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Hello to you all.
Great to hear from many of you and get some orders as well always much appreciated. Remember its nearly Christmas. So if you wish any orders to get to you in time before the festive season please order now, so you don't miss out.

Stu & Trigger.

Recently Trigger took me away on a working holiday well I was working trying to get a story that I was after for another secret project!.

Trigger well she always seems on holiday. As soon as i finished guiding for the day we cleaned up packed the car and headed off driving trough the night and stopping for a few naps along the way.It took me 17hrs driving to get to the secret spot.

I have never trained Trigger to chase and swim after trout,she just decided that shes not being left out of this fly fishing game and its so much fun with her. I found a national park that if i got a special dog permit. I could take her with me into the park and we both had a ball, apart from the blisters on my feet from all walking.

The trout that were caught were pretty big and had been starting to snack on the odd mouse, there was plenty rodents running around the valleys. Though the trout were down deep and I caught most of them on a super heavy large mayfly Da bomb - brown- size 6 ift was all about getting down to them in the high deep fast water and the only fly that was capable of that was the Da Bomb.

I think the caption should be on this photo "Dad its very big,? are you sure it's a trout ?"

We got rain and snow. The snow looked so beautiful on the mountains , that's until it started melting into the rivers.

On one river we had to camp-out for two days and wait for the river to drop, which was all part of the great experience. Well I try and tell my self that!.

Then at last on the last day (typical) when we had to leave, the sun came out.

Big Fred here.
Thanks again mate for an awesome trip, both little Fred and I are still buzzing two weeks later!
You run a very professional business and more importantly make it fun for a couple of Boof-heads who are reasonably new to fly fishing.
Can you look at your calendar for 2020 and book us in for around the same time, we’ll be back!! I think we’ll do another back-country trip again 6 days. It would be good to get to

A new spot, or I’ll fish those same spots again any day of the week. I’ll even see if we can do some more practice in the meantime.

Many thanks again mate. Make sure you look after our guide dog. Trigger i
Kind regards
Big Fred !!

We also have been sneaking out for some other missions for even another project as you can see by the packed car with Trigs on guard.

 Hi Stu, Just a quick message to say thanks once again for your time the other day.. I had an absolute ball. Thanks banter was great, the fishing terrific, never to old to learn something new, I'll be back again with my son.

Cheers. Rod - Australia


The best thing I have ever bought recently is a set of rock treads.

They have given me 100% more traction and stopped me falling over on slippy rocks no end.

Honestly I can't recommend putting them onto your boots quick enough.

Before on my boots I had all the types of Simms studs and had still very little or no traction on slippy rocks, these are not that expensive and if you are a guide Barry will do you a deal.

I'm going to put them on all my guiding rental boots when I get a chance.

They can be emailed in minutes or sent by post .

Did you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
He can make you a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish.Only the best flies are used in all the selections.

I,m looking forward to watching this great award winning film about this fly fishing legend of a man.

It's an oldie rock and roll number but a goodie. I love when the girl Tegal sings its all pretty perfect and a great song, got stuck in my head the other day and could not get it out. :)


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