Aanchal Gupta | NaRCAD
"We're continuously learning and sharing insights together. Let's take a look at some of the advice shared on our DETAILS Best Practices Blog this past year." Read More

Corrine Puchalla, PharmD, BCPS | Illinois ADVANCE
"What began as a terse, somewhat tense conversation with the prescriber turned into an educational, productive, and collegial visit." Read More

Clement Chen, PharmD, BCPS | Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
"Our vision is to end the stigma of addiction and ensure that all people with substance use disorders have access to high quality care so they may live full and satisfied lives." Read More

Aanchal Gupta | NaRCAD
"There were robust discussions on criticle topics, useful tools shared, and connections built." Read More

Bevin Shagoury | NaRCAD
"Yet, even with these challenges—even with clinicians being pressed for time more than ever, and with COVID pulling attention away from other public health crises—you showed up to connect with what you had to offer." Read More

Karen Curd | Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center in Indiana
"Not only did the participants have the opportunity to practice and role play, but they were also encouraged to offer feedback to peers." Read More

Carla Mena | Hands United of the Latino Commission on AIDS
"CBA improves the performance of the HIV prevention workforce by building individual-level competencies and technical expertise while also strengthening organizational capacities." Read More
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