NaRCAD e-news Fall 2017 Edition: Dr. Jerry Avorn asks, "Who Do You Trust?",
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Jerry Avorn, MD, NaRCAD Co-Director
First, about the grammar. Readers under 65 will be forgiven if they never heard of the daytime television quiz show "Who Do You Trust?" that aired from 1957 to 1963. In it, male contestants were asked if they wanted to answer a question or whether they 'trusted' their wife to do so. Concerns by snarky little kids like me that it really should have been "Whom  Do You Trust?" did not diminish the show's popular appeal. Gender issues went totally undiscussed.   Read More.

Mike Fischer, MD, MS, NaRCAD Director
This year's conference is a great chance for everyone interested in AD to learn more, whether you're part of a long-standing program or just beginning to learn about the versatility and effectiveness of implementing this strategy to improve health outcomes. Our agenda is up, so take a peek, and register if you haven't yet!   Read More.
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