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Hello Guys, Quite a few of you will be getting ready for the start of the NZ fishing season and others in  will soon be putting there gear away. Unless they are escaping their own winter and coming to NZ for a visit.

Something I think everyone  who fly fishes in the world should try and do at least once. Even just visit NZ. As when your dead your dead, best do it, before that happens. Eh!

If you are heading this way remember and get your new NZ fishing license and also back-country free license if you need them, plus check out the new regulations. Example upper Oreti you now require a  back-country license. You can get them all online

I still have some date's available for the coming season. Though bookings are coming in everyday this week. I've got some spaces in October for anyone wanting some opportunities to chase some big browns.  So the season is shaping up and looks like another fun one ahead for the guiding , NZ fly school and casting lessons.

They are saying it might be a hot,dry one like last year,which will cause problems with low and no water in mid summer if it does happen again. Though looking fine at the moment for Oct,Nov, Dec.

Just before I got back here to NZ. I was lucky enough in a small city to find an old pizza restaurant and on the wall I found this original piece of art , I tried to buy it as I just knew it was the original master piece and they did not know,how valuable and old it must have been.

 Though despite large bids of cash they would not sell it to me, as they liked it. No doubt an art dealer will get it one day!.

It's always great to receive great photos of fish big and small and hear of the great success everyone has been having using Stu's Superior flies. The feed back has been just awesome.
The big rainbow above was caught using one of my glo bug's that are all tied on special super strong Gama black nickle, glo bug , hooks. The type of hook you want to have your flies tied on just in case you hook a monster like this one.

Hi Stu,
Some positive feed back....
Big thanks for the glo bugs you sent me they worked a treat, and the hook stood up to the test, see attached a photo of the 32lb beast I caught, scrapped with and landed for your records.
This jack was 93cm long by 37cm. deep it was certainly was an advantage on the day having a different color egg pattern  to the rest of the mob fishing. If you look closely in the mouth you will see your steelhead orange glo bug still set in his jaw.
Cheers and kind regards
Hamish, NZ

In a international news paper i managed to read overseas recently. there was a big story about a mobile phone company . Anyone that knows me , knows that i,m not a phone fan. Though this story caught my attention as its a Portuguese phone company (from memory) and they are about to make their own phones at home using the cork  that's in their country. Cool idea, though not sure if they will float. Maybe that will start to effect the supply eventually for the cork for the handles of fishing rods! It happened with the hair dressing industry with feathers

Thanks for your support . Cheers
                       " A DEED FLEE "

Last year I could not keep up with demand for this design. So now to keep all my customers and clients happy in the white foam lines. I have made it even more easy to see. It is now available to buy today.

If you wish to get a mixed selection of Stu's  Superior fly designs for fishing anywhere in the world. Click the link below. You will be surprised how easy it is. Yes YOU DO NOTHING! STU does all the work for you. How easy is that!

The Introduction: New Zealand's Brown Trout Story
Jack Ko's and his friend have made an amazing film and I take my hat and shoes! off to them both. You have to remember over five years of getting the shots and locations, so don't think its that easy when you arrive. I once read, a rare book in a remote hut on a grouse moor in Scotland which maybe had some unknown interesting info on who supplied the original Aus/Nz trout. That Jack may have found interesting .

WAYNE Official Trailer
WAYNE - This looks like a great film just about to be released.

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