Trout bigger than a dog
This is the last news letter until the new year and its taken hours to put it together. Due to slow post if you wish some of the best fishing flies in the world from Stu's Superior Flies Ltd - I advise you to order today so I can send them out this week or it will be too late, so that you have them for your fishing days and holidays coming up.

I can only hope you are well and many of you will struggling with all that's going on especially outside of NZ, my thoughts are with you all, especially my friends in Nepal and other third world countries. Chasing Tigers will feature all of you from Nepal- we are working on that book guys, right now. Knowing what you are going through makes my life not bad even though I've lost most of my work- "I will survive"(Gloria Gaynor). Though I'm still flat stick with all my non paying jobs and cant keep up with them all which is fun and keeps me busy and motivated.

The good thing is ACDC have done the near impossible and got a new album out, that's giving me heaps of fly design ideas and writing ideas, funny where all the juicy creative things get inspired by and come from sometimes.

I went to get a story camping and to catch one trout in a river two other French friends have lost over the past four years - its a great story and was a huge task and challenge. It was a place where I could take Trig's the other week 1300klm and hours and days of walking and carrying the pack nearly broke my back and ignited some past issues with it, that I'd hoped were fixed and gone, its great to dream :). Though we made it there and back safely.

Been trying to get some short stories to write about as I cant do the big walk through NZ that I'd wished and hopped to do and rent my house out to cover costs, as I now have two bloody Hernias and hopefully will get them operated on in the future, I've been holding them in with strapping up the outside of my stomach with sports tape when on missions :). Once I get them fixed I can then hopefully ignite the bigger idea for a another book idea walking and fishing through NZ. Though that may not be for a few years now, though like everything it will happen, I've just got to get to Everest base camp - before I climb the bloody mountain - I have always said.

:) Have a great holiday time and thank you all for your support, catch you all again in Jan or March. Get your orders in now and tell all your mates where to buy the best fly designs.


Stu & the Tigster xx
Those of you that have read Jungle Blues vol 3 will see what I've just found that is in the book - Panang curry mix :). see its all real! this curry stuff.

BUY THE BOOK- JUNGLE BLUES and Smile, laugh and learn.

A Guides life vol 4- THE BOOKS
Its hard to believe when you are in the back-country it can be so hard to find a place to even erect a small one man tent, with big boulders and dense bush this was the only spot we could find near a French trout pool! That we had to be near for the story. Trig's was not that impressed with the camp !
On the way up river and over three days of non stop walking,crossing and climbing Trigger was all action and loving it though on the way back she was buggered and I had to carry her across sections that normally she would blitz. She slept like a baby all the way back for a day in the truck - bless her :)
We had some big trout action just in the last minutes of daylight using size 12 mayfly cripples,prob my favorite all round fly represents every emerging insect nearly, that I've ever designed. By the time I hooked these big brown trout and landed them it was dark and had to get the photos under torch light, Trig's loved the action.
Large mayflies hatch in the back-country, the best fly for the job Stu's mayfly cripple
Yes, its another pretty large trout caught at the last light with a mayfly cripple and and Trig's is well impressed. Though nothing compared to the top of the news letter photo that was a whopper, funny thing a trout I spotted that was ten inches which I wanted to catch for a photo, I missed and then spooked would not give me another chance, that one still is in my mind, size does not matter, its the ones that get away and out smart you that do.
It's a dogs life
Trig's looking sexy on the boat

Fun in the Back- Country
Some times in life you have to have fun, crossing deep water which we did lots of this is how Trig's sits on my shoulder for deep crossings
My favorite reels- for fun
Here is my two rigs in the trees beside the tent to stop Weka (birds) pecking them to bits. Small fun Hardy reels that make the challenge of fly fishing especially with big powerful fish even more so and the main thing - FUN - no drag , small arbor and loads of things can go not right :)

Big Bad Johhny -
A happy client - yet again. Check the sexy cap - oh and then fish!

The eyes say it all
Fish love! I think that's what my clients eyes are saying - is that right Johnny. You got to smile, we all pull great fish faces sometimes. Luv it.

Treat yourself to fly boxes filled with the best flies for the job
Fed up with a pile of shit flies in your boxes! from all over the place and not knowing whats what . Why not have a selection of the best Stu's Superior Flies, after all it will be the best Xmas present you will get, why settle for second best in life.Stu's flies are tied on the strongest hooks that's why i get big trout in in only a few mins, with heaps of pressure, you cant do that with just any flies from others :)
Covid Veggies
Just been busy putting some irrigation system to my old fish farm boxes, now i,m growing veggies to keep the shopping bills down - Though i,m going to have to google what to do with some of the produce and when its ready to harvest. Trigs is not too keen on vegetables that's another slight problem.
Its only taken me over twenty years of being in NZ and two maybe three years with my rifle before I harvested my first deer, I love meat. I'm sure it was the trout sticker that helped. Got to have a cool funky rifle. Unlike some during covid we are lucky and going to starve. Cant believe the government just poison the deer and other animals that could all be eaten. What a laugh trying to figure out how to butcher a deer with a small pen knife in the dark.Its great to learn new skills after cutting your finger open before even going near the deer with the knife! Venison for breakfast and onions- gone have coco pops! Its great getting out before or after work keeps me motivated and joints moving and belly under control :)
STU'S old stickers still surviving
Great to see some of the old stickers still alive and flying the flag, these ones are a decade old and more old now. Amazing how long I've been doing this thing time flies , eh!
Benny Sip- A fishing poet - the best! from NZ
Benny Sip is a poet you will love , he has a way with words like no other. Ben has also given me some very special poems to be used in my books, some of which have been printed in my first book Jungle Blues.
A river runs through is Ben's first book with more to follow and its selling very well. See more from the master poet, visit his new web site and support his amazing work, a book for a gift or for yourself. Even the owner of Patagonia read it and loved it on a plane, so that say's more than I can possibly write, buy one.

Triggers got it on repeat and will not let me turn it down!

ACDC - watch the 60 mins interview with the legends themselves.

Josh James the west coast nz ledgend-
Josh James has been going for years and working hard with his you tube channel and adventures . He's down to earth and says it how it is- no bull shit with this man - maybe that's how I like him so much :) Support him sign up to his channel - he will give you hours of entertainment. West coast nz adventure and more at its raw best.