HI Guys :)
Hope you are all doing as well as you can and those of you that are lucky enough compared to some countries in the world are sneaking around fishing and getting out there.

After the first month of the season right up until this week, there was no one most days fishing on the usually crowded upper Mataura river. No fishermen even at the campsite across from my home.

A good friend of mine here in Athol fished the Matuara over the festive period and he's first to admit hes not the best fly fisher and usually in a day, he may catch one trout, most of the time zero during the busy time as the fish are too wary for him and his poor casting lets him down he says. This time in one day he hooked five and missed may others and the trout were not spooky. Best fishing hes ever had on the river.

At the start of our nz summer as you can see there was a bit of snow. Seems to happen most summers nowadays. Trust me to have only my Jandal's after my boots were soaking wet and there was so many farm gates to open to get back home, hot shower when i returned home to thaw out my feet.

Then I had a tooth issue so managed to get that out.

Then since my hip operation I then got slammed with two hernias one of which started to get quite large, sticking out up to go on missions would only work for a while.It became a catalyst for a book story i was working on.

luckily I got in for an operation just days before the festive season. Had to cancel all my guiding and casting lessons untill i get better. So been on my back yet again have been re writing over a month Chasing Tigers again trying to make it better. so a slight delay on that book coming out. phew!

My alarm has been going off at 5am and I write until late and enjoying it all very much. So just so you know where any of your supports funds go- they all go back into fishing in some shape or form and despite having no work or at the moment or fit to do any fiscal work as i,m recovering from the latest operation, that I,m busy doing fishy shit and you shall be rewarded. :) Oh yes I,m now a Bionic guide:). I may now sink quicker than most.

Sadly the day before I went into hospital George my father passed away. Who many of you got to know and meet, years ago when I had the fly shop. He ended up in hospital back in Scotland, two days later in the ward they found covid.Then that was the end. Thank you all that chatted and laughed with him, considering he never fished. RIP Dad.


Stu & the Trigger xx
Tim Armstrong art work - The lead singer from the band Rancid - Punk rock just like the Pogo nymph range? Oh yeh! that's a bottle of woolly Bugger holding it down, Such a geek I had to buy the last bottle of woolly bugger! once in Canada.
KING POGO- It's actually got a story behind it and its name from punk rock roots?
The Banana fly- aka -willow grub
More Banana's
Thank you all out there for keeping me informed about those that are ripping me off and in turn all you guys! I'm always going to be calling out- the bad guys in fly fishing :) Apparently I'm not allowed to that!? even if its my work blood sweat and tears being taken for financial gain by others.

Remember Manic tackle - Rene Vaz is still ripping me off and will obviously rip you off. The writing is on the wall. He has refused to keep his promise as i have records of on emails.

So why would you support manic tackle or flies :)- He refuse's to respect my work and art and just wants financial gain there is no other reason.

Stu's Deadly Cicadas
Stu's Saltwater fly range
Jungle Blues goes to the back-country
A secret dream of mine was that someone would read Jungle Blues in a tent or back-country hut and it was amazing that it recently happened and in a hut where iId been the other year for a story for the NZ book series. He sent me this photo of the book and hut book- awesome.

Hey Stu,

I’m having a blast reading your book, how can I order the other ones ? You did an amazing job as a writer. 

I was on a hut fishing last night, brought the book for the evening read and coincidentally I bumped i to your name in the hut book ahaha check the photo below, can you remember the hut ?

Alan Coppin - NZ

Modern Huntsman
Recently I got my first copy of the Modern Huntsman magazine vol-6 and I have to say its awesome, so much so I went straight back out and ordered all the past copies. Its big, thick and worth the money and has great stories in it. Great reading material with a venison vindaloo!

My Favorite Fishing Book
I remember sitting in front of the old TV when I was a nipper, watching Chris Yates and I loved all his shows- recently I bought this book by him and loved it. My favorite fishing book to date, there is not much to read though what do you need sometimes.The cover is very sexy as well.
Stu's venison Jerky
I'm not sure if Trigger like this better than me. :) Its so good I've started to grow antlers. Glad I got some in before my recovery. Enjoying the process of it all and learning something new.
An eye opener of a book
From Cecil the lion its all in here and there are some very interesting points, though there are always two sides to the story
BENT pod cast-

Funny thing is apparently I've drank beer with one of these guys-at a fishing show in the USA - New Orleans- small world Fishing can be slow. Podcasts about fishing shouldn’t be.

That’s why we created Bent, the unapologetic fishing podcast that moves faster than a tournament bass boat, but doesn’t take itself near as seriously. Hosts Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte welcome anglers of all backgrounds and interests, from hardcore crappie jiggers to dry-fly purists to offshore tuna addicts.

Even if you’re just mildly fish curious, this podcast has something for you: regional fishing reports, tackle tips, trash talk, etymology, weekly news, trivia, even suggestions on how to piss off your fishing guide. Come for the soggy cooler sandwiches; stay for the raccoon-eyes tan lines. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

Joe Rogan,
It's hard not to listen and like this man. He does great pod casts with amazing interesting people .

His latest pod cast with The director of the Dissident film that is amazing and yet all the big guns Netflix etc are scared to buy it.- due to the Arabs!

Though this clip is just something that makes you think and smile and maybe read a book.