Deadline to nominate is October 9th

Drone Policy in Effect
Drone Policy Now in Effect

Reminder: NYSPHSAA now a has a Drone policy in effect.

To read the complete policy,  click here.

In short, the use of Drones at NYSPHSAA scrimmages, regular season or post season contests is prohibited.

Anyone wishing to request permission to operate a Drone, should contact Robert Zayas, NYSPHSAA Executive Director, at least one week prior to the event asking for an exemption from the policy.
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