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Hello, I hope you are all well and having fun somewhere in the world maybe even on the water.

Just letting you all know I,m receiving all emails fine though have had trouble replying to people, so please contact me again if you sent me an email and never heard back.

As usual there is lots going on in my life,lots of great creative juicy things. Just like the fly designs and services, I,m cutting no corners with the quality and the creativeness of all these book projects.

More news on JUNGLE BLUES in the next news letter, so stay tuned. Oh! I hope you like the cover. :)

Stu & Trigger
The French fly fishing gurus were staying in town and were soon out testing some new rods of mine in the casting arena and what fun they had. They are now on an island playing with rods and a selection of Stu's superior saltwater flies. Photos coming for the next news letter, They have promised.

Hi Stu - A wee note to say thank you. Your Deadly brown nymph was very successful on south Mavora lake and diamond Lake.
I will be giving your blowfly and nymph a swim on carton valley reservoir as well as the Lake of Menteith when i return to Scotland.
You have a great selection of unique flies which will take fish in any water - thanks again - mike- Scotland

A realistic / durable lightly weighted nymph.
Sugar Free! :)
A top seller and fish catcher.
Looks like a nymph out the water and in the water.
Designed by Stu.


Hi Stu,

Well what a great few days I have had around the edges of the lake. After some fun on the Deadly cicada’s, I tried out the green “dragon fly nymph” sinking with eyes etc. I even had a couple fish take it as soon as they saw it but fished even better once down on the bottom with a twitch or two.

The trout literally raced over to it and sucked it down. I only got two green ones and two brown ones off you last time. The green ones definitely perfect for lakes up my way as tried the brown one just to see and fish came right over to it but didn’t eat. As soon as I put the green one back on even though it was a bit tired and chewed on with only 3 legs and tail hanging off it still caught fish. Thanks Johnny , NZ

Realistic, rubber legged twitching, tail twitching,, slow sinking, unique weight and foam combination.
Sits on the bottom slightly upright like the naturals ,due to its foam head and wind case with lead at the rear of the body.
Designed by Stu.

The Mataura river that flows right out side my house, decided toi show some force the other day and flood taking with it one of its bridges down in the Nokomai valley.

It was the biggest flood many had ever seen.Still it never came close to my house Athol houses were all ok , though the farmers got hit bad fences down and some drowned sheep.

It's now nearly back to normal and the fishing has been on fire - the other day my clients fooled 23 fish and yesterday one of my clients joined the grub club using a size 20 Banana fly and later on landed a 9lb brown on a Deadly cicada size 12.
Did you know? That Stu's Fly shop has the best quality and coolest trout decals (fancy word for stickers) for sale in the world!

I have plenty of stock of the NZ strike indicator tool, it comes with everything you need.

The natural Eco strike indicator wool comes in different colors and i have it all in stock. Don't for get you will still need some of Stu's Fly Juice and Sheep Dip to keep the wool waterproof and floating.

The tubing also comes in different sizes. I also have it all in stock.

One of my lovely clients walked out of his hotel in Singapore recently and took this photo for me of a camo Bentley car, Now that's my kinda style :)
Something fishy's going on! Britain's record-setting 28lb 5oz record sea trout is actually a SALMON, claim angling experts
  • Monster trout was caught off Calshot Spit, near Southampton, in 1992
  • It is alleged the fish has the wrong jaw-shape and connection shape at its tail
  • However, no one has been able to track down the specimen last seen in 2017

Did you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
He can make you a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish.Only the best flies are used in all the selections and tied only on the strongest fly hooks.

The Tornado boat anchor.

Will the traditional boat anchor be eventually replace with this modern take , watch the video.
A great documentary about ska music in the '90s. Tim Armstrong follows the rise and slight fall of this culture and music, that changed nations.

'Incredible stories... you don't have to be a boxing fan to enjoy it' SCOTT MILLS, BBC RADIO 1
'One of sport's most heart-warming stories' SUNDAY TIMES, SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR
'A must-read for any boxing fan.' WORLD BOXING NEWS

The extraordinary story of the rise and fall and rise again of Tyson Fury...


Great lyrics and music, nice and mellow by the Drive by Truckers

A fantastic track from LUCERO from there new album and a great wee video of the band from years ago larking around and the becoming of LUCERO



One old cool rocking mellow song

Well that's just my thoughts :)


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