Winnie Ho | NaRCAD
" Each of your stories adds to the strength and knowledge of our community, from those who are just beginning to navigate e-Detailing to those who are veterans at this approach." Read More

Ramona Shayegani, PharmD | Veterans Affairs Southern Nevada Healthcare System
" Detailers should acknowledge that this is a brand-new approach; you may not feel like this is your preferred way to talk to providers. Remember that it will take some time to get comfortable with it." Read More

Lindsay Bevan, MScHQ Candidate | Centre for Effective Practice
" We’ve all done what we thought was impossible in providing the majority of healthcare visits virtually. I hope that folks across the healthcare system will continue to use that momentum moving forward to increase access to care." Read More

Megan DeNubila and Jessica Alward | New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services
" Ultimately, we’re trying to build a relationship with the provider so they see us as a resource when a new practice, tool, or clinical guideline comes out." Read More

 Nadejda Razi-Robertson, PhD, LCSW and Andrew Suchocki, MD, MPH | Synergy Health Consulting
" ​Stigma isn’t something that folks are actively choosing, it’s more of what they’ve been taught. Changing that culture of practice is much more difficult than asking prescribers to prescribe cholesterol-lowering therapy." Read More

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