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Hi everyone, the news is full of panic, isolation,death and toilet paper, so I will not go down that lane. Though all of you take care and don't worry about me I live in Athol that's pretty isolated. :).

I just had my busy spell of the season and it was great to see lots of returning clients and some new fun clients.

Some fell into rivers,swamps and puddles (especially Ian Smith) ,others caught some small trout , many broke off larger trout and some were lucky and skilled enough to land some large beauties.

I did quite a few road trips for five and more days with returning clients and we chased the best weather and also fished some rivers I had not visited in a while, some in years.

Adam from Australia just recently finished his trip with Trigger and myself guiding him! Landing two large browns in double figures, one on the first day and one on the second(he had never caught one that size before) and over the next days lost some even bigger double digit trout and caught plenty smaller, finishing on the last day with a last cast brown of just over nine pounds. In total he fooled 66 trout on his trip with me mainly on Black Deadly Cicadas, Deadly ants and Hot rod H & C nymphs Its the most large trout in this area that I have ever come across. and i know know where they all live!!
Yesterday the Mataura river showed my clients the mayfly hatches I've been waiting on and using the size 18 mayfly cripple we fooled a few and before that also got a few on the size 12 Deadly tan cicada.The rivers of Southland are looking to fire up from now on. Lucky for me, i,m a local guide and I can watch what is happening on the Mataura river every day from my bedroom window.

Oh ! I have basically every date till the end of the season open for bookings and i,m now taking bookings for next year.

Jungle Blues is only a few days away from being fully designed and complete, i,m told and it looks like to make it happen to print it, I will have to go onto Kick Starter or the likes and try and raise some money by crowd funding as cash flow has dried up , though lucky not my passion :). So get ready to help out, it will be much appreciated. Stay tuned and share the news letter on your social media channels please.

Stu & Trigger

Who said the fishing was no good!? this year.

66 trout fooled in one road trip by the mighty Woodsy from Australia, ex-member of the famous WINDKNOTS rock band from Victoria Australia. :)

The face says it all, another dream come true.

After a wee helicopter trip we landed and Mr Hangman managed this nice rainbow.

Richard from the UK, I will not hold that against him :). Very happy with this beautiful colored brown, shame he broke off every one that was yes even bigger, though caught a lot of other brown and rainbows and what awesome days he had on the road trip.
This trout was over eleven pounds in weight and was a beauty, the face says it all :) Another happy client catches his dream trout . Mr whopper from Belize says he shall return again.

Big brown and in top condition and dam sexy.

A huge stonking rainbow trout caught from the HANGMANS RIVER in fiordland.

Does the trout look more sexy than the fisherman? I,m sure his wife and daughter will disagree.

I was trying not to get an electric shock while going over the electric fence got my boot caught and fell backwards. Trigger though it was a game and quickly jumped on me and sat on my face as it was the warmest part of me for her bum , so my client laughed his socks off and got this photo of what happens out in the field.
Thomas and Arthur my French fly fishing bum friends was staying with me and heading to some pacific island to fly fish and while he was with his Arthur drinking beer. I slipped a large rock in his luggage(size of a large coconut) before he left for the airport.

When he got to the island, this is the text I received, what a giggle, its great to be a child at heart.
There is a new saltwater fly in the collection that many of you will love, its the Baby Rascal tied on a size 2 Gama SL12 strong saltwater hook. Already people are catching tuna with it.

Stu,s Superior flies saltwater collection is gaining popularity all over the world this order has just shipped to Florida.
Now this is what I call a very large fly reel and its not for trying to catch minnows on, it was huge and great to play with, even though i was not going to be using it. Aurthur was taking it out for a test drive for big stuff.
Did you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
He can make you a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish.Only the best flies are used in all the selections and tied only on the strongest fly hooks.

A wee film to watch

Another wee film to watch


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