Carla Foster, MPH | NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
"Each public health detailing campaign is different, but we’ve learned some key strategies that support the growth and success of subsequent campaigns." Read More

Lisa Gruss, MS, MBA | Quality Insights
"Sometimes, it takes a small change to make a huge impact, and that is absolutely what we found with our project." Read More

Winnie Ho | NaRCAD
"We’re so fortunate to have an AD community that’s committed to sharing best practices, tips, and experiences." Read More

Anna Morgan, MPH, RN, PMP | NaRCAD
"There was a palpable sense of positivity, enthusiasm, and resilience, especially in a virtual space." Read More

Alok Kapoor, MD, MSc | University of Massachusetts, Worcester
"As part of our AD intervention, we gave prescribers a Jeopardy-type menu where you could choose which themes to explore..." Read More

Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Schwartz | Vermont Family Physician and Medical Director
"AD is one of the few places that you can get this comprehensive evaluation of a specific condition and the medications that surround that." Read More

Bevin K. Shagoury | NaRCAD
"Instead, our goal is to offer you time to sit and pause, to be present and learn with other health professionals who, like you, invest their valuable time in supporting frontline clinician care." Read More

Amanda Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS | Vermont Academic Detailing Program
"I don’t bring up my materials or share my screen until that clinician has had the opportunity to ask me any questions they have. I give them a chance to see me as a person first, without distractions." Read More

Vishal Kinkhabwala, MD, MPH | Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
"It’s also comforting to know that this is such a passionate group of people that no matter the adverse situation, the work continues getting done." Read More
"A Passion for Change: The Innovation of AD" (2-minute video)
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