In early May, while in Albany for the NYSSEA Legislative Day, NYSSEA President, Ken Kohlhof, EA and NYSSEA Director and NYSDTF Liaison, Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA, CFP, had the opportunity to meet with Nonie Manion, Executive Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (NYSDTF). Included in their discussion was concern among taxpayers and tax professionals over the recent DTF 
W-2/Audit letters (DTF-973.56-O and DTF-973.61).

As a result of this discussion, on June 5, 2017, a letter was composed to shed some light on the Department's audit programs and process and to explain the Department's position on the issues raised.

Click here to view and print a copy of the letter written by the NYSDTF Executive Deputy Commissioner.  Feel free to use this letter with concerned clients.

Also, click here to view and print a copy of the revised audit response to inquiry form (DTF-973.61). Note that the request for tax preparer information is ONLY necessary if it was not identified on the tax return AND the question about the preparer fee has been removed.

It is the hope of the NYSDTF that these documents will help the dedicated professionals that are committed to serving their clients and improving compliance as NYSDTF continues their efforts to collect the right amount of tax and timely pay accurate refunds.