Carolyn Wilson | Ledge Light Health District
"I also do a little bit of cold calling on LinkedIn - I share information about our program and attach our flyer. I make sure to mention our continuing education credits, referral gift cards, and swag." Read More

Parveen Ghani, MBBS, MPH, MS | Division of Professional Licensing, State of Utah
"I love helping prescribers, even if it is something as simple as walking them through the log-in process or resetting a password. I’ve had clinicians bring their entire medical team in for a detailing visit so that I can show everyone in the office how to use the database." Read More

Aanchal Gupta | NaRCAD
"You asked, we answered! Getting your foot-in-the-door to schedule a detailing visit is a challenge for many detailers. We’ve compiled some of our best tips about gaining access from our past interviewees on the DETAILS blog." Read More

Carolyn Wilson | Ledge Light Health District
"We often share resources and try to work together to ensure that community health goals are achieved, often by making sure that the work people are doing is connected rather than existing within silos. It all comes down to helping on another work towards a common goal." Read More

Cheryl Radeloff | Southern Nevada Health District
"This is a field where you never stop learning so it's not only an opportunity to share lessons learned, but to learn from others as well." Read More

Anna Morgan-Barsamian, MPH, RN, PMP | NaRCAD
"With evidence-based tools, successful AD interventions related to ACEs can result in multi-faceted support for patients, such as stronger connections with community resources, mental health supports, and more trusting relationships between clinicians and their patients." Read More
Proposals will be accepted until June 1, 2022.
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