NYU's Stephen D. Hassenfield Children's Hospital Takes Flight
With the start of summer, we often think about the beach, BBQ's, Pools, Weekend Trip, Outdoor activities and of course...Flying A Kite. For the Children of NYU Langone’s Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, we kicked off the summer in style.

The Fly A Kite Foundation was invited back to join the children of Hassenfled for a fun morning of kite designing and of course flying. We spent just about 3 hours with the kids, building the kites, thinking of fun ways to use color and of course we transformed the waiting hall into a park where the kids marched with their proud kites in hand, down the hall for staff, doctors, parents and friends to see.

The smiles on their faces were priceless. The 3 hour distraction from their day-to-day routine was warm and welcoming by all. The kids, parents and staff seemed to have a great time....and so did I. I was joined by the foundation's Co-Founder, Deena Bernstein and a few of Captivates (www.captivate.com) finest, Heather Chigas - Research Director and Leslie Panagot, Senior Sales Director.Thank you both for your time and commitment. 
The Fly A Kite Foundation has been around for just about 4 years. We have met a lot of people on our journey. Just about everyone who touches the fight against cancer. There are two individuals I've gotten to know. It is Ms. Vilma Rivera and Ms. Rosa Asencio who are the receptionists at Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center . While my time spent at the hospital was focusing more on the children. I stopped for a few moments to listen to their engagement with parents and children. While this may appear to be a trivial comment, I find the work they do is PARAMOUNT to the well being of these families. They are the FIRST touch when a parent or patient walks into the hospital / clinic. Parents are often stricken with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. These individuals are patient, supportive, informative, pleasant and caring. They understand their role in the management of care and you can see how they interact with parents. In my continued effort to uncover all the touch points that go into the care of children. I salute Ms. Vilma Rivera and Ms. Rosa Asencio for their contribution to healing. 

We plan to host many more events at NYU's Stephen D Hassenfeld Children Center along with other area hospitals focusing on pediatric brain cancer and blood diseases. 
We are proud to be your foundation, serving the local community and beyond. Without the generosity of our community, we would not be able to host these events and provide grants and scholarship awards to these outstanding students. We are always looking for continued support. Please click the donate button below to make a contribution. From all of us at the Fly A Kite Foundation, Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts. Have a great summer.

David Bernstein,Co-Founder and President, The Fly A Kite Foundation.
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