Jerry Avorn, MD | NaRCAD
"Inside the world of academic detailing, we’re all convinced of the clinical power of information transmission when done well, and of the harm that can result if it’s done badly or not at all. But outside our mighty little community, many are skeptical about whether pushing out accurate evidence really has such enormous effects." Read More

José Peña Bravo, PhD | Florida Department of Health in Duval County
"If you’re just starting out, reach out to community partners and get a sense of what patients with substance use disorder are experiencing and the challenges they’re facing before you start detailing clinicians. You’ll better be able to represent what is happening in the community and the resources that exist when you’ve done your research first!" Read More

"Thank you for growing with us as we’ve expanded from two trainings a year to offering eight trainings in 2022. In honor of reaching this milestone, we’ve compiled testimonials from some of our trainees over the past 11 years." Read More
Nicole Green, BSP, RPh, ACPR, DPLA | ThedaCare
"I lead with energy and show my team how exciting this work can be. I think that's important because previously we didn’t have pharmacists embedded in primary care and patients didn’t have an option to book an appointment with a pharmacist for consultation. Our pharmacists are delivering a service that was not there before." Read More

Zack Dumont, BSP, ACPR, MSPharm | RxFiles Academic Detailing Service
"Be patient, be persistent (after all, you care and want them to be their best selves), and be persuasive with those that you’re detailing. You have a lot of natural talent, training, and experience to efficiently help people make informed decisions through detailing visits. Don’t limit it to therapeutic decision-making; extend it to the mental and emotional aspects of care, as well." Read More
Lexie Hach | Iowa Department of Health
"Many times, patients know someone working at the clinic in their town. It’s common for patients to travel long distances to get to a clinic where they don’t know anyone. It’s also common for patients to have to travel over 2 hours to access HIV care at a specialty clinic." Read More
Fall AD Community Check-In
"Zooming Out: A Focus on the Patient Experience"
Interactive Session
October 18, 2022, 2pm-3pm ET

We'll hold both small and large group discussions to share about how the patient experience influences detailing visits.
NaRCAD offers 1:1 role play sessions to any NaRCAD training graduate who is actively detailing to support them in honing their communication skills.
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Watch a mock detailing session on medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) by NaRCAD.

Recent publication discussing the advantages and challenges of virtual detailing.

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